Saturday, January 17, 2009


G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton, Obama baby, all have what in common, daughters only. Not only do they all have daughters, their all ugly. Why is that, when the media expounds how great these individual are constantly. Is this "God's' way of telling you, your DNA must stop here. (Just as in Roman "Times'', when rulers where having only daughters, because of the in-breeding.) Is their a connection to current American leaders? (Have heard Obama call Chaney, his cousin Chaney before.) Along with the in-breeding you get, retarded looking children. Look at all their daughters, they all look a little off? Is the in-breeding, to keep only a few families in power, bringing the reign to an end? You rarely ever hear anything about, G.W., Bill Clinton, or Dick Chaney daughters, their keep out of the press for a good reason, look at them. The in-breeding also causes a lack of a soul. With out a soul, you do the soulless things, all three have done, to other individual all over the Planet. Soulless individuals who can be easily manipulated, because they lack the ability to reason. Retarded people cannot reason things out, or what hardships their actions cause on others. My friend's son, is a good example, he's retarded. He only understands about himself. He has no comprehension about the feelings of others. Once the kid makes a decision, that decision is final, theirs no reasoning with him. Look how in the last eight years, the things Bush and Chaney have done to individual around the World. Like my friends kid, they have no comprehension of the acts. Look who was behind, all the torturing being done in Iraq and Cuba. It was Bush and Chaney who ordered the torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib. Prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, who where never part of the 911 attacks, being torture by the Americans, on orders from the White House. So soulless, they ordered torture, on people they knew where innocent, of the 911 attacks. Now you have a new president who is part of the same, Fucked up DNA, saying he can save America.

As a kid, I liked to smoke some Peyote, and go looking for "God". Not sure why I did this at the "Time', but when ever I did it. It was a spiritual journey, that I had no control over. Now I've found the Hierarchy of the Catholic church believes in the same connection. It all goes back to the Penal gland in the middle of your brain. You could say, your third eye. The eye that allows you to peer into other Worlds, that are in parallel with this reality. (Their are plenty of sites to be visited, on this topic. etc. Moses, 911 and Magic Mushrooms (Atlantis & Shrooms), ) Their seems to be this connection between the chemicals in all the hallucinogenics, that take you their. Goes back to living spiritually, through the plants of the Earth. They are all the nutrients and the mental food your body and soul needs. Don't be eating that flesh, nothing their for you, mentally or physically

Doing some electrical work in, down town Scottsdale, among all the new million dollar condos in Old Towne. (not far from my home) Sad the streets where dead, at a "Time", when their should have been hundreds, of well healed individual, walking up and down the streets, with their plastic bags full of shit they don't need. (not cheep, either) The economy has made for a hard "Time", for all the artist. With out those folks, walking up and down the streets. Their no native American coming to town, to sell his ware to the local gift shops. Their no one to eat at the local restaurants, which Old Towne is famous for. The girls that where working at the restaurant I was working at, had no customers. Felt sorry for the young girls. Some of them, their first real job. Told them, these streets should be full of people, with money to burn, in their collective pockets. Apparently, they all stay back home in the cold, this fine year. As I started to load up my truck, after adding some accent lights, on some painting in the restaurant. (Metro) I noticed a chem-trail over head. Been at the restaurant since 6:00 AM, saw nothing earlier. Seeing how the girls that where waiting table had nothing to do. I though I'd give them a quick lesson on chem-trails. Asked the girls to come out side an look straight up. Their was some type of four engine aircraft, straight over head, laying a wide trail of white chemicals. Told the girls that was a chem-trail and not a con-trail. I explained, a big difference, one contains water, one contains, barium and aluminum products at a minimum. Also reminded them, that, what goes up, must comes down. Here your good old propaganda at work. One of the three girls asked, if it was a theory. Now I had to explain here to her, how the term, theorist got started, after 911. Fucking media has some of these poor dumb as kids under control. The good news is, the other two never questioned what I was saying. Then I told them to just Google it and scare the shit out of them self's.

Gotta go, been listening to the Midget car races from the Tulsa Oklahoma, called the annual, 'Chilli Bowl Nationals'. Lots of drivers from Arizona always. If you care it's on, live now. Main event 50 laps, all started Tuesday night. Grew watching these car, because as a kid. Their was nothing to do her in the Phoenix area, as a child. "God" bless, and good evening. bye

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