Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Fighting Not To Win"

This is the American military way of fighting wars. Never wanting to defeat any enemy, that would kill off the cash Cow. Just as America did in Vietnam, no effort was ever made, to ever totally defeat North Vietnam regulars. Vietnam was a Dog and Pony show, and Afghanistan and Iraq are the same. With an American government, that is now is totally corrupt, winning wars is never an option. Just keep the killing going, and rake in the profits, for a few at the top, of the food chain. When you have total control over the media, truth can been abandoned. That is now what you have in place. Afghanistan and Iraq are gone cause, but never ask the generals that, that just might get you killed. The Afghanistan opium trade, now is under control, of the American forces. (private contractors) The Taliban have retaken most of the country again, but not the opium trade, it's stronger than ever. (Opium is gold to the secret government that controls America.) The government spends millions of America tax dollars to keep the, so called war on drugs going. While in the back ground, they control the drug traffic. Building bunches of prisons, then lock a bunch of people up, for drug trafficking. This is a win, win situation for the secrete government. They can take millions of dollars away from the tax payers, with nobody, to over see how the money is spent. (just as the banks are doing today, with the bail out money) Here again never making a true effort to stop the drugs from flowing. Win, win, make money from the drugs, make money incarcerating people.

You can now see bits and pieces of the propaganda starting, toward higher troop levels in Afghanistan. All the propaganda about how women and children are treated by the Taliban. While back here in America, the children are being poisoned, and families being broken up. (TV's single parents) The two faces of a lie, permeating the air waves constantly, like a broken record. America media screaming, 'can't be letting those Taliban guys hurt the women and take away their freedoms'. While back in American, women suffer the highest breast cancer rate in the World. (In your face kind of propaganda, catch me lying, try, the 'powers at be' are saying.) Adding little rumors in the back ground about a new enemy. Home grown terrorist, are everywhere, can't you see them? This Nazi type of propaganda, that separated the citizens of the country. Trying to fill people minds with, 'you can't trust, even your neighbour'. As all this starts to unfold and the cities are turning into a, 'cop on ever corner'. Hopefully the citizens will get feed up, and will slowly return to the country and re-learn to, provide for them self's. The only way to stop all this madness, is to remove the power that is held over you, money. The system creates your problem, with the dollar. Keep you money, buy thing that help you help your self. Start taking away the power of the dollar over you. Make your money, but spend it wisely, fuck the Chinese plastic crap. Buy pots for vegetables, herbs and fruits. Insulate your home better, make plans to move to the country. Get away from the cities that are filled with cameras and security. Break the backs of those that control your moves, with your in come. No spend, no taxes removed, no taxes, no slavery, simple hey.

This idea that "God" must be tied to religion is all wrong. When you have religions, you have wars. Religion separates the Worlds population, not bring them together. Have "God" arrive from the skies one day, and see where religion goes, gone. Religions where designed to enslave, not free people. Listening to Peter Joseph from the 'Zietgeist' movie talk to Alex Jones brought this home. (Alex Jones - Peter Joseph Zietgeist, from civilian37 on Y.T.) Listening to Alex Jones the Christian, go into tirade, show how religion can be controlling. Alex did your, I'll scream and bully you, Christian bull shit. While Peter Joseph stayed calm under attack. The fanaticism showed by Alex Jones, is what feeds the hatred in the World. (Muslims, Christians, Jews)Religions tends to take away all creative thought. It's the, 'I read it, I believe it, that's good enough for me', syndrome. Instead of reading, learning many spiritual ideas and incorporating them, into your own identity. Religions leaves no room for self identity, just as all religions tend to do. With religion, instead of "God" fearing people, you now have a pack of mad Dogs. In religions, their is no place for your relationship with "God". Do as the group, or be an outsider, like myself. Your Rush Limbugh, Bill O'Reilly, Alex Jones and many more, are the real voices of Christianity. And where are they, on the air, in your faces. Look at your money, 'In "God' We Trust'. What in the hell does "God" have to do with your money? And what the hell does "God' have to do with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? In the end, when you tie religion to "God", you end up with, 'enslavement'. bye

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