Sunday, February 15, 2009

"!5 Feb. 08, Chem-trails"

The skies are today, filled with checker board chem-trails. As many around the World have notice by now. Just as a storm front starts to roll in, the chem-trails start filling the skies. This is now the eleventh known year of the trails and yet no word on why? 911 is starting to fall on it's face, you'd think by now, this whole chem-trail thing, would have been broken. Just amazing how well this has been covered up. I was on the Godlike Production site, the other evening, when people where reporting trails. Trails where from the tip of southern Florida, North to Virgina, west to the Mississippi river and New Orleans. Damn near one fourth the size of the entire United States. Who's loading the aircraft, who's flying the aircraft, who are the mechanics and support folks. It take a lot of people to keep just one aircraft up in the air. Here you have fleets of aircraft. How can you possible, keep that many folks quite? Are they death row in mates, prison lifers? 911 was a small operation, compared to the chem-trails being laid out. With 911, all you needed where a few drone aircraft and a few insiders. With the chem-trails you need a giant organization, plus chemicals. How long before someone finally breaks down, and tells all, on the net. The media would never give it any press. The story and answer, would have to come from the Net. The person would need complete protection from the 'powers at be'. Their must be such a tight ring around those that participate. You could only compare it to something like, Area 51, only mobile. Amazing

For the first "Time" sense the early nineties, growth here in Arizona has finally stopped. The states entire economy was based on growth and development. Now you have suburban area with un-completed homes, with no buyer in the near future. The boom the fuel the local economy has crumbled. As a kid growing up here, I always thought the growth would finally stopped. Stop it never did until just recently. Are people dying off, in the same numbers, as they are being born? Why this sudden change in population growth. Has the economy, forced the migratory patterns of the citizens of America? No reason to relocate, if opportunities are not available any where else? This is more likely the answer. If you failed some place else, you just packed up the kids and moved west. That option has apparently dried up. Make where you live, or not make it at all. This state always had a great turn over rate. Now the influx of people has become a trickle of what it use to be. That killed off the construction boom, that fed other parts of the states economy. Their are only a few natural resources left to be taken from the state. Number one is copper and it has come to a screaming halt. New mines where opening and the old ones where being refurbished. Miners where offered great wages, to relocate to out lying areas. Now those same mines are laying off people, and teetering on bankruptcy. The rush West has finally came to and end it appears. Remember the line, 'Go West Young Man'. Now it's stay home and make less money, while the illegal immigrants reduce the wages of the average citizen. I heard some where, that one of the nations leading news paper now calls the illegals, 'immigrants'.

Now to try and save the economy, Obama and has handlers, will bring back the Roosevelt era. They want to jump start the economy by, funding infrastructure projects. Roads, bridges and such other federal funded projects. Arizona is already making plans to widen and repair roads around the state. It will be like the old days of the WPA, under Roosevelt. Everyone will work for the government, in one form or another. Is this the socialism, Pat Roberson was talking about in his speech? This subtle change in history, where the federal government has total control over jobs and money flow through out the country. The exact same thing, Hitler did to Germany during WWII. (Was WWII just a dry run, for future developments in America?) While all this is going on in the back ground. Obama and his handlers, what a police force that they have total control over, as large as the military combined. Imagine a federal controlled police force, that would not only the local citizens, but over the local police and politics. This is where the country is being taken now. This controlled break down of the financial system., is just one step in a major upheaval of today's American society. Now how to finance this entire operation, easy more taxes. Just wait for these things to be put in place. The first thing they will say, we need more tax dollars to fund these projects. And as the American citizens know, much of that money, will be stolen, long before it ever reaches where it was suppose to go. (Just ask the Native Americans Tribes, who's money was stolen, for the natural resource taken from their lands.) Once again, the citizens of America, will simple be only pawns, in a bigger game of thievery of the citizens of Americas, souls and money. The country may have a new president, but the same old path that the citizens of America are being taken down. Is their any hope of a change, "God" only knows. The view from my porch seems grim, unless someone from the out side, changes the path America is going down now. "God' bless and sweet dreams with soft landings, on the Sunday evening. bye

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