Saturday, October 11, 2008

"It's Great to be Loved"

Nice to know my simple blogs get read every now and then. Got a response to one of my blogs about my last MUFON meeting, in Mesa. It was from one of the organizers, of the Phoenix chapter. He was the one who had edited, my response to Mike Polani and News 3. In a World of edited news, in nearly every damn thing you see or hear, I was foolish enough to believe the MUFON groups where above that. Simple, just turn the camera or what ever you are using on, then turn it off when the presentations are over. How do you edit the meeting, while telling others, the UFO phenomenon has basically been edited? Your saying the government has been editing your personal life, then why are you? The e-mail was damn near as long as one of my blogs. Let me have it, from top to bottom, you could feel the intensity grow as he typed. Kind of makes me proud, others have told me I have a way of unnerving people. He sounded like Bill Clinton in Phoenix, when that kid got up and asked old Bill, was 911 an inside job. You couldn't shut Old Bill up, and you couldn't shut my admiring fan up either. Like that kid in Phoenix did with good Old Bill, I struck a nerve. Funny eight hours later, I get a e-mail reminding me of today's MUFON meeting, with Mr. Nichols as the guest speaker. They say the reorganized chapter was going to be more of an spiritual event and less nuts and bolts. Looks to little old me, as a church, just a different Dogma. (Swear I started the term, 'their nuts and bolt chasers', while referring to why I didn't go to any MUFON meeting before.)

Here comes the next big, so called event of 14 October 08. Guess it started with some chick from England, and her ability to Channel. (Blossom Goodchild) Mrs. Goodchild saying this event will have a craft, one hundred miles long, over Alabama. (Could these be where the government has set up Holograms to be shown?) Not so sure that channeling, isn't just everyone ones own ability to reach the other side, if you put your self in the rite frame of mind. I try and reach their, every evening for at least a couple of hours. Now to be able to reach and individual from the Other side, I'm not so sure. I've meet a few of these people who claim they have that ability, but I never felt comfortable with them. Others claim they have confirmed the 14 October 08 event to be true. Wasn't the last major event, suppose to in March of this year? These groups with their animated faces talking for the groups, seem rather odd and popping up every where, why now? Is it just part of the steady stream of misinformation being put out on the air waves? Put so much crap out their, that no one will have the ability to decipher whats real and whats not? Now their are these reports of the odd shape on the North Pole, the past few days, on Google earth maps. Shapes reaching thousands of miles long, appearing on the North Pole and South Pole. What is Google hiding, or is it a real image? This along with the 14 October event with it's supposed one hundred mile long craft over Alabama. Theses are the oddest of the oddest of "Times". Not a happy person to be found any where, it seems.

As many have predicted, the World wide financial collapse has started. Just as the Gold was stolen from Fort Knox during the Great Depression. Americans elderly retirement money has been stolen. The thieves will make the bottom fall out, then buy every thing for pennies on the dollar.(buy low, sell high) Companies like General Motors will merge with other company and all the benefits that where being paid out, will be able to stop. (You can't pay benefits, if you are no longer in business.) With precious metal some what stable, those with money will be gobble it up. Like the housing market, the haves will have even more, when the smoke clears and money is put back into the system. Those at the top, can simple remove money from the system, thus causing a shortage of capital World wide. Good credit, no money to lend, every thing slows down. Government steps in and buys banks up, and their you have it. Big business and government all in one. The real Big Brother, the one that lets business control the live of the individuals by what they put in their products. No one to say, hey that will mentally retard the children, when their just the same people. All this was set, up with the attacks of 911. Just what the system wanted to impose, a police state. To protect the citizens of America from the terrorist they created. Now the laws have been passed, and their seems to be no body, but the citizens if America, to turn things around. The government doesn't listen to a single word the citizens have to say. Now the citizens have been financially raped and not a soul in the streets protesting. Brain washing at it's finest, would of made Hitler proud.

Soon if you want to have TV reception, you will need your own receiver. Why is the government imposing this on the citizens of America? You know their has to be a bigger reason, but why? Can they now look back at you, can thy use it for mind control? People should know by now, if the government is involved, it's for only their benefit. Few items found this week fishing around. George Carlin - God vs. UFOs (ouroboros712) Federation of Light - Crop Circle Key Codes CRACKED (archangle Sandalphon) Taking the Crop Circle, then spinning them, neat. Jim Marrs (wounderweapon) It's a wonder he's even alive. bye

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