Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Racial Profiling"

Here in central Arizona, in the county of Maricopa, their is a sheriff called Joe Arpaio. His life is all about, shameless self promotion. Told people he was being threaten, when in turn, he had set up some poor kid. Later the kid sued him, for the set up. Mr. Arpaio now has set his sights on the illegal immigration problem, Arizona and the rest of the World have. He had been accused of racial profiling, by the local Mexican population. He has done a good job, of doing what the federal government hasn't done. They call it racial profiling, but what can you do, when you see a ragged out old car, with three or four Mexicans in it. The troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are looking for people of Arabic decent, aren't they. Arizona has done better than the rest of the states when it comes to the illegal problems. The illegal Mexicans and central America illegals are leaving the state. Arizona has passed a employer act, to help police this problem. The basic problem is, the Mexicans and others, are from the poorest of the poorest parts of their respective countries. With that, they bring their own gangs and violence. It's nothing for some young Mexican mother to leave the new born child in a dumpster. Hospital have had to set up areas, where mothers can bring their child, to drop them off, no questions asked. When you drive into certain parts of south Phoenix, you would have sworn, you where in some ghetto, in some Central Mexico town. Streets are filled with trash, broken glass every where, Mexican music being blasting in the air. No place for a white boy to be, any "Time" of the day or night. This is where the NWO wants to take the citizens of the World. Drag them down with the uneducated poor, not try to raise the level of the uneducated poor. Bailing out the banks, by taking money from the middle cast, just helps finance this push to eliminate the middle class. NWO doesn't want any boarders, they want this influx of cheep labor. People like Joe and a few others, here in Arizona have said. Their are laws, on the books, and we intend to enforce them. Makes you wonder if the NWO people, are behind the attacks on those that are just doing their job?

Listening to some people talk on a Coast to Coast program about the Bail out. ( Round Table Discussion on Bail Out ) Want to get real up set, listen to Cathrine Austin Fitts. She was part of the corrupt nature of the people who control the congressmen and women. Her point was, what if the $700,000,000,000 wasn't enough? How would you really know, would the same bankers turn around and ask for more money. How do you have any idea where the money is going. She even suggested people start paying only local taxes, so they would know where their money was going. All the federal tax dollars, just go to people of the Military Industrial Complex. Bankers, weapon builders, military and federal police, etc.. The country has been raped by a few hungry power brokers, that own the rest, and those in power. This all to keep the citizens of the country under more and more control. Here you have over eighty percent of the citizens of America against the bail out. That did not stop the enviable out come. Make people think that their congressman really cares by vetoing first vote. Then they vote again, and it passes by a land slide. As I keep saying, the citizens of America are slaves. Slave to government's spending and slaves to their own personal lust. The citizens are about to vote for a new president, but why? The past eight years have proven, just how enslaved the people of America are. Your citizens have been murdered by the powers at be, (911, Iraq, Afghanistan) while stealing your money with both hands. Yep, sure looks like the land of the free from here, my ass.

Keep getting up dates about MUFON events, or related events being held around the Phoenix area. They all have one common theme, money from my pocket, to somebody else. Next regular MUFON meeting, will have Jim Nichols. He has paintings of "Aliens" and flying "Alien" vehicles, just what every home needs, I guess. He will talk about the same old bull shit, then say at the end, he has stuff for sale. No real difference than Sunday church, I have knowledge, give me money thing. Got another up date, their is a special event I must see, only $25 a person, if I registrar now, seating limited, they say in the corner of the message. Like every thing else in America, commercialization has ruined any thing that might be some what pure. FOX ruined auto racing and baseball with all their constant commercials. (always some product in view) Soon any photo of "Alien" space craft, will come with advertisements on the side of the vehicle. (Russian rockets already do) You can't even buy a shirt with our someone logo on it. The system is so good at it, even black music has the brand names of the cloths or the drink in them. NASA will launch vehicles with Pepsi or Coke on the side soon, I'm sure. I would like to belive that in the beginning of all the UFO phenomenon, it was pure interest. Now it has become so much of a business, that no one can be trusted. Their is always some thing to be sold. Not I've worked my ass off, to get you this information for free. "God" bless and soft landings, Sunday Night Dreams. bye PS I know all about that racial profiling, Scottsdale police, don't like this "Martian" ass.

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