Saturday, October 4, 2008

"Does Everyone, Answer to Somebody Else?"

Does everyone answer to somebody else until you have a complete circle? Does a child leave the Earth at a young age because the child can't handle the chaos of life on Earth? Does every ones collective conciseness, create your own living "God"? Will that collective conciseness, bring the death to mankind on, 21 December 2012. Isn't it written, mankind can save himself from destruction, by simply become a more purer soul? Can mankind stop Nibiru from returning, with peace here on Earth? This is a giant experiment,isn't it. All the Planets and Stars were put into place, to conduct a sort of game, to see if mankind can improve his lot, by becoming more spiritual. The moon with it's 28 day cycle and 13 times 28, equals one year. The Moon always showing it's face toward mankind, not spinning like the other satellite around the Sun. Is the Sun, a creation of a higher entity? What is seven days in a Universe, of no "Time"? Did those above, create a place to live for mankind? Is it true, "God" created a beautiful environment here on Earth, then added sound with the animals and insects. With mankind, he wanted someone to say their prayers and acknowledge a higher being. Just one of millions and millions, of other creations through out the vast Universe? How many more "Times" will "God" pick up the good souls and destroy the Earth. When will "God", tire of the same old ending. Mankind reaching a level of decadence and loss of "God"? How much "Time" is really left on this cycle? The skies have turned milky.

Seeing how the government has keep the chem-trail so secret for so long is amazing. Few days ago on the job site, I noticed how they where starting to paint the sky with trails. Typical crossing pattern, and with in, it seemed less than a hour, the sun was hidden. Told the guys to come out and look at the sky. I was the only person on the job site that even knew of the chem-trails problem. At first you could see the first trails, then more and more, until the sky had a kind of orange tint to it. Me and the kids started talking, they wanted to know why they where doing this to the sky. I could only give them some ideas of what it could be. Said to them, maybe population control, maybe the ozone layer is in real trouble, maybe weather manipulation, who really knows, I finally said. The more we talked about it, the more distrust for the government grew. Seems no matter who you talk to these days, no one trust any thing the government is doing. Just talking about the subject, brought out one workers story. One of the workers said, he had a relative who worked at area 51, as a contract employee. He was saying before they drove the people onto area 51. They where blind folded, and the buses window where covered so you couldn't see out. The person he talked about, was a veterinarian in a private practice. Turns out there are lots of wild Mustang horses, in the area 51 compound. He was hired to go out and check on the medical condition of some of the females that where pregnant. He said that as part of the veterinarian check up, they where not allowed to up inside the female horse and feel the baby. The worker then goes, "God" only knows, what kind of creatures that are in side those horses. An example of just one more lie, the government is trying to hide from the public, it is just amazing. Later on, I asked the same worker if he wanted to go out side and look at the sky. He put his head down and replied, fuck no. At the end of the day I was taking the old light fixtures that where removed from the ceiling to the re-cycler. Their was a black guy walking down the street with a white shirt on, it looked yellow from all the chem-trails that filled the skies that day.

Listen to some of Jim Marrs stories, they will make you cringe. As these lies become more public, will it really make any difference. Look at the two wars and now the bail out of the banks, with Joe average's money. Go to You Tube and listen to McCain's speech, STRAIGHTS TALK: John McCain Aspires to be a dictator. He actually says, he has always dreamed of being a dictator. Sorry John, what you have is called,' the short mans disease', you dumb fuck. Why is it always the little ugly fucks that need so much attention? Really messed my math up, emotions will do that. Your share of the first bail out will cost you $3,181.82. Found this some where, take $700,000,000,000 divide it by 220,000,000 people over 18 years old. How's that freedom feel today, huh slave? You are proud Americans, aren't you? Keep on a spending, and get more and more in slaved slave. You can see how Nancy Polosi is dieing in front of your eyes. She is such a slave to the system, it is killing her. Makes you wonder what they have on her, she single handily has stopped the impeachment of GW Bush. Heard the same story, about how the Mafia gets control of people. Look for their weakness or under belly. The same way they did with, J. Edgar Hover of the FBI. They found out he liked to dress up oddly, was gay. The old line one again, everybody has a skeleton in their closet. Boy are we having fun now. bye

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