Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Nice Day for a Wedding"

A kid I do Lost Wax casting with, got married today. Perfect day here in central Arizona, sunny, clear and mainly, no chem-trails. When I first arrived to the wedding, the groom, or kid greeted me. Said to him, 'your still Catholic after our UFO sighting together?' The kid didn't have an answer. Funny how a person clings to the past, even after the future. Was presented to him, in a UFO sighting. (a blue UFO) I can hear Elton John in the back ground singing, 'I took a Blue Canoe.' Meaning death to a life, in that reality, (Native American). Just after the event with the kid, he was all pumped up about his new reality. Now with the passing of over a year, he's pretty much back into the same old grind. This seems to be what happens to others I have had sightings with. They always seem to surrender back to feeling comfortable, living with the same old lies.(peer pressure) Back to the kid's traditional Catholic wedding. I guess you would call the person that married them, Father? He was a short, fat Hispanic, early thirties with kids. The wedding presented him with an opportunity to get in a bunch of prayers in and the 'Lord's Prayer'. You know the one you say just before you go to bed. Asking for forgiveness, just in case, you don't awake. Father wore a white linen garb, with a long sash around his neck. The sash had traditional symbols on it. After the ceremony I approached the Father. Asked if he could tell what the different symbols meant. He was more than obliging to show me each one. Their was a wheat stock, some seeds, crosses, sea shell and some more crosses. He explained to me their meanings and that was kind of him. After this part of the conversation, hell I figured it was my turn. I gave him his moment in the Sun, now mine and the "Aliens" side of things.

I made sure that the Father and I where the last one to leave, so I could tell him about the kid and my UFO sighting. Started by saying, the kid and I where in front of his fathers home in Mesa. We where out in the front yard looking for chem-trails. Asked the Father if he was aware of the chem-trails. I could tell he was a miss for words, so I helped him along. Explained to him, their where the long lines in the skies, and not the short condensation trails. He said yes he had noticed, but wasn't sure if he knew what they where. Took a few moment to try and explain to him, where he could find information on subject. Then I said, 'we didn't see any chem-trails that afternoon, but a BLUE UFO, we did see.' Now I have the father;s full attention. Explained to him, where the kid an I saw the Blue UFO, he replied he had been in the same front yard. Went on to say, the Blue UFO stayed in the same place so long, I was able to get binoculars from my truck, for the kid to be able to see the Event up close. (first "Time" I was able to get binoculars on a UFO) Said to the Father, these kinds of stories are all over the Bible. He nodded in agreement, but didn't look to sure about it. You could see he was so brain washed, any thing out of his small Universe was way beyond him. I'll have to say, he showed genuine concern, over my words. So much concern, he separated him self from me. What more can be said about the Catholics in a bad way, that hasn't already been said. (Murders) Oh by the way, when I left the wedding ceremony. A security guard walked me to my truck. I told him about the story, between the Father and me. He said, 'their is something going on out their, isn't their?'

Insert your Dogma's name where Jesus name is, and start a new "Time" line. By creating the story of Jesus, the 'powers at be', created a new "Time" line. While the rest of the World is on or near Mayan "Time". The Christians, Jews and Muslims, are on this current "Time" line. With the invention of a Jesus "Time" line, you destroy past history. This is exactly what the Catholic where trying to do with the Christian Crusades. What they wanted, was World dominance and their "Time" line installed. All other knowledge that came from before, had to be wiped out. This is the exact same thing that is happening to American and the rest of the western World currently. A vast killing off of Worlds past events. Destroying boarders and nations sovereignty. One "God", one government and total domination over the Earths inhabitants. No freedoms, no knowledge from the past, mass control. Will the Worlds population, let this be done to them? Is the current financial crisis, designed to just do that. Bring the Worlds population to it's knees, over food?

This is another week of taking my MMS. Will start four drops three "Times" a day Sunday. This swelling in my foot is almost gone and my energy level, seems to be rising. I fell more alert, memory and spelling seems to be getting better. Seem to need less sleep, hornier. I think I've discovered a cheaper aphrodisiac. (No "Time" for a women in my life now.) Now if my stomach gets up set from the pressures of life. I'll take a few drops of MMS, so far it's never failed. A side product of this is. The last fast food place for me was Sub Way. Now even a vegetarian sub from their make my stomach up set. Apparently the MMS is cleansing my plumbing so well, that any thing processed turns my stomach. Hard to believe, Sub Way whole wheat bread and veggies could do that. Asked a restaurant manger how that could be. She said it was the packaging. Then I realize, how Sub Way employees, dump all the vegetables from plastic bags. Apprently theirs the chemical, my body now is noticing, and rejecting. Also could be from generically altered foods. "God" bless and good evening. bye

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