Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Obama's Wife was Disbarred"

If the 'Fix' wasn't bad enough, now we learn of Obama's wife's problems. Found this bit of information, while listening to Davvy Kidd, one of Jeff Rense's old shows. Mrs. Davvy Kid is a Washington D.C. based reporter. The reason Mrs. Obama was disbarred from practicing law in the state of Illinois, was sealed from public review. America now has a president, who's not even a citizen, with a criminal wife. What a slap in the face, to all Blacks, who thought they found their 'Messiah'. This news will perpetuate, the citizens of America thinking, no Blacks can be trusted. This should have been known knowledge, but the controlled media has keep this from the public eye. Another great example how controlled the media and the lives of Americas citizens are controlled. The real test is, will this story ever reach national attention. (Will anyone notice, out side a few people researching such things.) All this supports my beliefs that, Native Americans can't handle alcohol, and Blacks can't handle management (aka power). The 'powers at be', shoved this down the citizens of Americas collective throats. America was presented with a person who had already been chosen for president. Then the media just carried it from their. Obama promised change, with out ever saying what change. His handlers just used some old mind control tricks and let the citizens of America fill in the blanks. The change you wanted for America, you filled in with your mind. No one had to say a thing, just put the thought out their. Then let the individuals decide what change meant for them. This is simple mind control tactics. (bait and switch) From the most corrupt political system, maybe in the world, Illinois. America got Obama and his ugly ass wife. Is this the change you where looking for America, was it the change you wanted? Bush and Chaney filled the villain role for eight years. Then the 'powers at be' gave the citizens of America some hope, they thought. Promises of an open government. An end to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, a more peaceful America. All nothing but lies, with this giant exclamation point, Obama's wife is a criminal.

I see where Obama's Zionist handle, Rahm Emanuel. Has purposed a mandatory service, much like Israel has for their military(2 yrs.). They'll never get the draft to be re-introduced, so why not try this maneuver? Just one more piece of the puzzle. (In this constant pecking away of what little freedoms are left in America.) Do you realize how many shots a new recruit takes as they enter the military. With this idea, everyone could be injected with a chemical that may limit the years they live. It could be a way to make sure all males and female recruits are chipped, and not knowing it. This all goes down so many dark alleys, it's not funny. You all ready have the Nazi's controlling Israel. How far removed from total control of America, in the same manner? This created financial crises, is part of the same plan. Enlistments are up for the military branches, because their are no jobs. See where all these small steps are taking the country. You may not notice one of the steps, but look back the past few years. Everything fits in place, with the big one being 911. That really got the ball rolling and as they say,'the rest is history.' (Just who in the Hell, is They.) A little side fact to the bail-out. It cost every citizen in America, man, women, or child. Over $1,200 each for every individual on the Earth, all 6 billion plus, of them. Where you going to get that kind of money, America? The final nail has been drawn in you coffin. Money takes and bull shit walks, and America, is living off their bull shit.

It would appear, Texas is burning. The drug lords are taking over the country of Mexico. And with that comes control of the boarders. Here in Arizona along with other boarder states, all share the same problems. Kidnappings and murders, by the drug lords. Every day a new house stashed with illegals is discovered. Bodies found in the desert, gagged and shot in the head. Ranchers along the boarder, property being destroyed by the illegal, using their land for passage. Agents being caught either killing illegal, or taking bribes. This is a no end war, until one thing happens. The legalization of soft drugs like pot and cocaine. With out the money from the drug trade, the Cartels are small, not gone by any means, just smaller. Money from the drugs help to fuel the Secret government that controls Obama and America. And the drug Cartel are their Burros. This is why the legalization will never happen, just to much fucking money to be made.

The Texas legislation asked for help from the federal government with the boarder crises. Of course the federal government, left a deaf ear to the problem. So Texas moved the national Guard to the boarder towns. (If you go to Godlike Productions, you can read constant up dates from the area.) With the boarders being so porous, people are starting to fear the drug wars, will move across the boarder into America. The 'powers at be', have left the boarders unprotected for this very reason. Number one, their corporations have a constant flow of cheap labor. An the Burros, who are the Drug Cartels, have easy passage across the boarder with America. See how really deep, these things inter twine. Just as in a 'Dudley Do Rite' cartoon, some where in the back ground, Nel's being tied to the railroad tracks. Nel, that's being tied to the railroad track, is the citizens of America. Even the cartoons throw it into the faces of the American citizens. Like 911, rite their before your eyes to see, a controlled implosion, just like the thousands of others America has seen on TV. The only thing that's different, your government is doing the imploding and telling you, it's those damn old Terrorist. And just as before, rite in front of your face, they did the unthinkable. And folks still don't what to believe their very own eyes. No one wants to believe anyone could be that dastardly, but wake up folks, they can and will continue. People like Bush, Obama, Chaney and the rest, do not have the same windings, (electric motor) as most other citizens of the World. Their minds operate on a totally separate set of taps or ideas. With out a semblance of a soul, another life cannot compute the harm done to others. If that was true, how would any of the Worlds leader ever sleep? Those that control, only worship power. Never forget, to take care of your self and those that are close to you. Your government has only one plan for you, control over your mind. "God" bless, sweet dreams and soft landings. bye

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