Sunday, January 18, 2009

"NFL and Chem-Trails"

Today, Sunday 18 January 09, woke up to clear skies. Then the aircraft started laying down chem-trails, turning a beautiful clear day, into skies of a murky milk look. As always, it takes the enjoyment of a nice day away. The Cardinal are playing the Philadelphia Eagle for the NFC championship, winner goes to the Super Bowl. I knew they were going to close the roof on Cardinal stadium, because of the chem-trails. I knew they would be spaying today, because yesterday, they announced that the roof to the stadium, would be closed for the game. The excuse they used for closing the roof, better crowd noise, bull shit. Why not leave the roof open for all the frozen folks back East, to see a clean warm sunny January day. (The same decision was made two weeks ago, when the Cardinals played Atlanta here.) Great for the local economy, to advertise how great the weather is in Arizona, during the winter months. The secret government, that controls these decisions. Obviously didn't want any net work cameras, showing what is going on over head. Just as in the election for president, everything is tightly under control. If they control who see whats in the skies. Do the same 'powers at be', decide the out comes of the games? With what is happening out doors today, and to the control over, the roof being open or closed for a game. How much freedom is their and how much control is their?

Notice a lot of my spam is either, police or federal agents needed and people wanting to buy precious metals. First one is out, I'm to old and passive. (old hippie) Second one, I collect precious metals also. (Being one, not to entirely trust the banks, that control the government) All make you wonder, what is going on behind the scene. The best one came today, 'Hot Russian girls, want to live with you'. Do you think a level of complete soullessness, has been achieved now? Now my spam is, out and out 'prostitution'. Aren't these the little thing, that trigger the destruction of mankind. To where a woman, is no more than a commodity, to be traded and sold? This is one sick society, I am now living in, all of a sudden. (Sense Bush) Even checking my mail, is nothing but, average looking girls with big breast. Go to the bank, nothing but cleavage now, with the young female tellers. So it looks like the 'powers at be', are going to need the police and federal agents. To make sure, any one with morals is watched. And anyone caught with precious metals is parted with their metals. Ah, the land of the free, home of the brave.

Hard to believe but the Arizona Cardinal, just beat Philadelphia Eagles. Of the final four teams left, you had three birds, and a Pirate, unlike the Bush family. Cardinals, Eagles and Ravens, wonder if it's the Chinese year of the bird? Just hope that all was done on the up and up. A couple of calls, one way or the other, can change a game. Some NBA referees have came out and told stories.(gambling debts) In a society so under control, through the media, can any thing be trusted? Who has the most to gain, by fixing the games, Vegas odds makers. The net works, lose out when a team like Arizona, gets to the super bowl. The net works worst night mare is, Arizona against Baltimore, in the Super Bowl. So the Vegas odds makers, have the most to gain, by the games out come. Many have written, how old World mob money, still controls many aspects of modern day societies and sports. Look how far the Kennedy's came, from old World mob families. I hope it's all on the, up and up.

Next week America will have a new president, and hopefully. Not another inside job 'attack', to stir things up, even more. Powell and Biden warned of such an attack, to test Obama Baby, the puppet. The Blacks actually think their getting a saviour, and the Whites, are arming themselves. And my spam says, America needs more secret police. The word aren't coming, to my hands. "God" bless, sweet Sunday night dreams, with soft landings. bye

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