Friday, February 13, 2009

"Don't Let Them Get to You"

This is what a friend said to me. 'Don't let them, get to you', problem is, who is them? When I first meet him, he thought I was nuts. Now, that's all changed, my warning have come to pass. Or as he likes to call life in America now, 'The Fix'. His kids have good degrees, can't find work. All the money he paid, putting his kids through collage, for what? Now to see them flipping hamburger, seems to burden him. This is what has happened to the college system. They are no more than factories. I have a grand daughter who recently graduated from Baylor with a degree in Anthropology. Think she stepped out of college and found a great paying job, fuck no. Why even have the kids get degrees in such fields? How many opening World wide could their possible be. Now she is going after her teachers degree. With all the education money drying up as planned by the 'powers at be'. The dumbing of Americans children continues, on a bigger playing field. The schools, the diet, all contributing to dumbing of the children of America. This is all being done, to insure their will be no fighting back, as more and more freedoms are removed, as "Time" passes. A friends kid what's to become an electrician. Here's the kicker, he will graduate from a major University, played football in one of the five major bowls. Even the athletes are no more than an income machine, for the Universities. My bud's kid said he hated setting through classes with other kids who didn't have a clue. Unfortunately, their will get a degree, just the same as my buds smart kid. I knew they where making the primary schools and military standards much easier, now even the colleges it seems.

Had to go and get myself some new glasses, because some how, mine disappeared. The strangest deal happened, my prescription glasses where removed from my truck. They where old and scratched up so bad, my reality was always cloudy. Pulled up to a job site to re-wire some egress lighting. Their happened to be a guy their with a camera. He told me he was from a rock band and wanted some photos. This was one well healed rocker. His band must have had a great dental plan and tattoos where out of the question apparently. Turns out we went to the same high school, and a ASU connection. It reminded me of my youth, when NARC's where easily spotted in a group. Back when a joint, would get you jail "Time". My Martian friend call these guys our handlers. Their always around, just close enough to be sighted. Their always their, when we leave building, setting reading a news paper or on a Ceil phone in their vehicles. When me and my Martian bud are with each other, we always say,' someones getting the day off'. With all that in mind, this of course, forced a trip for new glasses. The eye examiner asked what happened to my other glasses. Had to tell her the story above and how my life is a little odd. Explained about my blog and things I research to get to others who don't have the "Time" or resources. Some how Iraq came up, and here relative was a Black Ops helicopter pilot. Who was in and out of both Afghanistan and Iraq. I giggled and suggested she, Google Earth and fly over Iraq. Said if you see what a desolate country Iraq was, you'd know they are never going to be a threat to any one, other than them self's. That pissed her off, and replied, 'what about those North Koreans'? Then left the room, exam over. The typical, over weight, uneducated American, thinking she knew it all. Why, because she saw it on the television, and it must be true. Or as someone replied to a You Tube video. "Americans are only good at music and killing people'. (Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq after 911, etc.)

PBS or Public Bull Shit, apparently has been taken over by the same individuals that control the other major net works. It now follows the same theme, America at war, and Mankind evolve from the apes. Nova was presenting, the town in Pennsylvania, fight on Darwinism. Like watching a well scripted movie, the Divine intervention guys, didn't have a chance. The Darwinism folks came off as well educated and prepared. While the foes where presented as a bunch of dumb asses. The exact type of propaganda, that got America where it is today. The same propaganda that has my eye examiner believing, North Korea was a threat to America. Always willing to at least give PBS a chance to return to what it was intended to do, present a open opinion. That day has come and gone, like the Edsel. All this makes me wonder, why the date for the change over of the new signal was delayed. Was their a fear, that many more individuals, than they anticipated, where ready to live with out TV. With out the TV in every house hold. How will the propaganda be feed to the citizens of America? I hope that what has happened to a neighbor friend, has done, will become common place. He was prepared to have no more TV this month, so he sold them all. He was a poor reader, now he can't get enough to read. This is the worst thing for the system. People turning from their TV's and starting to re-educate them self's. With out TV, families would be force to become a unit again. Some friends belong to a religious group that doesn't believe in TV watching. Their now starting to seem like they where way ahead of everyone else. "God" bless and unlike PBS, I have faith in those above. bye

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