Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Mayan 2012"

When the Catholic Church invaded Meso America, using Cortez as the general. They tried their damnest to destroy all ancient Mayan history. With the Mayan history came the year 2012, end of this World. Just as with all Catholic invasions, each civilization spiritual history had to be destroyed. The Catholic Church did the same thing to the Native Americans, upon their arrival to North America. Someone made sure the Mayan history was preserved, and is still growing. More and more items and ancient site are being found in Mexico and Central America. These histories counter everything the Catholic Church uses to enslave their following. That's why so much effort was put into trying to destroy the past. Just as American past history has been tainted. The Catholic Church, still to this very day, is trying to control World history. Now that the catholic and their partners the other christian churches have failed to destroy this ancient tales, what will they do? Like the 'powers at be', will some how, have to incorporate 2012 into their NWO. Will the Catholics have to follow suit? As I've said many "Times" before, 'if they didn't have anything thing else wrong. How are they going to have this wrong. Look at Mayan math compared to the math used in modern history. One to ten and stuck with that zero, while the other maths of the Universe are much more sophisticated. The Mayan had one to thirteen, a 13 month 28 day calender with no leap year. While the Catholic math, or modern math, it is stone age in comparison. None of these groups could accept the 2012 Mayan ending. So as things start to change around people daily, how will the religions incorporates these changes? They can't say suddenly the Mayans were rite. I believe as 2012 approaches, the churches of the World will fall from the own lies and deceit. The Hopi and the Mayan, have predicted many events and all these events have come to pass. How in the hell can the World's churches ,deny these things happening?

The Hopi, Mayan and Eastern religions have always accepted the "Alien" connection. So as 2012 approaches, the Catholic Church, had to come out and accepted this fact, for their followers. The Catholic Church didn't do this, because they wanted to. They where forced by current events. If they always accepted the "Alien" connection. That would have been in their ancient and current preaching. They where forced to keep up with the events, the Mayan and the Hopi, predicted. Religions must enslave their followers, while Hopi and Mayan tried to teach, everyone was their own spirit, in a spiritual World. Religions have always keep this little secret for them self's. How would their be any donations, if they taught the citizens of the World the truth? Hopefully enough people are finding out for them self's, the true history of the Planet. So as 2012 approaches, they will be prepared for hoaxes perpetuated on them. By those primitive individuals, that want to enslave them, and deny them the own spiritual being.

The Mayans called 2012 the re-arrival of the "Light Beings", or enlighten ones. The return of "Qualtcoatle, the Great Plumed Serpent''. Where mankind goes from his current primitive mentality of death, to each other and even the host Planet. You either get enlighten or, your civilization and species known as mankind, will for ever be destroyed. The Hopi tell how humanity, will be given so many chances to evolve to a higher entity, or will end, in failure. That why most ancient writing talk of the fact that mankind must save them self from destruction. Their no one out their save mankind but mankind himself. That entity that created you, can't carry you, you must develop on your own. You create a child, but that child must learn to develop on it's own after puberty. This is where mankind stands today. No more blaming the "Creator" for their problems. Mankind must fix their own problems, or be destroyed. Some have written, mankind must rid it's self of the parasite that controls mankind. The human conciseness must rise to a higher level and destroy this parasite. As long as this happen, mankind will have shown a ability to reach a higher level of thought. Knowing who is bringing harm and slowing mankind's development, is first step. You can only fight your child's battles so long. Mankind must step up and start leaving the material World, that enslaves mankind.

Not to sure about Benjamin Fulford, but to get to interview someone like David Rockefeller, that's power. Never even knew who the man was, like most Americans. People like this aren't, suppose to be interviewed. Never seen or heard anything about him, on the net works. These types, make World events happen, not talk about them later. They know whats going to happen years before. (WWII, WW I, Vietnam, World economy, etc.) How does one have these powers, Benjamin Fulford? But trading one secret power for another, think. What does this, have to do with Joe average, back home? If the powers of the Eastern nations were to rise up, using money. It would be nice, if they followed their own ancient beliefs, and the World would be a better place. Eastern belief system are far more spiritual and forgiving to others thoughts, than to the Western religions. I'd trust Supreme Master Ching Hai's relief agency, long before the American Red Cross, if my life was on the line, in a third World country. (Katrina) In many ways the Chinese are far more sophisticated than their western brothers. To the Chinese people, gun powder was for celebration. To the West, it was a weapon. Look at their art, vases, carving past cultures etc.. Found America, long before the Catholic's Columbus. Chinese told the Europeans how to find North America. Well we we all see hopefully, where the real powers lay, in the near future. "God" bless, sweet dreams and soft landings, on this Sunday. bye

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Your post is very informative and according to the research I have done, very much accurate. It certainly is an interesting time to be alive!
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2012 is just around the corner, time to wake up people!