Sunday, December 28, 2008

"America in Flux"

Sad to watch so many families moving on the holidays here in south Scottsdale. From my patio I could see a young chef, packing his thing into a U-Haul van. Sad he had just moved here, now he's off to another location. Probably figured he had made it. A good chefs job here in Scottsdale, will get you moving up the ladder. Here like so many other places, the economy is causing much movement. This town isn't cheep to live in. Small apartments are $1,000 a month, even in south Scottsdale. As an old friend who managed some apartments once said to me, 'people move in, people move out'. This town has a big turn over in it's population yearly. Town is hard to live in. With all it's wealth and fancy cars running up and down the streets. Even the south Scottsdale people can be snobbish. You run into people all the "Time", who said they once lived here. Peer pressure, pushes a lot of people out to the suburbs. Little old ladies driving $100,000 cars, looking through the steering wheel, to see where they are going. Elementary schools closing, or combining, yearly now. You didn't see kids in the street, riding that new bike for Christmas. Their are hardly any kids around and the ones you see, are living in HUD homes. Condo owners leasing their units to the state, for quick profit, but killing the neighbour hood. The idea you can take a kid from south Phoenix and throw them into this environment, is hard on the child. They can't compete, socially, or mentally, with the kids here. The kids from here, are use to the peer pressures of living, even in South Scottsdale. The Blacks and Mexicans, stick out like a sore thumb. And are always at the bus stop, while their neighbour, may drive a nice BMW.

Don't seem to understand how America can keep throwing money at a fire. When they have no money to throw at the fire. Now Obama is talking about a tax break, how? One mans opinion is, to bankrupt the country, just as G.W. Bush started to do. The country is already, basically bankrupt. And Obama is going to finish the job, G.W. started. To me, the country is being ran the same way as the rail roads and auto makers did. Never up-grade for the future and just keep taking. Just like American society is made of, throw away people and items. Now that most of the raw materials have been removed from America's soil, throw here away. That the way the country has been ran from day one. Completely by takers and not givers, with never a moments thought for the future. So now is the "Time", to drive America into the ground. Right along with Americas, two Hallmark corporations General Motors and Ford. With a known pirate, G.W. Bush at the helm for 8 years, look what is left of America. The ashes of 911, is all that's left of America. Two wars and a broken economy, G.W. preformed as instructed. Now Obama the next puppet will take over, with the same old retreaded tires. Will the citizens of America respond? (FEMA camps) Or will America just stand by and watch, once proud, but now passive?

Noticed one of the effects the bad economy is doing, more young people joining the military. Can't get the young to join the military, starve them into it. Another one of Hitler's tricks, used on the German people. You have the same thing in the Middle East, poverty, creates soldiers. Now you have all these soldiers, create an enemy. Tax the people to pay for the soldiers. Then brain wash the soldiers, and turn them on the local citizens. Sound too familiar, Germany before and during WWII. Is this what the next president has been ordered to do. With Obama's idea of another police force, independent of the current police forces. Just as 911, was part of the plan, to take away America's freedoms. Here is another step in that direction of total control. Living in a society, where the police are be watched. This is where they are trying to lead you. Take control of local authority, with an eye towards the local police, being in fear. One World Order, has no place for local authority, only Global authority.

Is this sudden change about starting to live green, because. Maybe people are starting to realize their not alone in the Universe? Maybe someone might be returning to check things out. Heard or read that some where. Problem is, what's planted, what's the truth. I was hoping it was true, because I've always believed, that to be true. That every so often, "God" or what ever label you want to put on the Event, does return. Just like when I was in the Navy. Every so often, the fleet Admiral would come by and check out our loyalties and readiness. Using Global warming as an excuse to fire up the environment concerns. Or just another way to tax the citizens of the World? (carbon credits) I'd love to believe the, 'powers at be', are finally showing concern. One thing for sure, that fat ass Gore, doesn't make for good spokesman. But then again, when you look at the, 'powers at be', choices, their are no lovely faces in the crowd. Hard to find a pretty face, in a crowd of leathery skinned whores anyway. Think it's has something to do with selling your soul for money, like America's politicians? Or as Rumsfeld said, 'you go to war with what you got'. So the 'powers at be', have the faces you see, and not a pretty face in the crowd. They might try that ugly ass Kennedy chic, though, only a suggestion. "God" bless and sweet dreams with soft landings. bye

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