Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Boy Did you Knock on the Wrong Door"

I had a young Black guy knock on my door, asking for a little help for the, 'Sisters of the down trodden'. He told me that his past was full of sin. He told me, 'he didn't want his two year old son, going down the same dark path'. Said that if I could buy some magazine subscriptions from him, it would surely help him out. Explained to the kid, those magazine were full of propaganda. He said that may very well be, but he was willing to take a small donation from me, and the Lord would bless me. That's where I stepped in. The kid hadn't realized, he had knocked on the door of the Preacher, and I had a mission. By fate, their where chem-trails, being laid down across the skies, that very afternoon, in great numbers. Asked the kid if he had noticed the lines in the skies over is head. He pointed to the sky from my patio saying, look their are some rite their. Asked if he knew what their where, he replied he had heard some stories. Ha, my chance to take charge of this conversation. Suddenly the table had turned, and I was now lecturing the kid. Told the kid their was Aluminum and Barium in the chemical and "God" knows what else. He wanted now to know why, gave the kid three choices, none good. Here is what I've heard and read about, I told him. One, population control, their are just to many uneducated folks on the Planet. Two, their trying to control the weather and three, military communications. Of course their many more other possibilities out their, but these where the most common. Now the kid comes closer to my screen door, as trust builds. So then I start talking about, why he has to be even at my door. He said the government just keeps printing more money, thinking that will make every thing go away. I replied, 'that's what got America here', he agreed. Said to the kid, Obama ain't going to change anything, he nodded yes, in agreement. When folks start realizing, their true enemy's are. The governments of the World, that try and control them by dividing them. The reality is, in the end, when all the smoke clears, everyone has the same basic needs, food, water, shelter. By keeping mankind in fear, one or all these might disappear, governments control their citizens. Maybe this recession, will again have neighbour helping neighbour, just to get by. I change that kid mind forever, in a few minutes with simple facts. Soon their will signs posted, entering my neighbourhood. 'Beware of the Weird old man'.

Saw a article in the morning paper near the back of the 'A' section about, nationalizing the banks. You would have thought this would of been the biggest story of the year. The system threw this at the news media on a Friday, then had it hidden, typical. Had a check I needed to deal with anyway, so off to the good old B.A., I went. Boy did I have some questions for the teller, male or female. First thing I said was, 'are you going to be working for the government soon?' The young kid said, 'if I am, I'll just be happy to have a job.' 'Boy did that sound like a prepared statement'. What did the kid know the rest of the World didn't know? The kid said he had an opinion about the whole thing, so I listened. 'They'll just let the government take over the banks, until they get healthy'. 'Then some wealthy person will re-take over the banks.' The kid might just have a point their. Bleed the citizens of America even more by closing down the banks and all accounts. Steal their safe deposit boxes, their savings and checking money. Then have the system, have some fake trials, put a few folks supposedly in prison. Then the same folks reemerge and take back over the banks. The possibilities seem endless now, what else is on the horizon? Look at that Mandoff (spelling?) guy, and the billions he stole. He is still walking the streets. (They only kill Madams that run prostitution rings.) What will happen if the banks are nationalized? Is that the final hurdle, in this mad race to turn American into another Nazi Germany? A nation that is run by a rouge government, with total say over all individual place in the system? Has the World finally arrived at, 'Roller Ball?'

Found folks on, 'Godlike Productions,' talking about a trial gun confiscation, in a small town in Iowa. (Arcadia?)' I guess the National guard was going to do the exercise in April or May. The whole idea was to see how to prepare for such an event. This now is approaching total chaos, when it comes to citizens freedoms. Reading folks respond was a real wake up call. This is not good news for the average gun totting American citizen. As one person responded, 'they'll never try that in Texas.' This is obviously the beginning of the disarming of American citizens. First a trial run, then the real thing. The scary part is, will Americans turn on Americans? Or will the federal government have to bring in foreign troops to do the disarming? From my view in this part of the room, the scrip has been written. Now the final push, by softening up the citizens with a man made financial disaster. Listen to the tellers words, about his future. He was already willing, to be purged of future income. These generation appears to be doing the same thing the Europeans had done, laid down and just went along. As a friend said, ' these kids don't realize what's in store for them, their cannon fodder.' Their the front lines, to be the first killed.

Was listening to Jim Marrs talk about the Sumerians and Monotonic Gold. (Y.T., Jim Marrs Ancient Monotonic Gold) He didn't realize it, but when he told the story of how the Annunaki created the first human. It was the same story the Hopi have call, Spider Women. The "Gods" created women first, then put a seed in her, to create the human race. It was a mix of the beings that walked the earth, and their DNA. (The Rib) All this to create a worker, a miner race. How many ancient cultures, have this same beginning story. It's the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible. Amazing how all knowledge has a single root, or tree. No matter where you travel in the World. Everybody has the same basic Genesis story. Mankind was from a women, and the Earth is called, 'Mother Earth.' So why in the fuck, is everybody killing each other? bye

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