Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Who Do You Trust?"

You can't trust the government, Minister, church, Bible, politician, any thing you read, basically. Now the terrible truth is, good old Zechria Sitchin can be throw in the group. Might as well throw in Stanton Friedman, the UFO guru, supposedly. A Jewish controlled media, has infiltrated the UFO populace. In typical Jewish fashion, calling them self, the experts on the field. The experts are folks like me, who have been privileged, to have several UFO sightings and encounters. The rest of these so called Jewish experts, are more than likely, controlled by the Rockefeller family money. Zecharia Sitchin, is supported by the Rockefeller foundations. You Tube, 'Sitchin is Wrong' and hear a rebuttal to all the things, Zecharia has been sayings since the seventies. Michael S. Heiser make a very good point that, a lot of what Sitchin said and showed as evidence, was falsified. His fake artifact, of a spaceman in a small spaceship. Many of his, so called ancient drawing, where faked. As many have discovered by now, most of everything you hear and read today's, has been filtered. Here is just another great example of, media control. If you are getting a lot of press, your probably part of the fix. If you have anything that might reverse the system like Ron Paul. Your just removed from the media, as if you didn't exist.

I knew there was a reason Sitchin was getting so much press, along with Stanton Friedman. Look how MUFON moved straight to the top of all UFO groups. All part of the fix, being laid out, for the next big scare. Soon folks will figure out, the terrorist are created by, the families controlling America and most of the World. After the terrorist thing starts failing apart, the "Aliens" will be the next enemy. All this ground work being laid out years ahead of the actual "Time", it will be used. Now your getting large amounts of UFO news, to where in the recent past, their was none. A little piece here, a little piece their, you can see where this is heading. The whole idea now is, stop this nonsense, by letting everyone you know. You are tired of being treated like some dumb ass, mindless robot. Sure a large percentage of America is, mindless robots, but a smart hand full can start the change. I'm starting to hear more and more of it in my daily conversations. You meet with some now, you talk a little business, but mainly, the government, China, and economy. If their are chem-trails in the sky, on those days, I'll bring that up. I'll ask folks if they have children, then ask them to look up. Most "Times" folks will say, I've noticed them, but didn't know what they where. I always remind them to research it, for their children's sake.

Just as stories are put in place, to keep the lies going by the, 'powers at be'. The citizens of the World need to start saying, no you don't, and stop consuming for a few days. If you don't absolutely need an item, to help you get by in life, don't buy it. That's a good starting point. Turn dollar stores, into places only necessities are found, not a bunch of plastic crap from some third World country. Who are enslaving their own citizens to produce this crap, anyway. I'm starting to hear things in conversation now, a few years ago would of been un heard of. I find my self shaking folks hand. When they have something to say, most people have never even heard of. People trying to gain more knowledge, is starting to be more the norm. That's is best news, but it is enough? Will the break up of America, be the only way to stop this killing machine called, America? I'm trying to be hopeful these things can be worked out.

The main thing is, America has to stop killing their own citizens, and those around the World. Now you have a country so brain washed, their all walking around in camouflage out fits. And a society that's hero's are baby killers. Not the guys who build and light their work and living spaces. Not all the hard working laborers, working for dirt wages. (no matter what the profession) No, you now, have to had killed someone in a foreign land, to be a hero on TV. You have to of had, locked someone up, for their so called un American activities. This is what the system has presented to the American public, and they have eatin up, every bit of it. Look to all the movies and video games, all the dead bodies shown on the net works. All being used to soften up the citizens of America, for the future. A future of death squads roaming the streets. No education, only slavery, and living hand to mouth. All being installed, if the citizens don't start to stop consuming and start thinking. You can see the hand writing on the wall, but will folks react? My bet is no, the screws are to set in place, unless some un for seen event happens.

Like so many American and citizens around the World. I've grown to hate the thing this country has done to the rest of the World, in the name of Democracy. The monster has to be stopped, but who or what, will stop the monster called America? Obama was installed, as a puppet, to keep the killing going, into the future. With China financial wealth, will they take away Americas arms, by cutting off the money? Lets all hope these soulless bastards, are dealt with, the same way they have dealt with others, by suffering. Isn't it, 'what goes around, comes around?' I sure hope so, but that's not my job, that's for those above. My job is to learn as much as I can and pass it along. "God" bless, sweet dreams, and soft landings. And may the future be brighter, for those that have their faith, in a greater power. bye

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