Friday, October 17, 2008

"Down Sizing the World"

Their might be some good from all this down sizing of the Worlds economy. People learning to use their energy more efficiently, getting real upset with those in power. Learning they have no power, when the bail out was pushed down their throats. More and more people starting to sound like the radicals from the sixties. Except the kids, they just look dumb founded and uneducated, to say the least. All those retirement funds lost in a heart beat. Years of saving and working, actually thinking the government would take care of them. Sorry to say, that's why I've always been such a cowboy all my life. Some how I knew, no one on Earth could be trusted. Feel sorry for all the baby boomers that thought they where OK. Same generation the changed the way the World thought. They them self fell into the same trap as their parents. Only difference was, they stole their parents gold and sent their fathers off to die in WWII. While back at home, the mothers where living at poverty levels and collecting scrap for the war effort in their spare "Time". All being duped by the same powers as then and now. Let the baby boomers build their saving up, then stole it from them. Now the baby boomers bodies are getting old, and they have eating all the chemical laden animal flesh. Soon with what little money is left, it will go to fight the Cancers that system put in them from their diet. Just as in the Popul Vuh, here we are at Santa Cruz again. As I've written so many "Times" before, the system can always count on mankind's own personal lust and greed to control them. Now the baby boomers are back to go,"Time" to go back to Natures ways.

"Time" to start rethinking for the baby boomers and whats ahead. Knowing it's far to late to recover for the baby boomers. People will start gardens instead of lavish lawns and flowers. Start having to learn to repair things them self's, being energy efficiently. (the VW) Start reading more, because their at home instead of out and about. Hopefully getting more intelligent, wanting to learn just how this great reversal was done to them. (I tell most people, listen to Jim Marrs, get real pissed off.) When they figure out this was done to them through, big business and big government, they will return to the mom and pop type businesses. Hopefully farmers markets will start popping up on empty lots. People hopefully learning to trust the neighbor hood business and not the giant chain stores, (With their chemical laden products.) Their can be real World changing effects, by relearning how important the local neighborhood is. Not relying on the big chains and big government to protect them and returning to the days before the sixties on. What the baby boomers introduced, they will be forced to return to. Back to Mother Nature, the Porsche is gone.

As the election nears, who would of guessed two losers like Obama and McCain are America's best choices for president? You can easily see why the rest of the World laughs at American politics. The system still telling the citizens of America, McCain the baby killer, was an American war hero. Hinting around, that Obama is a Muslim, all just a big ass game. A big ass game the uneducated Americans fall for, every four years. Look at the faces in the crowds, at political gatherings, their are the sheep. Sheep so uneducated they are willing to give the energy and money, willingly to a whore. A Whore that is willing to kill their children, for their own financial benefit. How did this all happen, how could it happen? Just as most Americans count on others to raise live stock for food. They them self's are willing to be herded around and slaughtered. Fine line between the cow in a feed lot, being feed chemicals and shopping at your local major market. The cow only gets so many years to live, and so do the citizens of America.

Does anybody remember their are two wars going on? Any body found out whats up with the chem-trails? Does anybody have any real power or freedom? What part of your life, do you have total control over? How come the citizens of America are giving the bank so much money? How come no one is in the streets protesting? What has happen to the great people of America? How come all the old Native American prophecies are coming true? Everything the Hopi said would happen at the end of "Time", now has happened. All the players are in place, in all the correct position's. just as the Hopi predicted, their would be lines in the sky, in the end. Today in central Arizona, their are lines in the sky.

Just finished doing the electrical controls at Mesa Ampi Theater. I have posted a picture to show what I do to make a living. Electrical work when done properly, is a form of art. Every part of your being is an electrical charge, you are no more than an elaborate combinations of electrical circuits. Your digestive system is a power plant the produces electrical current. The electrical current, that tell me to type these words. The current that moves my arms and fingers while typing. My control works, represent a simple version of, what's inside of your body. That's why it is so important to give your body the correct type of food stuffs to generate the best most efficient energy. That's why the old line, 'you are what you eat'. Your generator needs fresh fuel like grains, fruits and vegetables. Not animal flesh, with all the energy already taken away by the animal who digested the protein. bye

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