Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Paula, Still Awaiting Your Call"

It's been a week, since I e-mailed Paula Boixin of the Arizona Republic. I figure if she works for the Arizona Republic, she must surely be, 'all knowing', like the Cats on the evening news. She certainly writes, like she is all knowing. Nobody in the valley, knew why the roof was closed for the two Cardinal's play off games, but Paula knew. The major news papers of America, would never hire, Joe average like me, to write articles. So I'm figuring, Paula must have the answers, to the lines in the skies. All I want to know is, what she meant by swine? I would like to know from her also, will their be swine in the air for the, 'Super Bowl' game in Florida? If their is going to be swine in the air, next Sunday. I'd surely would like to warn the citizens of Florida and the visitor from around the World, of the problem. After all, that's my job, make enough money to keep a roof over my head, eat like a peasant and warn the good folk of America, whats being done to them. To do these things, I need a little help from those around me. So if you could Paula, please help me to warn others, of impending dangers from the skies. Mainly the swine, you talked about, in your article. Maybe you know of other things in the trails, other than, Aluminum and Barium. I'm sure you live in a fine house and are healthy, so why not try and help others, if you are so 'all knowing'. Isn't that the Christian thing to do Paula. Just like the politicians that are in Washington DC, do for the citizens of America, Paula. Paula, you too can be a hero, instead of just another beat writer, some where in America. Let me know whats in the lines?

Here is a good story from Jim Marrs about life in American and the controls that are over it. The 'powers at be', have some Black music artist, write a song, celebrating how cool it is to sell drugs in the ghetto. Thus to promote the use of the drugs, they are transporting into the country. Then have the police who they control, arrested the kid. The kid is now put in a jail, the 'powers at be' had built with tax payers dollars. All the concessions to the jails are through the, 'powers at be' owned company's. Then the kid gets out of jail and has a parole officer, who happens to work for a private vendor, owned by the 'powers at be'. Then the kid will have to live in a half way house, that the 'powers at be' own. After all this, the kid will need some training and rehabilitation to help him through out life. They are also under control of the 'powers at be'. Then with in a few years the same kid will be back in jail, because he is now part of the system. You could say, he's a marked man. He may not be dealing drugs no more, but doing them yes. Now according to the probation rules. If you are caught holding, back to jail you go. The kid never had a chance, he was being brain washed, from the day of his birth. Here is this, end less cycle, that now has become daily life in America. That's why the country has such a high prison rate. Make drugs easy to attain, then lock up those doing it, easy money, easy money.

The Blacks can't buy enough of Obama Baby their saviour, crap made in China. Funny to see, all Blacks wearing only shirts, with Obama Babies picture on it. In a few years, they will lean to hate him, when they realize, nothing has changed, but the wrinkles in their smiles. The black were already convinced, that if you didn't wear some kind of designer clothing, you where a smuck. Give them shit wages, then convinces them their nothing with out, bright expensive shoes and cloths. The 'Machine', never rest, never, never, never. And boy, the Blacks are easy pickings. All those cloth with all the fancy label you see on TV, are controlled by the same people, poisoning your life. Black, young White trash and now all the minorities are on the same band wagon. Being lead off to slaughter, quietly through the media. Just seems it get worst every day, with the kids. The older generations are starting to wake up, but the kids, I don't know. They seem to have lost all respect, for those before them self's. This type of crap has been pounded into them, sense they could first watch a TV. Brain wash your self, turn off the fucking tube. Speaking of that, I wonder how many people are going to let their TV go away. Why are they wanting to push back the change over date. They say the program is out of money. The entire country has been out of money for years, so why let that stop them. The best way be keep Americans under control is with the tube. If your not watching that tube, your not being controlled. The very reason China wants to get TV's to every part of the county. They want the same brain washing controls over their citizens, as the America's 'powers at be' enjoy.

A friend and I went out to watch some folks fly Remote Controlled electric airplanes, at a regional meet. They weren't spraying today, and it was nice to see mostly a clear day. The problem is, that milky look, to the skies. Where we were, was a few miles from the Superstitions Mountains near Apache Junction. Here in Arizona, you could see for miles and miles, on the horizon. Now the horizons are a milky color, sad. I was pointing this out to my friend, as we drove out, gaining elevation. He had never noticed it before, I brought it up. It was a real Sunday morning, 'wake me up, I've been a sleep moment', for him, (my job). ("God" know how many of those Sunday morning, many of us have had, like my bud had today.) I've heard so many stories, told so many different ways that, who knows for sure what going on in the skies, other than a selected few. An incredible job of keeping this covered up. "God" bless on this Sunday evening, sweet dreams and soft landings. bye

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