Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Will American Cities, Burn this Summer"

With the rest of the World, in just as bad a shape as America is in. Could this be the summer of discontent? Will folks hit the streets, because they have no job or benefits? What happens when folks use to the good life lose it all? With an unemployment rate of over 15% and rising. What will stem the obvious bad news from keep coming? Obama the puppet, is not running the show, so where is all this going? With over 40% of the World wealth being removed, who will stop the downward spiral? With Obama's bail out plan, you have the poor tax payer, giving to the wealthy. This is pure robbery, by the government of America, to it's citizens. Just one of many constant slap in the face, of the citizens of America. Will this summer be the breaking point? How much more can Joe average take from a government who never tires of stealing from them? The good news is. Folks are more and more starting to realize just what is happening to them. Where once before someone like myself would be a total out-sider, not so much any more. It's all getting so obvious, you couldn't help but notice it any way. I've seen folks go from pure happiness to sorrow. One day folks finally realize how controlled their live are. To the next day realizing they have no control over any of it, to stop it.

Seems odd that this A.I.G mess continues to get so much press. Knowing the press is under total control. So why are the bonuses getting front page news? I smell a Rat in the back ground. It's like the old 'Pea' game with three cups. Somewhere in the back ground, Nel is being put on the railroad tracks and is just waiting for a train. Many have written about the CIA and A.I.G. connection. The CIA using A.I.G. to laundry money and other items. So why let this attacks continued. Is it just to frustrate the American citizen, even more. Is their some in fighting going on? How long before everyone realizes that A.I.G. was just another Ponzi scheme? Taking money, knowing the fix was in on the economy. This will all soon be out, but will anything ever be done about it? Look how Bush and Chaney have gotten off the hook. Soon this will be like Osama bin Laudin, old news. No one looking for Osama, Bush and Chaney, so why start chasing the fat cats at A.I.G.?

Starting week three of my MMS doses. Besides the other things I've written about on it. I've noticed that when I awake in the morning, mucus is coming up from my lungs. It must help pull up poisons or heavy metals from your lungs. I had to get out a bid the other morning, in a hurry. It was a four bay Fire Station, in Mesa. I took two drops of MMS and off I went. You can't believe how much electrically, goes into a fire station. To the tune of $ 540,000, for a ground up fire house, electrical systems. Ordinarily this would take a 8 to 10 hours. I pounded it out in just under four hours. The MMS seem to help my mind remember little thing I might have missed ordinarily. I didn't hit the Fire station, apparently, someone missed more than I did. An old saying in estimating is, 'boss I missed just enough'. (If you counted every little electrical part in a project, chances are you'd never get.) My energy level seems to be a bit higher, but I'm pretty wired any way. Good vegetarian diet will do that for you anyway. It seems even my spelling is getting better, because I notice when I'm blogging or sending out bids. My "Alien' bud started taking the MMS at the same "Time" and he said his energy levels where up. So all in all, nothing drastic has happen from the MMS. I couldn't find any bad reports on it, before I started. On the same line, the folks I got the MMS from, are also selling 'Molecula Silver'. I was telling a friend who is an electrical engineer about the 'Molecula Silver'. He's such a nerd, he cut me of and said. 'He saw this guy on Oprah, who had taken it, and had turned blue'. First thing I said was, 'I can't believe you even listen to that propaganda, as smart as you are'. Now I wounder if I should start adding 'Molecula Silver' to my MMS. It's suppose to help remove harmful pathogens. If Oprah took the "Time" to point out it's bad for you. That surely must mean, it's good for you. She is so part and parcel of the propaganda machine it stinks. The words aren't flowing and someone from above erased part of today's writing. "God" bless sweet dreams with soft landings. bye

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