Sunday, December 7, 2008

"Perpetual Motion"

'Perpetual Motion', the ultimate energy, but how to find it. Now that the 'powers at be', have decided to scare the Worlds citizens about 'Global Warming'. They now have all new products, to sell to the citizens of the World. So simply an idea, the citizens should have already figured it out, and started on their own. (a few have) You need fresh air to breath and clean water to drink. Now at what cost to start the cleansing of the planet. The only true way to start the reversal of the damage already done to Planet Earth, would to be using an energy that takes no energy to produce what energy it produces. That's, 'perpetual motion', and no one is here on Planet Earth, can produce that. This big movement to go green is great, but will it work. An example is the new compact fluorescent lamps, that are replacing the old style, tungsten wire light bulbs. Great energy saving up front sort of, ten times more expensive to buy. Great more deal of energy to produce. And at its end life, a hazardous waste, to be dealt with. What is to be gained in the long run with this new type of lamp? You buy an electric car, to save fossil fuels. The bummer is, you have to plug it into the power grid, and it uses fossils fuel to create the electricity. If something saved you, say 90% saving, on your current electric bill for that item, how much energy was used to produce it. Look how much energy it took to make the batteries for an electric car. How much energy was used to produce the electric motor , with all it's weight and copper windings. A whole lot of mining had to happen, just to produce the raw metals alone. Even re-cycling take a lot of energy. All the energy just to collect and sort it, may make it a, 'catch 22', rite their. It's great the 'powers at be' are starting this new direction, but is it just another Dog and Pony show? And here in lie the real kicker, most of these product are being sold and created by the 'powers at be'. My energy saving compact fluorescent say 'Sylvania' on them. Being an old electrician, I know that most all the products we use in the electrical World are owned now, by only a handful of corporations. I believe their are really, only three lamp manufacturer in the World.

The Hippies and the Environmentalist where aloud to run around and carry the flag of, 'save the environment'. While all along in the back ground, the game was being set in place. The first step in truly reversing the pollution problems of the World, starts by the ending of flesh eating. All that wasted energy growing crops just for cattle, poultry, fish and etc. to eat. All the energy to transport the grains to the animals. Dealing with huge amounts of waste from the caged animals. All the energy used to make the chemicals that are feed to the animals, to make them grow faster and bigger, is now in the soils. All the energy to transport and slaughter the animals. All the energy to refrigerate the animals dead flesh, before consumption by humans. All the energy now to transport the dead animal flesh to the market for the consumers. To simple of plan, to easy, no money for the 'powers at be'. A backward little Planet, with backward little people in charge.

'Laying in wait', I call it. 1 December 08 at 10:00 PM, they waited for me to open my door and screen door. They knew my screen door can only open so far, because it was added after the home was built. New I'd be out to look at the new Moon with two near by Planets with her. Couldn't miss it, looking to the northwest, above the horizon, the only direction I can look from my front door. Their it was, shining a beautiful blue and red, the colors you'll never see here on Earth. Went inside to get my binoculars out and have a close up view. Compared it to other bright stars in the sky, looking for comparison. None to be had, know my local skies some what, and every thing was in place. Same brightness of blues and reds, from the Prescott and Queen Creek UFO videos on You Tube. Got that same old feeling you get all over your body when you have sightings. Any one who has ever had a true sighting, will all same the same thing. You will know when you start having sightings. Their is a transfer of energy from the object to you. The same energy that kills Ceil phones and cars engines. I looked to the object and said, 'hey a reminder huh', of where you are, and where I am, and where "Time" is. (always hoping you are on their side) Decided I'd go inside and if it was still their, then it was a Star. Waited a few minutes then went back out side, gone. These are dead serious moments, that must be dealt with mentally. I could see where most humans would have a tough "Time" of making the connection. The point was made, they made it, I'm writing of it now, point made. They are in complete control of all sightings, and who See's and photograph. (like the two that have shown up in my photos) I'm honored and perplexed at the same moment. It goes back to something said to me, by a women UFO researcher, when thing started really happening to me. Now a reminder of, how things really are, and to keep some off my secrets to my self. (This too, was reminded to me, from the same female UFO researcher.) Preparing the ones that need to be prepared, it appears, as I try to prepare others I pick out. An endless game of travel through the Universe, if you chose to travel, or pick this reality.

Heard so many people talk about the fact, that nothing is coming from the sky to save mankind. And well this might be correct, but did any one ever think about a giant old rock, coming to visit the neighbour hood? And maybe only mankind's mental state, can save the Planet. Here again, this idea, is a common thread in all ancient writings. Maybe "God" is not going to come down and save mankind from mankind. Maybe it's up to mankind to save them self's from disaster. And the "God" your looking for, is in mankind's collective souls. Is their enough good energy to save the Planet from doom? Their not up their spraying the skies with chemicals, because these are the good "Times". "God'' bless, sweet dreams and travels with soft landings, on this Sunday night. bye

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