Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Obama Baby, the Poser"

Ever notice, every picture you see of Obama Baby, his neanderthal type head and face, are looking to the sky. This is, because he is posing, 'see look at me, I'm intelligent, look.' He doesn't have a clue, but he's a damn good slave and poser. He's such a good slave, he will compromise, even his children, by having them posing. While Obama Baby is posing, the same bull shit is going on in the back ground. So much for all this bull shit talk of change, from a waring society, to a friendlier peaceful America. With-in four days of taking office, America and it's new president Obama Baby, send missiles into Pakistan. Just what the country needed, a third war front. So much for a more peaceful America. How can a country that's future generations will be born into slavery, afford another war front? Where does the money come from? Now you know why Obama Baby is posing, he's pretending he care for the citizens of the World. He's just another soulless politician, stealing and killing the citizens of America and the World. As the Blacks like to say, 'I'm getting mine' and Obama Baby, ' is getting his'. If their was ever going to be change in the way thing are in America. Obama Baby would have started impeachment hearing on Bush, while he was a congressman. Now that he is president, he will make sure as 'Commander and Chief', no harm is done to Bush or cousin Chaney, for past sins.

Even the U.N. says their is enough evidence against Bush and his band of thieves, to be brought before a tribunal. Why doesn't the American population demand a trial? The reason is simple, the media and congress are under total control. Their will be no word written or talked about, in any of the media or congress, concerning such matters. You are now living in Germany, under Hitler's control and you never even noticed it. The 'powers at be', have given you a Black poser you can look up to, live with it. He will finish the job, others before him started, the destruction of America, with debt. Obama Baby will escalate the war in Afghanistan's and Pakistan, thus bringing America, financially to it's knees. The citizens will be so taxed, their freedoms will be removed, because they have no money to even move about and organize. Federal police, will be over seeing everything local authorities do. 'The powers at be' will decide who live where and how well. Unless the citizens of America wake up, their fate is sealed. Give up the material World, and break free from this ugly fate. You have total control over what you learn and hear. Don't let others decide for you. When the TVs go dead in February, let yours die, along with the constant propaganda. As little as I watch my own TV, I'm glad someone else has finally pulled the plug. You can try and be caution about what you watch, but the 'powers at be', are always trying to reach into your mind.

Starting to think, that Hal Lindsey is reading my blogs. I'm only good for a few minutes of Hal's propaganda, except the last couple of "Times". Last week with in two minutes, he mentioned, the Hopi, The Mayans, Quetzalcoatl, and UFOs. He is one of the few Christians starting to doubt their own belief system. He sure didn't sound very sure of him self when he talked about the "Aliens" and the Mayans. He even mentioned the fact that the Mayans knew Cortez was coming and the date, 'One Reid'. Why would this be happening now? I along with the Hopi, Mayan, Dogone and many others, think the DNA will click into another dimension or thought soon. As the Hopi say, at end "Times", they that are suppose to know, will know. Maybe Hal is one, who's suppose to know at end "Times". Maybe he tried to helpful, but was lead a stray, by those around him who didn't know. Many things in the Bible have come true, but so have many other culture's prophecies. The Christians like Hal, don't have an exclusive on looking for knowledge. If the Hopi are correct, he'll soon should be hiking toward, Old Oribia. One other interesting thing Hal talked about, One World government, and the anti Christ being groomed here on Earth now. Wow what a change of heart over night, why? Why is he breaking from the Pat Robertson line of propaganda, and suddenly? It's the Hopi, Mayan thing and the DNA nearing 2012. Pat's dead already, Hal has years left, maybe he will help those that listen to him, make the transition?

Soon my TV will no longer be bringing in propaganda, so I'm preparing. Found tons of old cartoons and programs before all the crap started happening on TV, on You Tube. My favorites where the old 'Dudley do Rite', Fractured Fairy Tales, Bo Winkle and others of the same nature. The best part, are the hidden meanings behind the scenes. From Fractured Fairy Tales, is the story of the 'Wicked Witch and the Broom'. The Wicked Witch, falls in love with the hansom Prince. She turned her self into a the most beautiful women and marries the Prince. Problem is, where ever she goes the broom follows. So she has to go an get the broom a dust pan, for companionship. Moral of the story, before you can move on in life, you must first take care of your past. "God" bless and bye

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