Saturday, January 10, 2009

"The FDA Loves Ya"

From the 'Journal of Animal Science', 'fattening the cow.' To normal feed lot, fed cattle, just add antibiotic and female hormones and see the increases in growth.' As stated by the publication, 'see your cattle go from a growth rated of 2.03 lbs. a day, too 2.5 lbs. a day.' All this by adding a supplement of, antibiotic and female steroids growth hormones, in feed. (Now who's idea was this, to tell the cattlemen, big business or government?) The same type of hormones that body builder and pro athletes use to enhance their size and performance. Seems all quite harmless doesn't it? The FDA loves you so much, they have only approved only six different types of these steroid hormones. From Cornell's Web site, here are the 6 different types of steroid hormones that are approved. (estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, zeranol, trenbolone acetate, melengestrol) Wonder why America has the highest cancer rates in the World, their was 6 good reasons why. The site shows, how the breast cancer rate for teenage girls now, is much higher. Once again, your government playing "God", with the citizens of America health. They know the health risks to the citizens who eat Beef. They see the same problems with their own young cattle. Search hormones and cattle and see all the side effects that the young cattle are having from drinking the milk from their mothers. Then they turn around and sell that same milk to the general public. The FDA knows all this, yet their they stand and do nothing. Nothing, because they them selfs are under control of the manufactures. I see it all the "Time" in the electrical trades. The manufactures control who gets a U.L. label and who doesn't. No label, no sell in America. Big buisness and U.L. having the police and courts doing the dirty work, if you get caught installing electrical parts, that didn't have a U.L. stamp. Now you can't even find an electrical part with out a stamp.

With the use of these types of synthetic hormones, what is it doing to your body and the environment? A research group in Ohio, discovered that female fish where much more masculine, that where living in streams near feed lots suffered. (More on this problem is from, 'Highbeam Reserach.') Over fifty countries ban Beef from America now. The Japanese government ask that all Beef from America be inspected. G.W. Bush said no, so Japan stopped all imports of beef from America. Yet here in America, the Beef propaganda never stops. Look at all the adds for triple layer beef burgers. Can't sell this poisoned crap to the rest of the World, so just sell the poison to the uneducated Americans. Here in Arizona, the cattle that run in the open range, have destroyed much of the natural desert vegetation. Rancher cutting down Juniper trees, because the trees where competing for the water. Damming up, every little wash, for cattle tanks. Killing off the fish, and habitat, by killing the flow of water. All this unnatural activity, just to feed their cows to public. The desert has washes, where once it had grass lands. (top soil destroyed) The hoofs of the cattle, griding up the fragile desert landscapes. Anyone living in the south west America, knows what I'm talking about. Their waste with all these synthetic steroids in them, now all over the desert floor. All for no fucking good reason, mankind was never meant to eat animals in the first fucking place.

Now what you have, is a society under control, that is told. 'If it's healthy for you, and we can't tax it, it's illegal.' Almost every consumer item and food product, now has some form of un-healthy chemical in it for you. Here's how bad the problem has gotten. A friend called recently with bad news about his girl friend. See had just turned sixty and two years away from partial retirement. She put her head on my friends lap and passed out. He rushed her to the emergency room, for help. Turns out, she has lung cancer, and only given a few months to live. Just like that, hardly a warning. She was a domestic and a smoker. She never had a chance. With all the chemical the government allows the tobacco companies put into tobacco. Then mix that with all the toxic chemicals she was breathing while working with the cleaners. If the system doesn't care what kinds of chemicals are put in baby toys. Imagine with every day house hold cleaners. People have to realize, that big business and government look at them like some kind of prey. Government never stepping in the way of big business. Letting companies make tobacco more addictive, filling the food supply with chemicals, poison the water and air for big profits, government doesn't care. The only ones caring for for citizens and trying to warn them are handful of folks like me. Instead of a government protecting the citizens of America they are preying on them. Why can't folks realize this simple fact, turn on the TV, open the news paper.

Want to thank Ted for his comments and research. Still waiting for a challenge on his words. The republicans this week said it's OK with them, if Obama Baby has no America birth certificate. Obama Baby can been sworn in on "Time". Don't know what the fuck he may know about foreign politics, or how he leaned them. That really doesn't matter much anyway. After all, when your a puppet, you don't have any of your own words to say to the public. (Like watching Pat Robertson read from a scrip, talking about his recent talk with "God" himself.) That's all Obama Baby will do as president, read from a scrip. Just as them before him, after Kennedy's assassination. He knows where he stands and how he got their. I wonder if the people that put him in power call him, 'Boy'? I guess when you are president, you are a good boy, after all. John Kennedy and Abe Lincoln apparently weren't. They both wanted to dissolve the Federal Reserve, and both where kill from gun shots to the head.

Found this researching proteins and government regulations. From a site called, 'Protein Wisdom'. The federal government can arrest someone one for, medical marijuana use. Even if the state has approved the use of marijuana. Don't want no local authorities to take away some drug monies, from the federal governments war on drugs. It never seems to end. "God" bless bye

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