Saturday, December 13, 2008

"Land of the Free, Sort Of"

America has 5% of the Worlds population, 25% of the Worlds prison population. How can that be, in the so called, 'land of the free'? They put O.J. away the second "Time", because the second "Time", O.J. had no money. Bush and his band of thieves can rape and plunder the country and get away Scott free. The reason is, they have money. A DuPont heir murders a gay Olympic wrestler, he's home free. This double stander based on power and wealth, has been with America, from day one. If you are in power and do something wrong, don't worry, you'll soon have a presidential pardon. Even the ex-governor of Arizona, Fife Symington was pardon for crimes committed in Arizona. During Bill Clinton last days in office, he pardons his old buddy, and politician Fife Symington. Scooter Libby take the law into his own hands, gets prosecuted, then just waits for the whore G.W. Bush to pardon him. This is how America really operates, it's called, 'freedom for the super wealthy'. Their is no getting around the fact that America has two separate governments and two separate standards for the judicial laws. Black cat gets 30 years for robbing a convenience store. Bush orders the death of thousands of civilians, he's called a great leader. With all this bull shit going on around, 'the powers at be', only need two more states to call for a national Constitution Conference. This will enable law makers to remove the laws America's fore fathers put in place, to insure the continual freedom for the citizens of America. Here once again proving, their are two different standard for the citizens of America. Like a Dudley Do Rite cartoon, tell the citizens how lucky their are. While in the back at the ranch, poor old Nel's being tied up. (America)

Here is a perfect example of a citizen of America. Trying his damnest, to do his best, to warn other citizens, what the 'powers at be' are doing to them. Go to, Arizona Sky Watch, then click on to, 'site dedication'. Their you'll find the story of Sid Pennington, 1934 - 2004. Sid wanted to know why the Monsoons rain weren't getting into the Phoenix valley region for 5 years. (2004) As typical of here during the monsoon season, the clouds build up from the mountain moisture to the north, then drop down into the valley, during the late afternoon, or early evenings. For some reason that started to stop and Sid Pennington wanted to know why. (It may have cost him his life?) Sid lived near Dear Valley airport, in north Phoenix. He started noticing that small private size jets, would start departing Dear Valley airport. When the monsoon clouds would start to build up, up north, in the afternoon hours. Dear Valley Airport, is a small municipal airport for the use of private citizens. Their is a restaurant that looks out onto the tarmac, to the north. The restaurants ceiling is covered with model aircraft from every era, neat. At dear Valley Airport, Sid notice the aircraft in question, had been modified, and the rest is history. Read his own words, their touching, I can't add to them. "God" bless the Sid's of the World. Their are too few, willing to take the "Time", or personnel sacrifice to tell the true stories. About the governments of the World and the 'powers at be', soulless behavior.

Turned on PBS TV, to see if Charlie Rose, may have come to his senses, wrong. (Didn't take long either.) Only a few minutes into a discussion with another short fat fucker, who knew it all. Can't think of the guys name he was interviewing, (not important) but the new key line came out while talking about the country's and World's economy's, New World Order. Fuck, off goes the TV, that didn't take long. Like the chem-trails in the skies, just openly blatantly, moving forward with the 'powers at be', plan for the citizens of the World. (Take away your own personnel being and enslave the citizens of the World.) One government, one currency, who's value will be determined by a few. 'The powers at be', control the spraying of the air, and they control the air waves, that bring the news. Media people like Charlie Rose are only slaves, doing exactly what they are told to say. (Charlie makes for a damn good slave, just as the Blacks, from the south, where before him.) Give the guy, a nice suit and a car, he'll do your bidding for you. This is the face of Public Television now, propaganda on the same levels, as the rest of the net works. Example, Go to You Tube and bring up some old Bill Moyer programs on PBS and see the difference, a different man. Bill appears now to be just another slave. How did the system remove his soul? It's plain to see, the media take over, has been completed. Oh by the way, it's pledge week on PBS, better give the propaganda machine some money, so it won't harm you.

As this wheel of changes come over the citizens of the America. The next big word the system will start using will be, 'domestic terrorism'. Every citizen who doesn't agree with the governments programs will be called a domestic terrorist. Your son is sent back from a war zone and he's a medical and physical wreak, you complain to the neighbours, your are now a domestic terrorist. Complain about the air, food or water you drink, your now are a domestic terrorist. You can see how this can be used. And now with Obama's idea of a new internal police force, their will be no escape for your words. A completely controlled citizenship, under the watchful eye of big brother. This is where the country is heading, all you see around you, was put in place to start this ball rolling. The economy, wars, terrorist, all put in place to keep the citizens of America under control. Now laws will be passed, with out even the citizens knowledge, in the dark of night. To complete the take away of all freedoms, for the citizens of America. "Time" to wake up America, 'the powers at be', are soulless. 'The powers at be', are the Rumfields of the World, soulless plunderers. Sad the true reality of thing in America, turned out to be this way. "God" bless, bye

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