Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Nancy Pelosi's, Dead Eyes"

For some reason, every time I open the news paper or my Yahoo news. Their is Nancy Pelosi and those dead eyes. She looks as if she is under some spell or maybe hypnotized. Their definitely no soul in those eyes. Just the look of a good slave, doing exactly what she is told to do. She made sure that, their would be no criminal trail for G.W. Bush after leaving office, like a good slave. Even scarier, those dead eyes are third in line for the presidency, after Obama, and Biden. Wonder what her slave handlers have in store for. Will it be her turn to become the president, after Obama the puppet? She's definitely under the control of others, like Obama. I realized how easy it would to add something in the air or water of those in congress. Those large building, like the Senate and the House, use central air systems. It would take nothing to add chemical to the air system and have all those morons walking around like Zombies. A senator here in Arizona once said, 'you change after to go to Washington.' Maybe it's the chemical in the air systems that bring that about. Look what they do in mental institutions, keep everybody stoned 24/7. So no matter how much a freshman senator or Representative think they are going to change things in Washington. As soon as they arrive and breath in that treated air, their under control. To simple to be able to do. If the 'powers at be' hadn't though of it before, now they will.

Nice to see Sir Charles Barkley in sheriff Joe Arpaio's tent city jail, this morning on the news. He always said, 'he wasn't a role model'. I've always said, 'this town can kick your ass, if you let it.' Charles Barkley is just one of many Black athletes that have ran afoul of the law, here in South Scottsdale. Look what recently happened to Mike Tyson in another South Scottsdale bar. Just to many fine night spots, with with wealthy folks from around the World in them. Charles decided he needed a blow job one evening. While drinking with friends, in one of Scottsdale fine watering hole. So off he goes in his fine automobile. Only to run a stop sign, with the good old boys of the Scottsdale Police Department laying in wait. He could of thrown a stone at the bar he just left, when he was pulled over. So you know, Scottsdale police have their own beats they stay on and are not rotated. This way, they get to know everything that goes on in the beat. They probably had people listening to Charles conversation. (An old friend was a Scottsdale under cover agent and he used to tell me stories) They surely knew who the prostitute was, Charles was going to meet. Now Charles is saying he has been un-fairly treated by the court system. He says he being made an example off. The night the Scottsdale police arrested him, he couldn't say enough kind words to the cops. Now he's had some "Time" to think about it, and now he's pissed, tough. The fat turd, gets what he deserves. As the old line goes, 'you can take the nigger out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the nigger (insert White Trash, same effect).'Charles Barkley is living prof, of this statement. Besides Charles, they gave you back your job, so you could keep throwing your money away in Vegas. Yeah Charles, you got your emotions totally under control, don't you.

Started using my MMS, I recently purchased, this pass week. The only known things bothering me, where an upset stomach and some swelling from lifting an electrical panel on a cold morning. (Who doesn't have an upset stomach these days?) First evening I took two drops of MMS, with five drops of citric acid. Stirred it up and after 3 minutes, added 5 ounce of water, drank the solution and waited. Didn't take long at all, for a reaction. First a little nausea or belching, then light headed, that scared me. (With my life, I never know what has been done to, anything I touch or drink.) I was with a friend and we started looking to see if faintness was one of the side effects. I knew about the nausea and other effects, buy not this. Even my speech was a little effected. Started doing my multiplications tables, like 9 X 7. My mind seem to be in fine working order. For the most part not any bad effects. Did learn my lesson though, when older and thinner vegetarian, you should start with just one drop of MMS, once a day, until you get use to it. This is day three, and the swelling in my foot is getting better. Don't know if it's the MMS, or warmer weather this week. As for my stomach, it felt much better the next morning. Maybe I had some parasites in my stomach, that was causing my nausea. Today I'll step up too, two drops a day. I do take care of my self, so hopefully the MMS will remove the crap the, 'powers at be' are adding, to every day life.

Watched a great set of videos You Tube, put on for suggestion called, 'Astronauts Gone Wild'. A firm believer, America never went to the Moon. This video was perfect for me. The interviewer tries to get retired astronauts to swear on the Bible, they really went to the Moon. Buzz Aldrin punches out the interviewer, while being videoed. Then the classic was, Edger Mitchell son saying, after his father kicks the interviewer out of his home. 'Want to call the CIA, and have the guy waxed'. Good old American history, all bull shit lies that are starting to crumble, the house made of cards. NASA steals $130,000,000,000 from the citizens of America to go to the Moon. Then turns around and has the Jewish (Zionist) control movie industry, make a movie about it for a few million. What a great scam, the 'powers at be' way of doing business. Just like the Federal Reserve System, money for nothing but self pleasures. The job of selling the whole idea was easy, look how many Americans believe America went to the Moon. Not to sure about the rest of the World though. They aren't subjugated to the same media brain washing. A good friend stormed out of here, because he's totally convince mankind when to the Moon. Funny thing, I'm not mad at him for thinking Buzz Aldrin and the rest walked on the Moon. Goes to show how good a job of brain washing, the system has done on folks. Why get upset, because my opinion differs from another. I'm entitled to an opinion, I've got a naval. But to a brainwashed American citizenry, you think like me, or I hate you. America is one of the few societies,that think that way. Most other societies are open to other interpretation of things, but not in good old, can't take my eyes off the TV America. Like Bush's speech after 911, 'your either with us, or against us'. If your not a Christian, Jew or Muslim, to the rest of the World, you must die, mentality. See, now my stomach is getting upset. bye

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