Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Walking My Baby Back Home"

Who is ready to help walk America, back to where she once was? So far, the leaders of America, have only raped her. These are your so called in lightened ones, Illuminate, Free Masons, what ever you want to call them. They are the ones who, only know self pleasure and greed. Obama is part of these same folks, he's only a puppet, out for personal greed. His soul as long sense been sold, or you wouldn't even know him. Here is the kind of stock he is from. His half brother George Obama, recently was busted for procession of, marijuana. He lives in fine community called a shanty town in Nairobi. Explain to me how, someone who was a junior senator from the most corrupted state in the nations, gets to be president. He has no financial training, no foreign policy experience. So what did even qualify him for the highest office in America? Is it because he is Black? It's easy, he sold his soul, to the highest bidder, no matter the race. He's like the Bush's before him, he will help to destroy and break up America, not help America. This is the leader you ended up with, hand picked, because he lacks a soul. Obama isn't the man you want, 'walking your baby back home, after staying out late'. (Can't remember who wrote the words to that song, but it's perfect, for the state of America today. America, and her citizens, have been ridden hard and put away wet).

To show their contempt for the citizens of America. The 'powers at be', had Obama pick the president of the Federal Reserve to take care of the financial crisis in America. That's like asking Al Capone to guard your gold. No only was he picked by the 'powers at be' to keep an eye on their biggest money maker, the Federal Reserve. He now gets to see where the money goes from the bail out. You don't think the 'powers at be', would ever trust a guy like Obama. Someone who they had bought years ago. To be trusted will delivering the stolen money from the citizens of America to the correct people. What would they do, if Obama suddenly got a conscience? Obama is no more than fresh meat, to those that make things move. Kind of makes you wonder if the 'powers at be', had Obama kill his own grand mother on his last visit to Hawaii. Funny she suddenly dies, and Oahu has a major power outage. After all, she was the last link to his known place of birth, that couldn't be trusted. She was getting old and with that senility. And some truths that have been hidden, may come out. (I've noticed, as people age anyway, they are less willing to carry others lies.) Obama baby, your starting to fall apart rite out of the gate. Where is your pedigree, who are you really, 'who's bull shitting who'. Where are the new faces you talked about, slave.

So much for the end of slavery, just watch Obama's decisions for the next four years. No body has gone any where for the last few thousand years, especially the Blacks. Their still singing and dancing, the way their over lords taught them years ago, the Jews. And here stands their biggest prize, Obama Baby. Zionist controlled media, with their dancing Black Boy, Obama. Just like in the movies, they wanted the World to think, America was all of a sudden, a kinder and gentler country. To bad the Blacks can't break from this controlling of their minds, by others, mainly the Jews. It would be nice to hear a black act independent. Stop the flash and accept who you are, 'just another observer'.

Strange how Rumsfeld has disappeared from site. Pulled his name up on Google trying to find a recent photo or story about him. Now Bush, Chaney and others can't be found. Where have they gone, and who wants them forgotten so quickly? With all they did to help destroy what was good about America, why aren't they front page news for their wrong doings? This all gets so old, cover up after cover up. And now, all the sins committed by Bush and his band of thieves, will just be forgotten by the media and Washington. Like Bush said when he was in office. 'I might have been wrong about invading Iraq, but where their now'. This is the reality of things. The citizens are just observers now, with no out let to show their complaints about what is happening to them. No media to help them get their word out. Now the only words heard, are those that those in true power, let be heard, in the national media.

Who sold weapons of mass destruction to Sudam Hussen, Donald Rumsfeld. Had to, learn that from, 'Mr. Peabody & Sherman Travel Way - Back to 1953 - A History of Iraq. (from TheSexyPatriot, created by Stephen E. Hanson) A great five minute historical cartoon, that will help you understand where America is today, and why. The words aren't coming, got to go. "God" bless, sweet dreams and soft landings, on this fine Sunday evening. bye

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