Saturday, February 7, 2009

"The Drug Czar, Called the FDA"

The real drug czars, aren't your Mexican mafia, or the different old World gangs. No, it's the good old U.S.A. drug companies, that control the F.D.A.. The ones that say, what types of medicines that are on your shelf. These are the guys, that don't want or need you cured. Their only job, is to keep you on their medications. No different than Bush, Chaney and Haliburton, pushing war on the citizens of America. Keeping you in fear of the un-known, then tell you what the un-known is. The F.D.A. job is, like the evening news, keeping you in fear. Telling you every "Time" you have an up-set stomach, it's gastro something, that's about to kill you, with out their medicines. When in actuality, your stomach is up-set from the poisons in you food, water and air. Anytime someone comes forward with a preventive cure for something. The Drug Czars have the F.D.A. go have the people arrested for, false information. All part and parcel, of the group that trying to reduce the World population, through food and drugs. (via, air, land and sea) The F.D.A. is now controlled, by people who take a leave of absence from the drug companies. This way they have total control of what medicines are approved for public use. Say if you have a new drug, the truly cures people of some disease. The major drug companies via the F.D.A., can now stop the release to the public. Also they now can control what drugs are imported from over seas, and if it competes with their products. They have total control of pricing and importation. Just as American politics are totally corrupted, so is the America's health organization, or F.D.A.. If you can't stop them from spraying the skies. You can't stop them from killing the citizens of America off, with their medicines. As I've written many "Times" before, 'let you earn all you can, until age sixty, then kill you off.' 'Your retirement funds, have been stolen'.

Speaking of the same old bull shit, saw Chaney in the news. He's telling the citizens of America, Obama is about to get the country nuked. I've been hearing this same bull shit line, since the mid fifties. Only difference, it was the damn old Russians that wanted to blow my young ass up then. Fucking soulless moron Chaney, has arose from the dead, fucking again. Wasn't his first death when Nixon got impeached? The mother fucker, just never seems to quit. Bush and Rumsfeld disappear into the back ground, while Chaney and his mechanical heart and soul, keep ticking. Doesn't he remember how hated he was as vice president, something like less than 10 % of the country, approved of what he was doing. Why does the dumb ass media think, the citizens of America, will care now? The truth is, the media could care less, what you even think. Your cries go un heard, the death of your children, will go un reported. Here is truly where the citizens of America truly stand. A citizenship with out a voice, to carry their tears. 'If a tree falls in the forest, and no one hears it'. Enough said, that's your voice, when the tree hits the forest floor.

Have heard of this guys product, that could stop a Malaria attack, with substance used to purifier water. It's called MMS or, Miracle Mineral Supplement. Like so many these days, I'm in constant search of new knowledge. Stumbled on to MMS, through an interview on Project Camelot with, Jim Humble. As you listen to him talk, you must decide if it's, more Snake Oil. The combination of basic ingredients are simple and cheap. All the thing the drug lord at the F.D.A don't want to hear. (Tesla and free energy) The way it works is, it attacks whats causing you illness. It's not a cure, it leaves that up to your body. In the case of Malaria, it kills of the fungus or parasites, that has entered your body. To see what others are saying. I went on to some sites, that had folks talking about the effects and use of product. All in all, their was a good feed back about the effects. Google MMS, then do your own research. For $20 I'll give it a test run. I'm still a firm believer in a good diet and exercise is the best medicine. On the other hand, their is a lot of crap being put into all we eat, breath and drink. By the way, the creator of MMS, lives in Mexico, because of his fears of the F.D.A..

Food for thought from my Martian bud, about the chem-trails. It's a known fact now, that one ingredient in the chem-trails is Barium. Barium is used in MRI's, to be able to take a picture of your insides. With all the Barium now in the atmosphere. He believes that, all it would take, is a Nuclear explosion in the atmosphere, to make all the Barium radioactive. Then when it rains the Nuclear waste would come down to the Earth surface, poisoning everyone. Now take this another step, when I told the story to another friend. He said,'don't you remember the movie '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea'. I said no, remember, I'm not the movie buff, you are. He said in the movie, the sky catches on fire. Art imitating History, or future history being for told in the movies? To my Martian bud, hang in their and maybe. "God" will put some kind words in my hands tomorrow, Sunday for Ginny. "God" bless bye

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