Thursday, December 25, 2008

"Merry Christmas from Michael Chertoff"

Great new coming from the World most corrupt government. Be very afraid for the next five years. First of all, how in the fuck would anyone know the future for the next five years? Some how, America's Home Land Security Department knows. Remember them, they couldn't stop the so called 911 attacks, because of their inabilities. Now they are all knowing. Some how, Michael Chertoff, (looking like a dead man talking) know all the al-Qaida thoughts. Mr. Chertoff said those damn old al-Qaida Cats are going to use, chemical, radiological (don't even know what that means yet), biological and nuclear weapons on the American citizens for precisely the next 5 fucking years. Always amazes me, how they find these mindless whores. Their always ugly men, trying to be something they are not, intelligent. Yet their they line up, year after year. This Chertoff guy, is the one who made sure all the remains from the twin towers and building seven were removed from the country and disposed of. Making sure their could never be any forensic evidence taken from any of the concrete or steel beams. Things like, traces of explosive used to bring down the three buildings on 911. And it now looks to me, the people who paid Mr. Chertoff for his services, are now killing off the rest of the evidence, him.

A governments who's only job is to steal and scare it's citizens. Just keep coming with the lies, even on their so called Lord's birthday. Couldn't wait until Friday, had to do it on the day when little news is coming out. A sort of World's, day of rest, Christian or not. These are the same Cats, that haven't ever charged anyone for the 911 attacks. The whole 911 charade now is starting to fall apart, like a house of cards. The more you look at videos of bin Laden talking about the attacks, the more and more they seem fake. With all theses things falling down around those that perpetuated 911. The only way out for them, is more chaos, and fear to those who question their authority. That why these types of warning on such a day. None of this is a coincidence, all planned out, well ahead. Using the good citizens tax dollars to have men sit around in rooms and think these things up, for a good fee. (not their money, it's your money) Next will be an attack on another American institution, human or non human. The system rules by fear and by fear alone. Think you'd have a day off from all this fear mongering by 'the powers at be', never.

If you look out on the skies on a clear evening now, you will see the story of the' Three Wise Men' from the Bible. Orion's Belt lined up heading West, chasing Sirius, the brightest light in the sky. This is the story of the birth of Jesus and a bunch of other such type character in other cultures for thousands of years. With stories like these, a Christian Bible was written, and given to the Heathens. (The rest is history.) For thousands of years, the night "Time" skies where the TV, the entertainment. Thus these stories where created from the movement of the nights Stars and Galaxies. Eventually they have turned into, most of the religions and cults you have today. With the Sun always playing the biggest role. (with the Moon, you had a calender for Mankind use) With all this in mind, wouldn't you think? Somebody just might of, set you down here and said. "Just live in harmony with 'Mother Nature', and everything will be cool. ( Jim Marrs, 'just don't burn down the theater') At one "Time" when "God" was near, I bet things where different. It's called the fear of "God" and if you have ever had a near death experience you'll know what I mean. Mankind has lost the fear of "God'' now, and look around you. Christmas day warning from the presidents office of Home Land Security. Why does that sound so damn Nazi to me, because it's the new America Nazi's.

One thing the American citizen learned the last "Time" gas prices where so high. They have learned to drive less, about 10 % less across the country. The race to buy more fuel efficient automobiles, has change Detroit. The big three looking to dump all their past debt of retirement funds is near completion. The big three, had to bankrupt them self's. That's the only way to unload all their promises to the auto workers. They could of changed their way of thinking years ago and didn't. They knew their past debts, was the highest priced part on their automobiles. So what better way to rid your self of your past, bankruptcy, simple. (Always remember in World trade, 'the ends, justified the means'.) Just like Wall Street Bankers did with Dow averaged, stole everyone equity (retirement). Now with the big three needing concessions from their employees, past and presence, they will unload their past. All part of what going on today with everything thing else in the World. All part of a bigger plan for lowering the Worlds standard of living. By destroying countries currencies one by one and issue one World currency. The auto makers are the same bred as the bankers, bottom line. Merry Christmas and winter solstice, now the days get longer. "God" bless bye

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