Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Daystar, Zionist Backed?"

While always keeping an eye towards the Christan's hierarchy. Daystar TV Ministries, are a good parameter of the current thinking. This week it's fund raising, also the same week for PBS. We know that PBS is controlled by the Zionist, now what about Daystar. Here again you have a number one in ratings. Usually number one in any media, would surely mean, controlled by the Zionist. This weeks pledges appear to be geared toward Israels survival. Three hundred dollars will get you an olive tree planted in your name, in Israel. Give a thousand dollars and your real special, they tell you. (MUFON) They remind you constantly that the Jewish people, are the chosen people. If they are not doing well, the rest of the World may, very well be destroyed. Here again another example of the host country to the Jews, America, is being sucked dry financially, by them. (The Jews don't seem to understand, why they are hated in every country on the Planet) The fund raising has just become blatant lies, one after another. One Minister saying you should donate to Daystar, because they gave the Jewish State of Israel, 30 million dollars. Another black fellow minister said, he was given, 5, 5 Star hotel in the Caribbean, because of his powerful words. You can hear the constant pounding, give, give and give more. Their working on the elderly and uneducated for their audience. No one else would buy into this bull shit, but the uneducated, which usually means the old or poor. I never thought their was a connection between the Zionist and the Christian broadcast, but what a perfect fit. The Zionist control the air waves. The Christians have a following, more than will to send money. Where once the Jews where a hated society for the Christians. Now have some how, became partners in the TV Ministries. Why the sudden reversal, 'Money' for the Zionist. Find some Christians with dirt in their past, make them a TV Evangelist, share the money.(Obama baby)

The day when all farming will be done by a corporate conglomerate are fast approaching. Monsanto will have control over seed all production soon. Next step is to have all seeds Generically altered. This way, anyone wanting to plant their own garden, would have to buy Monsanto's seeds and chemical activator. By making it illegal to buy seed and activator, unless authorized. The control over who lives and dies is under control by one authority. This is part of the effort to turn the Worlds population, into mindless slaves, in constant search for food. Obama is already saying their is far to much food contamination going on now. He's saying to stop this made up problem, would be to control all farming. In other words, kill off the private and organic growers. Once again, paving the way, for total control over every Americans life. Folks have to start being alerted to what is happening to them. My daughter has a fine garden, but if Obama's handlers get their way. My daughters garden, would now be illegal. You will not be permitted to grow your own food, at home, during hard "Times". Control is the bottom line, your health is a secondary mater. To the 'powers at be', you are a slave, to be treated as they like. Think about the chem-trails in the skies, the same way you think about controls over you. Food would become like the chem-trails, something you have no control over. Under Obama's administration, these thing are being accelerated, as 2012 approaches.

I'm now on my second week of taking my MMS supplement. So far so good. The stomach acting up is going away, and I'm again awaking with hard on. Didn't know anything about the second part being true. The swelling in my foot has gotten better. I'm taking one drop, twice a day, and just before bed, two drops. I was passing blood, with stools, now it's stopped. With all the bull shit going on in the World, and my research for more news. This bleeding problem must have started their. I figured if I quit my research and stopped Blogging, this would all go away. Now it's too late, to quit and surrender. (My Martian friend and me, made a pack years ago, 'we wouldn't let these, mother fuckers get to us.') If the stomach problems would have persisted, I would have had to quit my writings, research for a while to see if that was the problem.

I believe that last winter, folks where trying to enter my thoughts from a far. Maybe it was remote viewing like Jim Marrs talks about, not sure. What ever it was, it could enter my mental process. It took weeks, to get power over this, intervening power of thought. (I came down with hives, fighting this entity) Along the same lines. You can even see the same sort of thing, being done to folks, with a simple item called spam. You don't even have to open the spam, it's rite their in the description. Little sublet thoughts put into your mind, sublet little things, but over and over. The same way the government became all powerful over America. One little move at a "Time", until folks just accepted things. Now the government controls you, not you control the government, with your vote and opinion polls. People agreed to let the government put Fluoride in the water, doing the exact same tactics. I believe the next logical step, is through the TV, and the need for a new converter box. This government hasn't done a single good thing, for the citizens, since "God" know when, so why now? A little piece here, a little piece their. Look how they got the Black men to where their pants below their asses. That's so when the cops show up to arrest them, they can't run. (Cops) (You have to admit, the 'powers at be', didn't miss much.) Blacks think their cool, Cops see an easy prey. Easy pickins, easy pickins.

Found this Movie called, 'Kymatica', from someones comments on, (You Tube). Much in the tone of the 'Zeitgeist' the movie. (The Planet it's self, is a living enity.) An hour plus, but bets anything on the TV. Some good World, Mayan, Sumerian and biblical history. Also am finding good interviews on the Jeff Rense shows. Found out, Rush Limbaugh isn't even an American, Obama baby, is gay. The more you learn about Obama baby, you realize why he was pick to be president. He's so full of holes, he can be lead around by his controllers, like a clone, and that's exactly what he is, a Black clone. bye

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