Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Thinking of You"

Wondering how those above, would view the situation below. Wondering how much longer this can go on. Generations poisoned and enslaved, never seeing it happening to them. Feel sorry for them, my words mean nothing to them. Spirituality, the true purpose to life, taken away, bang!!! How much longer can the Planet, take this abuse? How much longer can the citizens take this abuse? The Planet is self cleaning, but that has long ago pasted. Garbage spinning in circles, in the oceans, the size of Texas. Who's going to clean that up? Not your 'powers at be', their too low of a form of human. Their answer to every thing is death. Death to the citizens, death to the environment. No this no job for the inbred leaders of the World. Those from above will have to step in, just as in the past, and make a correction. This part of the Planet's history, is well documented, look no farther than the Christian Bible.

Thinking if those above, are thinking of those below dilemma? It's like the pigeons that greet me every morning? It was great, when their was only four of them. (You got to feed the flying dinosaurs, don't you?) Their waste was cleaned by the natural environment, rain, sun and wind. All of a sudden, their two dozen and their numbers are growing. When they fly up to greet me at my door in the mornings, I'm hit with a big gust of wind. This is all great, but now we have waste problem. Now the balance of Nature has been broken. Sound familiar, China, India, the Planet. Well that's what's facing the World now. Something has to give, and something will give. And it will be mankind, mankind is the one out of balance with the environment. So just as in the past Worlds on Planet Earth, Planet Earth is due for a cleansing. As simple as the pigeons that greet me. Warning signs for the Planet, are always shown by the creatures, who came long before mankind. (Mayan, and Alligator, Hopi and Cricket) Look what's happen to the Bees. The Worlds farms, depend on the Bees for pollination. And now the Bees are leaving and leaving no signs of where they went. (one suggestion is, tobacco products used in pesticides, Bees losing the ability to smell, big business running amok again) Look at the Worlds amphibians populations and their deformities and death of some spies. They live directly in the soil, and are the first poisoned. The Mayans wrote about, how to tell the Earth's health, through the amphibians. If you could talk to the other creatures of the Planet, they'd tell you, your killing them. Still believe, the first step, is to stop eating flesh, World wide. Something going to give, watch, if you don't die from prostrate cancer first. From all the chemicals in flesh products bodies.

Always checking to see if Obama Baby, is really going to do as promised about the troop in Iraq. Check my pure propaganda news on Yahoo. Here is U.S. general Ray Odierno, with his soulless eyes saying, 30,000 more troops needed in Afghanistan. The real reason is, all the other countries now know 911 was an inside job. Now they don't want their troops dieing for some American lie. So America will go it alone because the secret government needs the cash flow from opium. Karzi (spelling?) is just as corrupt as the American government that supports him. With the media and even PBS under control, the country will now move the lie to another country. This is just to big of cash cow, to let die. They could care less how many Afghanistan and American lives are destroyed. Here again another game of which cups hides the pea. Bill Moyers has a lady on saying she is all knowing, with Bill Moyer agreeing. Just as he was told to do. She said their needed to be more troops put into Afghanistan. How in the hell would some well feed bitch with a book, know how the true Afghanistan citizen feels. Typical American propaganda, hit them at all levels including PBS, using Bill Moyer soul. Americans over the years, have gotten use to trusting folks like Bill Moyer. Now he and others are, just another mouth in the giant propaganda machine. (What happened to Bill?)

With all the chemical being sprayed into the atmosphere, here's is good idea. I started using a vaporizer. Put some pure oil like eucalyptus, or Dr. Bronner pure castile soap, (peppermint) mixed with filtered water. You will notice how your lungs will bring up mucus. The very same reason you use a vaporizer for a sick child. That vapor helps break up congestion in your lungs and brings it to the top. Pull those chemical up, before they can totally absorb in your lungs is the idea. Pot is a great way to pull up the poisons from your lungs also. Also rub down all your exposed skin parts with Aloe Vera. Aloe is known to bring out heavy metals in your system. Lots of fresh garlic will also help. Their are sites that have other ideas. Heard that cilantro is also good for getting heavy metals out of your system. You are being poisoned, what goes up, must come down. You are at war, a chemical war, with the system you send your tax dollars to. They could care less about your health or theirs. As long as the spraying continues, people must protect then self's as best they can. Meat products are just filled with these chemical being put into the air. Think of all the grains that have the chemicals from the spraying in them. Then the animal eats tons of this, to get mankind a few pounds of flesh to eat. People may not be able to stop the spraying, but they can help them self's also. Surely 'T' shirts with warnings, can't be far behind. I try doing my part to warn other. Problem is, people like me and others are fighting a giant propaganda machine. I was told to talk, I've got no choice. Well "God" bless and sweet dreams with soft landings. Help your self, by helping other learn, I was told. In the end, your sacrifice will help you in the future, good night. bye

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