Sunday, February 8, 2009

"State's Sovereignty"

As others around me wait impatiently for their next meal. I'm on the search for more information. One of the by products, of being a vegetarians and eating properly. You eat when your mind tells you, not the clock on the wall, or your stomach. A proper diet allows you, not to be thinking of food. Americans diet consist mainly of dead calories. So your mind is always telling you, you need more nutrition. Then you simply eat more food, that all the nutrients have been removed, known as processed foods. With out the proper nutrients in your food, you are soon hungry again. This is why Americans are so obese, their always hungry. Your government lets the food industry run wild with your health. This in turn, helps the drug companies profit from your un-healthy body. Then as you become sickly from a bad diet. You can be herded around, because your mind cannot function properly. 'Why', because you are basically starving to death. Today for lunch, I had a egg salad sandwich, on whole wheat bread, with fresh asparagus with lime and organic apple juice. Now my mind, won't tell my stomach until late this evening, I need nutrients. This also helps my body live longer, because my digestive track, doesn't need to waste a lot of energy, digesting my intake of natural food. It take energy for for body to abort the poisons from a bad diet. How can you stay healthy and young, if your body is constantly spending large amounts of energy, trying to save your self, from your self. Your body is a Temple, treat it as such. Funny part of this last line, it's from the Bible. Try and find a so called Christian, following the diet that Genesis (1:29) is telling them to follow .

I've written how the states, need to take away much of the federal governments power. Doing this, by not letting the federal government. Take their tax dollars and use them to be constantly attacking other countries and belling up to big business. Turns out, several states are in the process of doing just this. ( Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oklahoma and Washington) These states are trying to declare sovereignty, under the premise of, amendments 9 and 10 of the United States Constitution. Basically saying, you can't use their tax dollars, to bail out federal and private institutions. A similar law is now going to be in effect here in Arizona. The cities of Arizona now, do not have to give the state money, because of the states financial situation. Their needs to be some sort of central government, but not the total out of control, you now have in Washington. The federal government doesn't even have to tell the citizens of America, why they are spraying it's own citizens, kind of , 'out of control'. What you have now, are some Nazi's trying to take total control of the states sovereignty. Raping the states tax coffer to, try and control the World. (NWO) They think they are smart enough to rape the citizens of America, of all their freedoms and finances. They think, the citizens of America, will simply roll over for them. So far they have a running start on most of the citizens of America. Thank "God' some folks are awaking from the slumber of stupidity. Why is it's Joe averages problem, if some bank fails. Isn't that why they have the 'Federal Depositors Insurance', to protect people money from bank failures? Why is it the citizens problem, if the money America prints has no valve. Shouldn't the states be able to do their business in some other form of currency, like metals or foreign countries currency. Why make the state suffer from the same mistakes the federal government makes daily? As many are starting to awaken to the countries problem. It is becoming clearer and clearer, those folks that are elected. Are either corrupt from day one, or are soon corrupted by the policies of the federal government. The further the states remove them self from federal control, the safer they will be in the future. The federal government is out to destroy the country, wake up. The only thing left to plunder in America, are the citizens, one by one. All the Natural resources have been raped, your all that's left, which makes you next, to be raped.

Caught some ugly fuck this morning on local station 12. Telling the citizens of Arizona, don't listen to those that say things are bad in the state. What a dumb fuck, 1 in 10 are unemployed here. You can't sell your home, to get out from underneath it. You can't find a job, and if you do, it pays minimum wage. Your only good for 26 weeks of unemployment insurance. The future looks bleak, no matter which way you turn. Then this ugly bastard says, 'it's all lies'. Dumb bastard doesn't even know he has been brain washed. Doesn't realize, if the country breaks down. He will be, hunted down like a rabid dog. Yeah life's good for the ugly reporter, he gets a pay check. As long as he is a good slave and reads what's in front of him, and doesn't deviated, from the scrip. Next he'll be signing off with an Illuminate hand signal. Make me wonder if the real, 'powers at be', are setting up their own slave mouth pieces to be killed. Anyone so soulless, they will read lines, they knows are lies, can't have much value to society. Their only value is, to be a good slave. And that's what you have reporting you the news. 'Good slaves', a dollar for you life, into their pocket. Isn't that called, 'Blood Money?'

A friend of mine, lost his female loved one recently, Ginny. She was a victim, of the things I write about. A young women, who should have had many good years, a head of her. Was killed by the large corporations that control every day life in America. They are the ones, the government lets poison you. A government you though you could trust and to protect you, now is letting big corporations kill you off. They have let cancer become, the weapon of mass destruction. To be used on their own citizens. It's far more subtler, their are no body counts to deal with. They have let the chemical companies, put chemicals in all your detergents, hand soap, tooth paste. Damn near everything you touch daily, that's plastic, is laced with this poison. After a while, once you stop using commercial type detergents, (Tide, Dial, etc.) you will be able to smell this chemical. In public places, you can actually smell this chemical on others. Worse, your foods are stored in plastic, that absorbs this chemical into your food, causing cancer. I went to a couple of major drugs stores, looking for glass food storage containers, not to be found. Ginny, will make for a good poster child. Her death has made realize even more, I need to research more about these true, 'weapons of mass destruction'. I'll name it, my 'Ginny' research, in honor of her. "God" bless you 'Ginny', and just wait for the rest. "God' bless those, that warn others. Sweet dreams and soft landing on the Sunday evening. bye

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