Saturday, January 3, 2009

"Taxation, With Out, Representation"

Now that the bail out has been pushed down everyone throats, is that 'taxation with out representation?' In a government based solely on corruption, that's what you have now. No one wanted to bail out the banks, but your money was stolen from you, for that reason. When Bank of America was asked what had they done with the 25 billion given them for the bail out. Their answer was, 'it's none of your business'. In bred G.W. Bush was given the job, and do the job he did, on the citizens of America. Now with all this talk about revolution in the streets, whats next? You never hear a positive word, from anyone any more, about what has happened to America. Is the break up of America about to occur? With states splintering off, fighting a federal government that wants to control them? I'd like to say, much the same as America did to England, in the beginning, but most of Americas history has been so distorted, to say the least. (America has never left, the purse strings off England.) What's at stake here, a sort of 'Mad Maxx' scenario? With states getting together to fight the generals army's, or would the generals army's side with the states. In the end, the generals need some where to raise their families also. All what a catch 22, with no winners in sight. A federal government now that's totally controlled by thieves, or total chaos in the streets. Federal government is stealing at every chance from the citizens. The local governments are putting speeding camera on every stretch of road, or every intersection. Every where Americas citizens turn, some sort of federal or local government has a hand in their pockets. How much more can the citizens take, before they break? To me, it's looks to be coming to a boiling point. The federal government must some how be brought back into line. Is America a broke, but a willing country, who will try and get going to solve the problems? Or will America continue down this path of self destruction. Their are no winners in these cases. The money will always flow to the smartest, that will never change. The Federal and local governments have to learn. They are breaking the backs of the people who pay their wagers. Their not even good at being Leaches. The Leach dies, when the item they are leaching off dies. Even a Leach knows that, they will even make sure the wound doesn't get infected. Not in the society that controls the Worlds purse strings. Their not even as smart as the Leach.

Pat Robertson, 'America is headed for a veritable socialism as well an economic rebound under president elect Barack Obama.' Pat Robertson like the whore G.W. Bush, has a direct line to "God" apparently. So I guess, if "God" talked to good old Pat, then that must be good enough for my dumb ass. Unfortunately many will buy into that sort of bull shit. Look at the followings, these sort of self pronounced leaders of the World have. Scary thought, isn't it. When a moron like Pat, can say he talks to "God" and folks buy into it. He'll always get the press, because he's part of the propaganda machine. I found the article on the second page of the front page news, in the Arizona Republic. I have no idea how many troops have really been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the propaganda machine. Made damn sure I knew, Pat Robertson has a direct line with "God". When did "God" get into politics anyway. (what ever happened to 'church and state'?) And how can someone have the nerve to say they talk directly to "God"? Isn't that putting a lot of pressure on your soul. Apparently Pat has no soul, so that's not a problem. Fucking TV evangelist are all the same, always got there fucking hand out.

TV evangelist help the systems propaganda by saying they know what's good for folks. Like the folks on the net works in the morning, telling folks how to pack their bags. While silently in the back ground, generate fear in peoples minds. The fear they aren't even competent enough to pack there own bags. Telling families their is no need for the father. Promoting the Olympic swimmer Phelps, because you never see the father in the back ground. All trying to break up the family, so they can more easily control the mother. Strap the father with child support he can't make, then turn him into a criminal because of back child support. Just a never ending effort to keep everyone under financial control.

With rumors that all loans maybe called in, what happens? How many people have their home free and clear. What would happen if one day, banks said they want their money now. No way could everyone unload their homes, for the equity quickly enough. Banks again would own everything, including most peoples equity in their own homes. With control now of the government, the take over would be complete. Now the banks could order the military to, remove the citizens from their homes (banks home now) at gun point. This is the kind of control, they are seeking. They have already taken much of the cash out of the system. That's whats forcing the tight money problems of today. These are the oddest of "Times". Wish I could find some happy things to write about, but this is just the reality of today. "God" bless and may some how, smarter minds will prevail, instead of the man with the biggest gun. bye

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