Sunday, December 14, 2008

"No Honor Amongst Thieves"

Breaking news out of Iraq today, (Baja 1,000 race footage is interrupted). An Iraqi news reporter throws his shoe's at G.W. Bush, the news reporter tells the citizens of America. Funny the Iraqi citizens threw their shoes at the statue of Saddam Hussein, when it was being torn down. Now Bush the thief, is getting ready to leave office, and shoes are now being thrown at him. The dumb little fuck, probably doesn't even understand, why the World hates him so. To the Iraqi's, the soul of the shoe, is the ultimate sign of disrespect. Little Bush the puppet telling the citizens of the World, Americas not done with Iraq yet. America will tell the citizens of Iraq, when America is tired of killing Iraqi civilians and polluting their country with depleted uranium. You the Iraqi citizens, have no input into these decisions, don't you understand, the generals tell the citizens of Iraq. Iraq isn't allowed to determine their own future. Like the political cartoon of McCain, telling the citizens of Iraq. 'No one asked you', when it's the "Time" for America troops to leave their sovereign country. Dead line approaches for the with drawl of America security forces in major cities. The generals say the Iraqi military, is not ready to protect them selves yet. The bulling, the World watches America do to the citizens of Iraq. These very same tactic are being readied, to be done to the citizens of America. Scary part of all this, can anything stop this madness?

As a friend said to me recently, America only produces weapons and wars now. He was so rite on, it was frightening. Seemed to me, the only thing America produced was dreams. Selling the American dream to the citizens of the World and Americans. He's rite when you think about all the giant military contractors. Here in central and southern Arizona, their are all kinds of military vendors. Name a giant defense contractor, their here in Arizona some where. (even Electric Boat Company, aka General Dynamics) The entire society has now been geared for this. Look at the themes for almost everything that comes out of Hollywood. Everyone has fucking fatigues on now. You can't hardly see anyone in the grocery stores any more. Their all wearing fucking fatigues, you'd think maybe, they had been all brain washed. Run around the World and start conflicts going, then sell weapons to both sides. Help with the 'powers at Be's' depopulation plans also. A sort of two for one, for the 'powers at be'. If you dumb enough to buy into our bull shit, well then, we'll sell it to you. This is how ignorant the Worlds population is. The 'powers at be', have been playing this game from day one, and it still works. They just must be amazed, them selves. Add a little religion and politics together, take away something, bang, conflict. Same old families, playing the same old game of, 'where's the pea'. This is the true reality of things on Planet Earth. This constant cycle, like a Hamster on a wheel, folks just can't seem to figure this simple thing out. Remove your personnel longing for the material World, then set your self free, simple.

People have lost dignity in them selves now. Their is no boundary not touched now, 'yes I am a whore, look at me now'. What your really saying with all those tattoos and black clothing, I am a slave. I'll dress and act just the way they tell me through the media. 'They all wear black and look malnutrition on TV and in the movies, don't they'. Theses are not the ones who are going to stand up to the 'powers at be'. Theses children are history, bought and sold like a commodity, a truck load of sheep, a generation being delivered for the slaughter. And slaughtered they will be, with chemicals, and hybrid foods. As the baby boomers look around and wonder what happened. How could this be, the kids can't even defend then self's. This is the common thread amongst the baby boomers, what happened to America? Dumb ass kids don't know any better either, makes it worst. Now they want to add another police force with in America. This all is adding up to exactly what America defeated in WWII with Hitler. Their not scared of these kids, I just spoke about, so what are they scared of? Why this sudden need for more and more police, and who will pay their salaries? The 'powers at be', have removed a generation mental abilities, what do they still fear? Why this need for a larger internal police force? What ever it is, can best be summed up by this comment Wednesday. Standing on the side of a hill, over looking the valley, talking to an another electrical estimator, my age. All of a sudden he says out of the blue, 'somethings up'. This is what is on thoughts of the citizens of America, 'somethings up'. "God" bless, these are some terrific "Times' mankind is going through. "God" bless those of us, who are trying to change things. This is a war, a war for souls. Sweet dreams and soft landings on this Sunday evening. bye

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