Sunday, March 15, 2009


Awoke this morning at 7:00 AM, to the sound of a back hoe, and Spanish chatter. On this fine Sunday morning, the illegal slaves where fast at it, redoing landscaping around our condos.(new agronomic irrigation system) You can pretty much tell how far south of the boarder the illegals are, by height. The Mexicans seem to be the taller ones and the farther south, the shorter they get. The Mexican illegals are pushy, while the one from Central America, seem to be more respectful. These are the true slaves, a copy of what the NWO wants to happen to all citizens of the World. Mindless, hard working and poor. This way, they can never rebel against their slave masters. Get them hooked on religion and loyalty, to the cause. I'd say 95% of the workers here this morning where good Catholics, on Sunday and Easter. The rest of the "Time", they would just as well, want see me dead. The illegal believe they are repatriating North America. Problem is here in the Southwest, the Native American Indians ruled this land. Their was no place for the passive Mexican farmers, here in the deserts of Arizona. Apaches, Navajo and Comanche ruled over Southern Arizona, until the arrival of the Honkies. Now the flow of illegals has slowed, due to the economy slowing, and tougher hiring laws. Many of the illegals are heading back home. As a friend noted last week at a MacDonald's, in North Scottsdale, the help was suddenly all Black. (He notices thing like that, because his family is from Lebanon.)

This all leads up to the fact, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is in the news again. Joe is being investigated by the federal government for, so called racial profiling. Under the Clinton administration, a law was passed through the Homeland Security Department, 287(g). This law allows local police authority, to pick up illegal immigrants, under laws of forgery. (fake I.D.s) The Democrats are in power and Joe is a Republican. This is just a scam to get this law removed from the federal laws. It would appear they are just using Joe, for an excuse to change the laws. The fake government under Obama, doesn't want anyone inter fearing with the ability, for cheep labor to cross the boarders. (like the cheep Sunday labor, here this morning) The local mayors and other officials have been going after Joe for doing his job. By law, his men have the rite to pull you over and ask for proper I.D., if you look out of place.(the illegals do stand out) The mayors of many of the valleys town have asked for help from the federal government to stop Joe's raids on businesses, using illegal aliens. All these town have one thing in common, a large Spanish or Mexican populations. You don't here the mayors from Scottsdale or the City of Paradise Valley, asking for federal help. This all make it seem, the mayors from the other towns in the valley, are getting bribes. (which they probably are) Joe is popular here in Arizona and has been re elected five "Times". You don't hear the Whites coming after Joe, their fans of his. (unless your a mayor) Joe had someone before him, who is much like him.

Enter, Sheriff Richard Mack from Graham County, here in good old Arizona. (this is a feisty state) Richard Mack is the only sheriff in the country to oppose the Brady Gun Bill. On his own, he had won in the supreme court. The Brady bill was defeated 5 to 4, by the supreme court. He told the courts, that they could not make him lock people up, if they hadn't obtained a gun permit. He was told he was to keep records and arrest those that broke the gun laws. Their was to be no federal funding for these laws. It was up to each police department, to front all cost and labor. Being from a small jurisdiction, their was neither money or the man power to do as the federal government mandated. (Much the same way, the entire federal system is run) Richard Mack was born in a Mormon farming community in eastern Arizona, called Safford. As a Mormon, he went to school at BYU, and stayed in Provo Utah, to become a cop. One day while writing a ticket, he realized what he was doing was not rite. He had been reduced to a ticket writer. In his own words, 'taxation through citations. He's a firm believer, that the federal government needs to reform all drug laws. This useless idea of arresting folks for possession of pot, was just another scam by the secret government. Putting a burden on the state and local communities. A constant cycle of arresting the same people, for the same crime, possession of pot. He is in favor of making pot legal, even though the feds oppose it for obvious reasons, called cash flow. It seems when it come to law officers who actually care for the Constitution, they are only here in Arizona. (Maybe our police officers are cut from another cloth.) Always remember, that cop writing that ticket, was the same kid you played with, in the sand box. Only the corrupt system, has separated you. As Richard Mack says, ' he's armed with the Constitution'. And legally, he can only do what the Constitution says, not what some guys back in congress, tell him to do. Since Bush II arrival, the constitution has been thrown out the door. If you are a lover of your personal freedoms. Arizona is fast becoming, the only state in America, you will be able to, have some.

In the news, California whats to legalize the sale of marijuana, to save it's bankrupt economy. Here in today's, Arizona Republic news paper, their was a large article called, 'Stem the Violence, make Marijuana Legal', by Linda Valdez. Telling the same story I just wrote about, to control the size of the Mexican Cartels. Kind of amazed the Arizona Republic, would come out, with this change in direction. The Arizona Republic has been such a mouth piece for, all the things that are wrong with this country. So why a sudden change in direction? This is the news paper, that never told me, Obama's wife was disbarred. Let me know, Pat Roberts had recently talked personally to "God." (Pat letting me know, "God" said, it was cool to be a socialist.) Now that I've become a socialist, is it cool to smoke pot? Just what is up with the Arizona Republic? What are they telling me, I can start trusting them now? "God" bless, my you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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