Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Is it Panic Time?"

Rumors flying that the UN troops are in the south training for marshal law. Money has been dried up on purpose, to create a financial crisis. Russia sending military supplies to Cuba and Argentina. Bail out passed, even though most American citizens where against it. The Bush administration answers to no one. Just what are the citizens of the World and America, being prepared for? Citizens in countries that have starving population are told, no help will be offered. Why is it so important now, to change the way of life in the World? What has prompted these sudden changes? Seems governments are going out of their way to make life miserable for their own citizens. Is the nearing of 2012 the main reason for all these changes? Flying around You Tube use to be fun, now their is porn on every page. Rumors of impending doom, around every corner, why? More and more people telling me they have turned off the news because of the depressing nature of the reporting. You would think the reporters where getting smart, but no. They just keep the bull shit coming, via the own mouth and soul. How can someone be so ruthless, so soulless, to keep expounding these lies? As a reporter, how could you possibly sleep at night? In a normal World, when one brother slips, another brother would offer a helping hand. Those days are long gone, now they help you fall off the cliff. The World has truly gone, totally mad. Who will be left to pay taxes, keep the system moving. Will things get done, by having a gun to someone head? This isn't going away by it's self, so what happens next?

This all seems so Biblical, so final, no relief in site. The best the World could hope for, would be help from the "Aliens" intervention. The Illuminati, or who ever the fuck is doing this, looks to have the upper hand. (Soulless people will never raise a hand, to those who provide the items of personal lust.) Families are torn apart, children have been brainwashed against the parents. How do people get back to being good to each other? The first item would be limiting the tube from your life. Stop letting that little person on the screen, determine how you perceive your neighbor. Stop living in the reality of, more means better. None of this is going to happen, with out help from above. And simply waiting for help from above, won't get the job done either, so what is next? No one know for sure, so take care of your own personal and spiritual life. Don't count on the system or the "Aliens" to bail your ass out. Start preparing for survival, mentally and physically. Those around you are only concerned for their own personal lust. The World has become, the Lizards on my patio, eat or be eaten. For my self, I remind myself of all the good thing that have been done for me by those above. Constantly reminding myself, those here on the ground, are the lowest forms in the Universe. Reminding my self daily, to not be fooled any more with lies and promises. Remembering if the government has something to offer me, it's only for their personal gain, and none of my own. If you have a soul, you are in the minority, and should be afraid of the soulless ones around you. Their easily spotted, the government, your banker, your preacher or minister, that military recruiter, any giant corporation, your schools. They all have one thing in common, control over you, and your health. As Bob Marley put it so well, ' get up, stand up, stand up for your rites'.

Odds and ends. Sorry I got Blossom Goodchild country wrong, it's Australia not merry old England. She now has gotten so much press, she's becoming a rock star in status. If nothing happens on 14 October 08, she will be a trivia question in the future. Kind what has happened to Sylvia Brown and all her wrong predictions. People saying they have contact with the Other side have put them self's way out on a thin limb. The people at Conspiracy Planet have a great video called, 'Giant UFO In Yukon Canada'. A good video with Native Canadians mixing the story of the UFO sighting with native lore. Part four an elderly gentleman tell the story of how mankind was created. It's the same story the Hopi have, called "Spider Women". Their seems to be a kind of strange feeling when I go out and about on the week ends, no people. You would only see this in the past, if their was a big local sporting event, or local team doing well and on one of the national net works. Went to sell some scape copper wire from a project I'm working on. Been going to the same scrape people for years. pulled up in my truck, as i started unloading my wire, a worker came up to me and said, you might not want to sell that now. Asking why I shouldn't, kid replied, where only offering .20 cents a pound for it now. Only a few days ago it was going for $1.20 a pound. Kid said, you would be better off selling it later, so back in the truck it went. Got to thinking, if the market crashed that fast on copper wire, what are the poor slaves in China doing for an income? The reason metal prices where up so high, was the Chines and folks from India where using so much now, as their middle classes grew. The World is so inter connected now. The Worlds economy is directly tied to Americans ability to consume. Now the American is scared, and he not spending and he staying home. Not buy gas from the Middle East, not buying plastic crap from Eastern countries. World banks pulled the plug on American spending. An America not knowing, pulled the plug on the rest of the World. Every week it just gets more and more scarier, it's like, whats next? Give your self a chance, stop eating any animal flesh and don't let the television run your life. "God" bless, your Sunday night Dreams and travels, my you have a soft landing. bye

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