Saturday, January 24, 2009

"When Did Afghanistan, Attack America?"

Did I miss something here, did Afghanistan attack America, and when? Low life Biden, telling Obama Baby, that their needs to be more troops in Afghanistan. Has everyone forgot why America entered Afghanistan? Weren't they looking for some guy named, Osama bin Laden, or has all that been swept out the door? You never hear about Osama bin Laden any more. And they never attempt to show photos of him any more, why? Have folks got wise to the fact that every "Time" they show a photo of Osama bin Laden, it's a different guy? Wasn't Osama bin Laden brother, G. W. Bush partner, in a oil business? What ever the fuck is going on, makes absolutely no sense. The only thing that makes sense is, the military industrial complex, gets to steal more money, from the citizens of America. And America can dump it's nuclear waste, on Afghans soil. (depleted uranium used in shells) These folks in charge, never seem to tire of killing and maiming the children, of America's citizens. With a constant bombardment of lies, about why there are troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now with Obama baby, you have an old trick , good cop, bad cop. G.W. was the bad cop, now they have given the citizens of America, Obama Baby and he is now the good cop. While making damn sure, everyone has forgotten the real reason for the two wars currently going on. If I remember correctly, wasn't it something about the terrorist attacks, by a group of Saudi citizens or something like that. They just keep coming at you, until you don't even know, why the fuck America, is in two different wars at once. The 'powers at be' just keep blasting more and more propaganda until all sense of reasoning has been lost. That's what you have now, a country with two wars that will never be won, and will never be meant to be won. All the 'powers at be' want, is to steal your tax dollars and fuck your children up, simple? Fucking freedom doesn't have shit to do with it. If they wanted America to be safe, they would have closed the borders the day after 911. That never happened and never will. All this to bankrupt the citizens of America, financially and physically. Push American until they, take their weapons to the streets, so they can be mowed down, by United Nation troops? Is this where all this is going. Pushing and pushing the citizens of America, until they snap?

Sure was glad to see, Dick Chaney in a wheel chair, at the inauguration of Obama Baby. With a little luck, his "Time" is near. People like Chaney and Bush, seem to never live to be very old anyway. All the old folks I've ever meet, were always kind and helpful. While those two, were nothing but hired lynch men. Bush looks worn out, near death and Donald Rumsfield can't be found. All the foot soldiers that lead America, down the garden path, their "Time", has come and gone for them. Is it up Obama Baby to be the lone soldier, to carry the battle of deceit and lies? Who is in the back ground to help keep the lies going, beside Obama Baby? (Obama Baby, even has to resort to using his own children, to keep the lies going.) Who is the next generation, of the 'powers at be' pawns and mouth pieces? Look around, you have Biden, Nancy P., McCain, Hillary and others, but their all old now. Where is the fresh breath of air, Ron Paul? They shut him up, by giving him no press. It sure as hell isn't Obama baby, he's the same old bull shit, bought and payed for. Who will save America, or has America's days come and gone, like Bush and Chaney? Remember, that in the final days in the Christian Bible, their is no great power in the West. Only to the North and East of Jerusalem. (Russia, China)

Looks to me, certain people are making sure the stories of the "Biblical End Times" come true. Complete with the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel and it's citizens. America keeps arming the Arab nations and Israel keeps attaching them. America keep giving advance weapons to the Saudis and the Saudis keep giving them to the enemies of Israel. And unless you spend as much "Time" as me and others, to chase the facts, this wouldn't even be known. (By keeping the citizens in constant fear. They will never advance beyond what they are told from the controlled media.) With fear I mean, being told constantly that other nations are primitive as compared to America. Telling the citizens of America, they are the most loved and protected society on the Planet earth. While the truth is, America is the most controlled society on Earth. This can only be accomplished through big government. And big government is what you have in America, or the constant, Big Brother.

On Sunday nights, I like to see whats on the minds of the Christian ministers on TV. Hal Linden and others, now sound like they have been reading my blogs. They also are awaking to what has been happening to them. They also feel like, the sheets has been pulled over their eyes. To here a TV minister talk about the corrupt the Federal Reserve system is, seems odd to me. I thought they where just part of the propaganda machine. (Of course Pat Robinson is still the mouth piece for the 'powers at be'.) Other ministers seem to have come to same conclusion about how they have been lied to by the government. What cause this sudden change of faith, why are they now warning their constituents, beware of your government? Could it be, Obama Baby is Black and not an American citizen? Think that might have a little to do with it? Is that the change, that woke them up? They gave them two choices, nether they liked, so they rebelled, just like in the Bible. Thought this day would never come. "God" bless. bye

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