Sunday, October 19, 2008

"It Just Ain't the Same"

The words from a man, who had his guns confiscated after Katrina. Out on a lake Pontchartrain, on his boat with a friend, when America changed for him. Five officers on another boat, approached his boat (with guns raised) and ask if he had any guns on his boat. He replied yes, they ordered him to go to the other end of his boat with his friend and raise their hands. Here is a reminder of how easy it would be for the government to fake some invasion, then declare Marshal Law. Remove all guns, then say the have won the war, but Marshal Law will remain in place. The same way it's done in third World countries. America has become under rule, of it's military and police. The generals say they need more money and more private vendors to fight the war on terrorism, they get it. How many private military vendors like Black Water, are in Iraq and Afghanistan, and will they ever leave? You can say you are pulling the troops out, but what about the private military vendors. Just one more reason, the citizens of America have lost total connection with their own supposed government. You could have Marshall Law and not even use any police or military personnel. Pay some murders from Black Water to do it. As they have shown in Iraq and Afghanistan, killing innocent people come easy for them. Just as it does for the men and women in congress and the White House. Or as I like to call them, 'the baby murders'.

Saw some ugly chem-trail videos from Vegas, on You Tube yesterday. Never seen any thing like that before. Makes you wonder what they are hiding up in the sky, and why.(area 51) They are painting up the skies today, over the Metro Phoenix area. Not as bad as the video from Vegas though. Every thing is so out of control now, so, I can't find the words, out of control. It's like this mad race to the end of "Time". Black Cats on the streets and on the net, confronting their white brothers about atrocities from the past. Not realizing their white brother is also a slave, a slave to the system and his own personnel lusts. Trying to blame others doesn't help you lot any. In fact, it just makes it worse. Instead use that energy to improve your lot, you only drag your self down more with hate. Besides, that moment was that moment and today is today. As the old line goes, 'that's water under the bridge'. For most of recorded history, mankind has been manipulated by a few. So whats the point in hating your brothers. Mankind has been manipulated into hating each other, so they are more easily controlled. Always remember, divide and conquer, is the primary duty of any government. Just as Hitler and terrorism was create, to foster hatred in others. It's Good over Evil game, and it's been being played out from day one. Here in the year 2008, and the so called educated ones from America, can't figure out the simple fact. (Educated fools, from uneducated schools.) Brain wash them to death, while telling them they are superior to other peoples of the World. Look how well this has been done, raped the countries natural resources. Then stole the money from the ones who did the work. Yep, the citizens of America are brilliant, just ask any off them. They will be glad to tell you how bad others have it. Like attending church services, and the minister telling his loyal follower, how fortunate they are, that they have the rite "God". And that all others will go to Hell.

With only propaganda on the TV and getting more and more blatant as "Time" goes on. Thank "God" you can find old TV shows like The Twilight Zone on You Tube. Watching them took me rite back to the evenings, watching them with my Earth family. You can see how Rod Stieger could manipulate the minds of the audience. Makes you realize how the Cold War was used to manipulate the thinking of the average citizen of America. Watching the episode about the bomb shelter, brought back memories of the damn old Russians. Really no different than those damn old terrorist of now days. (Just a big ass shell game, of where is the pea.) The brain washing was so well done, many of the upper middle class citizens of America, had built them self, contained underground shelters. Twilight Zone episode, showed how an individuals can easily turn against one another, when their life and that of their family is threaten. Shows how the government could fake an attack and turn citizen against citizen. Their again, divide and conquer, being the main mission. Four families, one shelter, the haves, verses the have nots. Just what you have in the middle east now. Instead of a Cold war, now terrorism. You could do the episode today and instead of the damn old Russians, you could fit in the "Aliens" or maybe the terrorist. Damn I hate to say this, but here we are at "Santa Cruz" again. Don't know what number this is for me, at returning to "Santa Cruz". This crap has been going on all my life.

The Iraq war has been going on for so long, people are starting to stop even thinking about it. America at war, now as become the norm. Like poor old Pat Tillman's mom, she had to declare she was for a big military, before she could even get on the air, with here story about her son. (The military likes to use the word,' a strong military'.) Heard that from 3 TV's Tara Hitchcock, told the story (Mary was for big military) just before Mary Tillman was interviewed. I think that was the final blow, from the propaganda that come out from that station, just blatant lies. The Kachina of the Out Doors didn't care for them much either. Well it's Sunday evening a gain, and their is a funny smell in the air out side from all the chem-trail spraying. Still hard to believe this spraying still continues, with no one able to find an answer. "God" bless and may you have a pleasant journey this evening, with a soft landing before dawn. bye

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