Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Keeping Out, Airborne Swine. Duh"

This was part of the opening words from Paula Boivin article from, Monday's Arizona Republic's Sports page. 'Why did the Cardinals close the roof Sunday?' 'To keep out, all the airborne swine. Duh.' I thought she was surely, responding to my Sunday Blog. The roof thing has gotten wheels now. Paula's in on it, Kurt Warner and Cardinal management is part of the story. Sports writers from back East want to know why the roof was closed. This has tuned into some type of cover up now. Why has this little story gotten, so many comments? I seem to be the only one noticing the combination of roof closing and Chem-trails. The stadium is about 30 miles due West of me. Basically, the aircraft creating the Chem-trails, fly from East to West and North to South and visa versa. If I got Chem-trails, they got Chem-trails. With all this going on, I thought I'd send an e-mail to Paula and ask her. 'When you referred to airborne swine, where you referring to the Chem-trails that where being laid out in the skies for the last few days'. I went on to explained, that these trails have been going on since 1998. Said to her, if she doubted what I was saying, Google it and scare the Hell out of your self. (pointed her out to my blog.) You know, I'm still waiting for a response, from her. I suppose she's a good slave and under orders to never respond to the truth. You have to always remember who owns the Arizona Republic, Gannett, which owns channel 12, NBC locally. The Pullium family use to own the Republic, before the take over of all media outlets, by a few major players. One of the Pullium kids was one of my apprentices years ago. He came to work with a new Mercedes Benz. None of this though, is helping me, getting my response. Next I'll see if she maybe posted my e-mail, as a response to her article. It says rite their, Paula would love to hear from her readers, so I responded. Here again is another example of how neatly, everything is wrapped up and presented to the American public. Was the score, wrapped up and presented to the American public?

Laying in wait, a few morning ago was a friend. As I stepped out to grab my morning new paper, he yelled to me. 'Did you see the Obama kids dancing last night, at the inauguration ball?' I responded, 'can't believe you watch that propaganda bull shit.' He goes, 'hey check this out, the two kids where dancing, showing the Illuminate sign with their hands.' I yelled back, 'say it isn't so, say it isn't so, bud.' He goes, 'I'm not lying to you, turn on your TV.' Go inside turn on my TV, by fate the first thing I saw, was the two kids dancing, showing the sign. (I don't believe they are Texas Longhorn fans.) First thought to my mind was, what soulless bastard parents. That sign might get them killed some day. Those poor kids have no idea, of all the children their ages, that have been slaughter in the name of the Illuminate. Here was a perfect example of how poor of parents, the Obama's are. Obama Baby is so soulless, he sold his own children out. More than willing to let his kids be used, to promote the killing of the children and Innocent by standers, through out the World, in the name of NWO. Those poor kids, have no fucking idea, what all this means. That didn't stop, their ignorant parents, from brain washing them at a young age and letting them be used. Obama Baby, the World knows your only a low life puppet, but why put your children through the same derogation? For all you Black that though you had a saviour. A saviour doesn't use his children, to promote death through starvation in Africa. Here we go again, Indians and alcohol, Blacks and management. Neither are yet ready for, things that can easily take control of their lives.

'The You Tube police,' as the kids call them, in replies to videos. Have recommended some interesting videos to me lately. The best was a group of videos, showing women fainting at all the different Obama Baby's campaign stops last year. In the middle of his speeches, a women faints. He stops his speeches, to make sure the women are taken care of. Fucking soulless whore, acting like he cares. When soon he will be giving orders, to kill thousands of innocent people through out the world. Do you think a few innocent women might be killed, along the way? Obama baby is more than willing, to give the orders to have millions killed, as long as he can say, he is president. ( Y.T., Obama Presidential Fainting Woman Act) With that in mind, was the UFO seen in the back ground on CNN with Wolfe Blitzer during the inauguration real of fake? Their seems to be, suddenly a different climate, about the UFOs and the media now. Now the UFO phenomenon is getting press, where as before, it was simple never reported. Keep in mind, the 'powers at be', never rest, when it come to trying to control folks thoughts. When you fake 911 as a terrorist attack, what's there to throwing in, a little streak in the sky, for the World to see.

I love listening to Travis Walton (Fire in the Sky) talk about his little jouney, he took. I have my own bizzar thing in my life, and always looking for key words from others, who may have been their also. I might be wrong, or just hopeful thinking, but I believe his words. Been in the area many "Times" my self and not that far from the Point, where my bud disappeared for hours. (Blog called, "Mechanical Cows".) Got lost near that area one day myself, it was plain erie. Took me hours to find my way out, with some luck. My dog was freeked the whole "Time". That area ain't that far from the Hopi reservation, due South. More on this later, Y.T. C to C -Art Bell - Travis Walton & Mike Rogers - Fire in the Sky. "god" bless bye

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