Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Land of the Free, Arizona?"

Their is so much bull shit, going around concerning gun laws. I thought I would go to the Horses mouth, Bass Pro Shop in Mesa. I walked up to the gun sales counter, to start asking my questions about. The bullet and gun registration laws for Arizona. Said to the gentleman behind the counter. I want to know how much I.D., he needed from me, to buy bullets and a gun. He laughed, and said none. I replied that, between the kids on the job site, and the net, I'm all confused. He said he had read the same bull shit stories himself and understood my plight. He told me the difference now is. People use to buy bullets for what they where doing at the "Time". (target practise or hunting) Now they buy bullets and guns, just to have them. He thought some of the stories being spread around the net and other places was actually from the bullet and gun manufactures. It just made sense to me, why not. If you told the citizens of America they could no longer buy sun glasses, their would be a run on them. The sad part of this story is, that's only in good old Arizona. To put this in perspective, I believe Arizona was the only state to not vote for the national I.D. system. Arizona rejected mandatory bullet registrations marks on all bullets. Arizona was one of the first states to pass a sovereignty from the Union. I've always felt their was something different about Arizona, and as "Time" passes, it seems even more true. Theirs enough fresh water under the Phoenix area to last, during an extended drought period. The electronic industry has spent billions here, on plants are computer storage areas. Clinton on his last days in office, set aside large areas of Arizona for protection from development. He even made the small area at the 'Point', off limits. Now if they would just stop, with the chem-trails. (we're getting blasted today) Oh yes, home of the Hopi. Tibet got the Buddhist 'Dalia Lama', Arizona has the Hopi.

Stumbled upon this on the Godlike Production site called, Godssecret Weblog. China has it's own set of pyramids. Not sure but doesn't that make three different locations, Egypt, Mayan, now China. Think about how all three had such advanced cultures, coincidence? Hardly, and also notice the number three. Explains why China knew so much about the rest of the World. Explains why Chinese art was so much more advanced than the rest of the world. Now with rumors of China own Roswell, it all fits together. No one ever came close to the ancient Chinese art works. Is their some "Alien" connection, that bump started the Egypt, Mayan and Chinese along? How much of China's own past has been hidden from the citizens? Are they much like the American population? Was their history created for them, based on lies?

One of the reasons that metals such as gold and silver, are going up. China has decided to quit buying U.S. Treasury bonds and are now buying metals. Look as if the "Time" has come, to quit holding up America. Their own citizens will suffer from short term change, but the environment will be helped. What ever happens in America, their are still a lot of bright folks walking around. This country not like the Southerners. The brains of this country, changed the World. Problem is, they where all exploited, for their knowledge. Their is always a need for intelligence, and America has her share. Large constructions projects around the World. Always have some American brains, some where near the top of the food chain. So how to get the brains of America, from a warring mentality, to a cleanse the Planet mentality? Some how, remove the scum, that's controlling the mass murder. That someone, may be the Chinese. Here again, more rumors that China has called in it's markers, from America. Why did Hillary go directly to China after the election? Why is someone like David Rockefeller, appearing with Benjamin Fulford?

Seems that their are some truths, to my suspicions about the new converter boxes. Seems the government has been experimenting, with using radio wave to control folks minds. That's the reason behind the big push to get these boxes in your home. Hell, they are even willing to help foot the bill, with your tax dollars. It makes perfect sense, why the big push, as 2012 approaches. Make sense why the delay, people are not buying the units as thought. Maybe American citizens are starting to waking up, just in "Time". If you could get the majority of the country to stop watching that brainwashing bull shit on TV. They'd probably make a run on Washington and burn the place down. With out the TV, their is no mind control, it's that simple. "God'' lets hope, the citizens of America, are finally awakening from their slumber. I know I was surely a sleep for many years. Not wanting to believe that the leaders of America are truly that inhumane. Well it turns out they are, and finally, maybe the 'Age of Aquarius', might have a chance. "God" bless, sweet dreams and soft landings. bye

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