Saturday, December 6, 2008

"America: Preparing for Revolution"

It appears that America is waking up to the facts, that their freedoms and money are being strip from them, almost daily now. Taxing the citizens, to their is no end in sight, to save the banks, mortgage lenders, insurance, auto companies and who knows who else. All out of your control, but not out of control, to those who plunder the citizens of America, for every dime they have saved up. These are the soulless, ruthless people that are now in control. The final step was 911, when they convinced the citizens of America their freedoms must be removed in order to save them from them self's. Just as WWII and the Cold War, all planned out. As part of the final blow, when all freedoms are removed and a police state as been accomplished. At this point, I don't think that those in charge give a damn about what ever Joe average thinks. They control the media and the media will say, the citizens are in favor of being controlled for their own safety. At this point of control, they could care less about your opinion. They will simple have the opinion poles, indicated the numbers they want Joe Average to see. Sorry folks, the take over is complete. Your opinions carry no weight in today's new World. Your out numbered, you have no money or court system to protect you from them, done deal. Most Americans didn't want the bail out, or the two wars continuing, but look what is happening before your very eyes. Citizens of America have entered into a "Time" of total control. You hear people like Jessie Ventura, Jim Marrs, Alex Jones and many more. But their deeds only help to fill their own pockets. Tell you how you are suffering, while selling you something at the same "Time". No real difference between them and your minster, banker, politician and all the other whores of the system of controls.

As guns and ammunition flow out gun dealers and people urging others on the Net to join a militia, the hand writing is on the wall. Americas are slowly being awaken, is it in "Time"? America is purposely being bankrupt, just as Hitler did to Germany. Drive the country financially into submission, then take over by intimidation. When folks hit the streets, when all their saving have been taken from them, they will have all the big weapons. The system has mentally and fiscally brain washed the police and soldiers into believing the civilians are out to get them. And they the police and military are much the wiser. Divide and conquer, that simple. Ever though the citizens, police and the military are all cut from the same cloth. Joe average just doesn't see this happening to them. No different then when I point to the sky and try and show people the skies are being filled with chemicals. Their first instinct is to turn to me, with hatred in the eyes. Their minds have been polluted with propaganda and diet so bad, you can't even warn them. You try and tell Joe average what has happened to them, they look at you in disbelief. I must be a lying, they are thinking to them self's. Folks some how have in their minds, the government is protecting them and not harming them. This couldn't be the farthest from the truth. That's exactly what they are doing to the citizens of America and soon the World if not stopped. Hopefully little by little, the awaking of America will quicken it's pace. If not, the future for the citizens of the World looks bleak. Hard part for me is trying to understand how this is all happening?

How did the Planet get from in the beginning a spiritual life, to what you have today? All ancient writing, tell of how mankind was to take a spiritual journey here on Planet Earth, to help them move into the rest of the Universe. Now you only have grubby little people trying to get as much self indulgence as one can. The spiritual journey for most of the citizens of Planet Earth has ceased to exist. You now only have, what you see, when you look around you. A chaotic mess of hatred and personnel lust. The spiritual World has been abandoned. With only a handful of us trying to carry on, despite what goes on around us. Those of us hanging on, not wanting to be dragged down to what I call, Bush state of mind. A reality of, only personnel well being, with those around you, are only to be used and exploited. I for one, am going to try and maintain my personnel journey down a spiritual road. I'm doing my best, not to get caught up in what goes on around me. Others around me are weak and they succumb to the material and sexual lusting that surround them. I can walk taller, knowing I've risen above these simple lusting, into a different World. A different mental reality, where what I see go on around me, makes no sense. Like walking past the meat department a the store, I don't belong here, a spiritual mentality. Don't need Buddha, or poor old Jesus, or any other bodies "God". In a World of knowing, I'm above all this, that goes on around me. Bush said once, ' your either with us or against us'. Well that just means, he is part of the deadly mud the coats the Earth. He wants you to join him in the deadly mud at the surface of the Earth. I for one, was never tempted into this reality. You can choose your realities and that what your journey here on Earth is for. Make your choice, it just might effect, the rest of your realities, for ever and ever.

Finally had a few good thing to say. I'm at the mercy of those above, for the words I put down. When the "Time" is rite, the words flow, if not, I'm a babbler. Always wondered if Dorthy from the 'Wizard of Oz' was a representation of the Hopi 'Spider Women', when going down the spiritual road, to the land of Oz. All those old fairy tales, all have hidden metaphors, and the 'Wizard of Oz' was no different. Look it up, you'll be surprised at what you'll learn. Dorthy was no 'Spider Women', but not far off either. Oz stood for an once, as all precious metals are weighed by the once. She wore silver slippers, (original writings) going down the golden road, with her dog Toto, which represented 'tee total er'. 1 December 08 at 10:00 PM, had another UFO sighting. As I like to say, 'got that same old feeling'. Will write about it tomorrow. bye

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