Saturday, December 20, 2008

"Three Suns"

Noon "Time" Friday, three Suns in the sky. They had been laying down chem-trail all morning, and the sky was streaked with trails. So thick in place, their was an oily film look to the sky. Like what you see in storm drains, mixed with water and oil. Only difference this was air and oil. For some unknown reason, a group of us started looking up, and their it was. Three Suns lined up, covered by a think layer of chem-trails. "God" only know what cause these effect, but it reminded me of some old cultures prediction about 'End Times'. The Hopi, Sumerians and others, have two Suns at 'End Times'. Why did everyone look up at the same "Time"? People are so busy looking down now days, most people aren't even aware of the chem-trails in the skies. This event made people look to the sky in unison, why? Some of the chem-trails where so thick, they created their own shadows. The owner of the home we where working on, turned to me and asked. How can this still be going on after all these years and damn near three different presidents since these trails started. My answer, the fix. He wasn't even aware of the chem-trails until he meet me. As he says now, I never go out, with out looking up now. On this fine Friday afternoon, a bunch of young construction workers where woken up.(my job) None of them even knew the chem-trails existed. Friday was lesson day, they got to see three Suns, and learn some hard lessons about what is going on around them. Now they will warn others, and others will warn others. Or as another friend said to me, who works out doors. Soon well all be wearing masks and have on 'T' shirts that read, 'Stop the Spraying'.

The day before, at this same location, some of us started talking about UFO sightings. One of the painters and his illegal Mexican helper said, they had a sightings together, over down town Phoenix. They described what they saw and the color. (I call it, lack of pigment, silver, white) Same type of aircraft, or vehicle, both me and a nephew had witnessed for 19 minutes together. The Mexican helper was from a small village, north of Mexico City. He described many sighting he had seen, near some Pyramids and old volcano's back home. Their was also a carpenter working in the house, who had a sighting. Things get stranger when another one of the workers lived in Snowflake Arizona and knew Travis Walton. Travis was raised in Snowflake, and was living their during his abduction. ('Fire in the Sky', movie) Then another two guys had worked with Travis Walton cousin, on a job site. I had worked on 'T Gen' building in Phoenix with Travis Walton's Mormon cousin. After thinking about it later, I realized some thing was bound to happen at the home. I love odds, and what where the odds of this many different people, from different walks of life show up in this one location, on a Friday, just before Christmas? Even the home owner, who wasn't to sure about the "Alien" thing anyway said, I'll name this place UFO central. If anyone under stood odds, it was this man. (I always tell people, I may use their story, but not their name, sad.) Who arranged this meeting, and event. Needless to say, that afternoon change some lives for ever. Now the home owner want me to get him up to date. (Seeing is believing)

As I've written, can't seem to get a grip on Alex Jones, but I've been watching, piece by piece, 'Wake up Call-New World Order'. He knows his stuff for the most part, others have the same stories. I've got some of the same stories, they just came from my head. Learning about the Bohemia rituals was amazing. (part 6) Rite from a Ike or JFK speech, your secret societies at the top, caught doing Satanic type rituals. Their are your lower forms of humans and their your leaders. Dress up in KKK garb, doing ritual sacrifices. Are these the killers of Kennedy, 911? Praying to an Owl, like a Pagan ritual from the past, the World thought. (Nothings changed, a primitive creature mankind is.) Isn't this why, every so often, the World gets destroyed? "God" comes back to check on things and goes damn. Their at it again, they never seem to learn. Their the Clinton, Bush's, Rumsfeld and Chaney types, who work and schemed their way to the top. Soulless, soldiers, taking orders from those who own them. I'll give you a dime, if you take anther's life for me, mentality. The problem is, this mentality permeates all of society today, dog eat dog. Praying to an Owl, one way or another. And here is 2012 staring, everyone in the face.

Getting people ready for the next move, will the chip, in your arm. Even have Andy Rooney from 60 Minutes pushing it. That's why all the noise over every "Time" a child is murdered or disappears. Making everyone thinking, their child might be the next child killed or kidnapped. Just more and more propaganda. Slowly sitting that mind set, until one day, people will think it was their own idea. Mind control, and next, physical control over your health and financial being. Once inside your body, who know how they could manipulate your electrical energy in your body. Your entire body works on electrical charges. These could easily be altered, I do it all the "Time", on a larger scale. These scare tactic are the same one used to get guns removed from society. Make you wonder after 911, who's killing who. Sacrificing citizens is nothing new to the 'powers at be', to keep control over the citizenry. "God" bless, bye

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