Saturday, March 21, 2009

"The Draft is Back?"

Obama the puppet and his handlers, are already up to America's greatest night mare. Mandatory two years in the military. A 'Mandatory National Service Bill', number 1388 was passed with a vote of 321 to 105, in the House. This bill establishes a committee to study the feasibility, of this mandatory service. Obama states, 'he wants the youth of America's, different races, a place to come together.' This will only isolate groups even further. Like the old line goes, 'familiarity breeds contempt'. Black act like Blacks, Jews act like Jews, and the White boy in his heart, hates all of them. This is just another attempt to turn America, into the first Jewish home land. The Zionists that control Obama and Rahm Emanuel, use them like pawns. Emanuel has already served in the Israeli Army. He also hold a dual citizenship with Israel. (I believe this applies for, Brzezinski and Kissinger too.) With the Jewish controlled media already in place. (controlled by the Zionist) Selling this idea to the dumb down citizens of America, shouldn't be hard. The Jewish media has created in Obama, a kind of rock star presentation. Having actors, pretending to be followers, fainting, calling Obama heroic names. (Frank Sinatra, syndrome) To Obama's handlers, it's like. Here you dumb ass, just read the cue card, like Bush did. Then run around and call your self, the president of nothing. Poll on 'Godlike Productions had, 86.9% against, 13% for, mandatory service.

Their is some good news starting to happen, as folks awake to what is happening to them. Net show like, Jeff Rense and others are getting the word out. Another great connection is, 'Godlike Productions'. Here is another good example of what, grass roots thinking will do. With fear the dollar will soon become worthless, as more and more is printed. A State Senator from Montana, has stepped up and introduced a Bill, that would allow, gold and silver being used for payment of State debt. State Representative Bob Wagner of Montana is the one responsible for this legislation. Mr. Wagner states, 'the Federal Reserve, is a danger to America freedoms.' By the Federal Reserve printing more and more money. Then turning around and charging the citizens of America, to print this phony money. All this does, is make Joe averages paycheck buy less. This was Mr. Wagners way of starting the path back to a gold standard.

When the Chinese told America they hated it and refused to buy Federal Notes any more. Is all the phony American government could do, was to start printing more money. In a 24 hour period, gold jump approximately $65 dollars an ounce, along with other precious metals, because of this printing. The Federal Reserve must some how be stopped, or whats left of America's financial stability, will be totally destroyed. With the gold standard, everyone would know exactly what the worth of their money is. The same thing Ron Paul was warning folks about. No more of this 'faith based' funny money, America now uses. This way of doing business by the Federal Reserve, makes everyone at their mercy, and just as they want it. You don't really know what your net worth is, because it's all based on what the Federal Reserve does. Here is a good way to explain this. If the America became insolvent, then all the equity in your home and other possessions, would be worthless, because it was based on the dollar. When you buy gold and silver, you must use cash. You can't buy precious metal on credit, check or debit card. (like your home and vehicle.) See how this works, they are a real commodity, your dollar is faith based. If the dollar collapses. You won't be able to run to the store with your dollar, because the Federal Reserve printed to many of them. Now they are as worthless as the paper their printed on. All sound like Germany in the end days, doesn't it?

Turns out a few other like myself, believe that the Zionist have taken over many Christian religions. Texe Marrs agrees with my opinion, on the state of the churches. I always like to think of the Jewish idea, the Jews are the chosen people. By thinking about all the Mayans, Hopi, Buddhist, Dogone, Sumarian and many other cultures who came long before the Jews. They don't have the Jews in their history. The Jewish culture is relatively new, compared to those. Can you find any word about the Jews in the Mayan calender, past or present? Hopi have now word of them. The Jews allow them self to be slaughtered by their Zionist controllers. The Zionist have set them up. Put them in land that belongs to others. Then tell them, "God" has chosen them. The Zionist should have said, 'chosen them for slaughter, in the name of Judaism.'

If you like Mayan history and one more opinion on what it means. Search for Ian Xel Lundgold, on your search engine. He tells a great story of what is about to happen, the Mayan way. Very good stuff, and very informative. His idea on what the 13 steps of the Pyramid are are interesting. He believe all the gloom of current affairs are only set in place. To force this change of the minds thought, to reach into the next level of consciousness. (Very Urantian) By ruthless acts of people like Bush and now Obama, folks will come together to fight this evil soulless enemy. I can already see the by product of this. Folks who once scolded my opinion, are now agree with me. Folks are being forced to think, and not just flow with the good "Times". Now folks want to know who and what is forcing these changes on them. They want to know, how anyone could be this soulless. How a leader can order the death of children in a foreign land so easily. You see people educating them self more and more. Now they have "Time" to think, because their travel now is limited. The hatred for the existing government grows and grows daily. Look how folks are arming them self's, putting away dry goods and seeds. This force of a un certain future, has change America permanently. Folks are getting prepared for the worst. Only those you continue to let them self's be brainwashed by the media, are not buying into this. As a friend said recently about the shoddy workmanship on is home. 'The "Time" for the Lizards, has come to an end'. (meaning, Lizards only have three emotions, food, shelter, sex over and over again, with no compassion for others.) "God' bless and bye

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