Thursday, January 1, 2009

"Corporate Wars"

Fighting for Liberty my ass, America. G. W. Bush was appointed by corporations and in return, he did just as told, deliver Afghanistan and Iraq, one for oil, the other for a pipeline. (The opium trade is yours Mr. Bush.) With more and more private contractor fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan now, they have become corporate wars. Soon America will be sending in private contractors to do all the fighting, with the Air Force being replaced by private drone aircraft. No congress or the American citizens getting in the way, that way. Just call up Black Water and have them do the fighting. Their mainly made of ex-military anyway. No matter if it's American, British or any other countries ex-fighting men. All where trained by their local governments, then released on to the general public to rain havoc, via the corporate military. The America system can't or won't get the draft reinstated, so they just started using mercenaries for the killing. These are your retarded, uneducated controlled private soldiers, killing for money and money alone. It's just a job, don't ask questions receive great pay, they are told. Why not, it's your tax dollars paying them to represent America's aggressiveness to the rest of the World. No reporting to the citizens, body count or cost. Who knows for sure how many assassinations have been carried out by private contractors, of the so called American military. Black Water and other private contractors, already protect all American diplomats that inter Iraq or Afghanistan. America could care less, about any other counties sovereignty, it's what do you have, that Americas private corporations want. You are now living in a Fascist type of country, where corporations rite the laws and tell the congress how to vote. (Politicians are your lower forms of humanity, so they can be easily bought.) Throw some gold around G.W. neck and he'll kill babies for you.

Started noticing a change in direction for the American citizens minds, Iraq out, Afghanistan in. This seems to be the corporate line now. The corporations using the regular net works and PBS to get the propaganda going. Their was a "Time'', when a person could look to PBS Front Line, for some honest stories, but like Bill Moyer, they have fallen to the cooperate war machine. This weeks Front Line was called, 'The War Briefing' or, America is about to throw away, billions of dollars and hundreds of lives. To keep America safe from some Cats living in caves and tunnels some where in Pakistan and Afghanistan. With PBS commentators saying how terrible the Taliban are, and all the money they are making from the opium trade. Aren't the Taliban, the religious fanatics that stopped the opium trade in Afghanistan? So it appears, here America goes again, one day you where sure, America was going to invade Iran. Now the story has all of a sudden changed directions and Afghanistan is a terrible place. Is the real truth, all the other counties are pulling out of Afghanistan? For one, I'm curious, who pulled the plug on the Iran invasion, when so much propaganda was used to promote the invasion of Iran and their nuclear goals?

Listened to some interviews with Benjamin Fulton on Jeff Rense show. He claims to be the voice of the Oriental side of World powers. Their is a good interview with him and David Rockefeller on You Tube. He claims the Chinese other government, is going to stop the Illuminate from killing off, all but 500,000 people, mainly Orientals, with genetic wars. (chem-trails, others) Not sure about the names of the Oriental groups, but it sounds like, the World will soon know about such groups. (that actually pull the Worlds purse strings) He claims the East is tired of holding up America financially and want the killing stopped. The World has taken a dramatic shift over night from, America dictating World policies. To the Eastern countries having a say in what happens to the Planet. Benjamin claimed, the The Oriental leaders where going to start killing off the western World elite, one by one. (Yin Yang, the tables have turned) China has a standing army, almost as large, as all of Americas citizens put together. All this nonsense could be stopped if people would just simple start spend their money correctly and take away all these Cats power. Just walk through a Dollar store and see all the crap from China, people will buy. It's not the Chinese fault, Americans are so primitive in their buying habits. For some reason, the Chinese can't create enough plastic bull shit, for American consumption. So now they are sitting on billions of American worthless dollars. If the Chinese released all the dollars they are holding, on the World, your dollar would be absolutely worthless. According to Fulford, this is what turned the tide. America, start being nice, or be destroyed physically and financially. Your "Time" has come and gone. It seems that in the Orient, the smartest are the leaders, where in the west, the most corrupt are the leaders. In the western countries, only thing of the flesh are important, to where as in the East, their is a spirituality to things. Look who's doing all the killing on the Planet now. Look how Eastern religions accept other religions, while Christians, Jews and Muslim, will kill you, if your not one of them. Hopefully the Eastern countries will bring a little sanity, to a insane World.

Plenty of things to watch from George Carlin on You Tube. 'George Carlin - Archives Interviews', from TVLEDGENS, is a real tear jerker. George was so intelligent about life, sad to see him gone. From UFO's to religion, he could sitting beside me helping write. Maybe we where from the same system, and just visiting hear to try and help humanity solve some of their problems, mainly personal lust. "God" bless George Carlin. "God" bless and hopefully, this will be a better year, unless your a politicians. bye

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