Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Don't Worry, Jesus is Coming, I Think"

Lots of talk, of a panic "Time", being passed around these days. Via the Internet or just mouth to mouth. While the Zionist, rob Joe average citizen, with the bank, auto, etc. bail out. The American public, is making a run on guns and ammo. I've read so many different versions of what is happening to America, but which one holds the truth. All this is, taking on a, 'Red Dawn' type scenario. Is it the Russians, Chinese, or Mexicans drug Lords, that are preparing for the invasion of America? Just go the 'Godlike Productions' and read all the gossip. Stories about Chinese cargo ships, unloading weapons in American cities, for the Mexican nationals to be used on the citizens of America. Always the rumors here in Arizona about the re-patronization of Southwestern America, by the Mexican citizens. Border cities have become battle ground for the drug lords, verse the local police, or Mexican Army. Border towns in Mexico, have had the towns police force, gunned down by the drug lords, lynch men. Forcing the entire towns, police forces to resign. Even scarier, the American government just stands by and watches. With no help from the federal government to secure the boarder. States are footing the bills, to keep the boarders some what safe from an invasion. Even the Boarder Patrol agents can't be trusted. Just to much money to be made, from the smuggling of drugs and humans. If you are educated and some what intelligent, you'd never join the Boarder Patrol. So what you have working the boarders are, uneducated and easily brain washed people. (Folks only turn to government type jobs, because they can't make it in the private sector.) They are willing to give up any ability to become wealthy, for a steady pay check. These kind of citizens, doesn't mind being told how much money they will earn, or where they will work. These folks, don't even know they have become socialist. Kind a like, 'I became a socialist, to protect my freedom.' The saddest part is, the kids don't have a clue to whats going on around them. They still think, someone will come from the sky, and save their dumb asses.

This same subject presents another problem, if America breaks down. (Food, guns or both, for your own protection.) The country is basically bankrupt, so how long before you say the patient is dead? When you finally accept the fact, your love one is dead and has been dead for quite some "Time". Who get delivery of the body or corps, (America)? The Chinese hold all the real cards, so who deposes the body? Do you cut the body up, and China gets first pick? I believe America, has just to many great assets to be broken up. So why would you, break the country up? The present system has been to harsh and un trust worthy. So why let it live much longer anyway. Will the break up of America, actually bring a better way, or just One World Government? Or will the Eastern countries have a much greater say in things? I see China being the big player in all this. (Hopefully some of what Benjamin Fulfords has to say, will come to fruition.) When you realize how much more civilized China past once was. Maybe it seems only fitting, they get the bones, once called America. I'm surely no scholar when it comes to Chinese history, but look at their art alone. Funny for me, when Google first approached me about running adds on my blog. Many of the first advertiser where Oriental nations, stock brokerage firms. (Their has always been a tie between, Eastern Religions and Native American cultures.) I think that soon the cards will be played out. With the 'powers at be' losing money, hand over fist, something has to give, The citizens of America, can't give no more, you would think. Or will they roll over just as in the past.

I've ordered my first MMS supplement, and will start using it with in a few days. I'll start with the recommended one drop, three "Times" daily. I'll be a Guinea pig and see how it effects me as as "Time" go by. I've done as much research as possible and feel safe with the idea of killing parasites in my body. Their has been some swelling in one foot from lifting an electrical panel on a cold morning. They say it's good for swollen joints, we'll see. Supposedly MMS works by oxygenating the blood. I've got no know illnesses, so I'll see if my energy level goes up. The next thing I'm checking into is from Royal Rife. He believes that you can kill cancers and other disease by using an electrical impulse from a diode. You use electrical frequencies, that are like a singer breaking a glass with a high pitched note. What you are doing, is shaking the bad cells to death. Apparently each different frequency, kills different cells. This technology goes back to the thirties. For years, every "Time" I go into a room with transformers or rectifiers, I always say. I wonder if this the correct amount of Kemo I need. Here it turns out, Royal Rife was already experiment with the same basic idea.

Here are two idea about modern health, the Medical Cartel has keep from the citizens of America. They just want to control your death (health), by making sure they keep you alive, as long as you have insurance or money. MMS supplement cost only $20, will last a year. In fact, they will show you how to make your own MMS. Jim Humble the creator of MMS, has to operate in Mexico. If he did what he did in America. The Medical Cartel would have the police go arrest him. (Here is just another example of how corrupt the government of America has become.) I can use MMS, but the minute I put a shingle up and try and help others. I'll be arrested and put out of business. (American Drug Cartel controls the FDA.) Look how the Chinese use herbs for their cures. They don't have these same sort of controls, when it comes to your health. It should be up to the individual to decide how they treat their own illness. Not some bastard in a suit, trying to rob you of your hard earned money. This is exactly what has happened to the America medical field. A bunch of fat cat doctors, per scribing exactly what the Drug Cartel tells them to disperse. Play the game, live well, don't and you'll, live out side the medical system and starve. "God" bless, bye

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