Sunday, March 29, 2009

"This Ain't Nutin, Like My Childhood!!!"

A friend recently told me, 'don't look back, it will only upset you. Truer words, where never spoken. As I always said to my children, ' to bad, you kids never got to see the real America.' What appear like certain death to America, whats in store for the children. Most older folks you talk to, seem resigned to this last statement. Most reply with, you and I got to see a better life. So if we are killed off to marrow, we had ours. Then always a feeling of remorse, from both sides for future generations, follows. This is the reality of things, their just isn't enough assets left in America, to save it from the, 'giant military machine', spending habits. The machine built and designed to reek havoc on the rest of the World, has meet it's match. Take away the money from taxation, to feed the killing machine, Throw in the lack of desire, for the citizens not to produce the money for their tax base. You end up where America is today. The bankers that created America, are now prepared for the down fall, it's called the 'bail out.' What few assets America had, now are being systematically removed by the bankers power. By creating (printing) more money, already on top the money they created from thin air. This is driving the final nail into the coffin called, America.

Now it appears all one can do is wait, wait for the unenviable major change. What happens to the 50 states, called America? How is the country going to be divided up. Or will the system, push and push, until the citizens revolt. Then using that as a reason to reduce Americas population? Obama and his handlers, aren't trying to save America. They are their to pick over the final bones, of a once powerful citizenry. The Buzzards have been circling over head for years, they made this happen and now it has happened. Will the things Americans once cherished, be put on the back burner? In a game of just plain survival? Fuck that new fancy car, is their enough food for this week. Will this be what Americas cherish now, food, water and shelter? How much more can the citizens take? Or are they going to roll over, because they have been weaken through malnutrition? ' "Time" will tell,' as the old line goes. Only "God" gets to see into the future.

The "Time" has arrived, for folks to realize. Take care of your own body and soul, and trust it's care to no one but your self. If recent history hasn't proven this, you must be mentally blind. One thing these bad "Times" have lead to. Folks are awaking from the dream, of trusting their central governments. This is a very positive out come, for the general citizenry. You talk to folks about the real important things now. Not who won last nights game. Conversation are now, down right serious. No chitter chatter going on. It's all about what the central government, is doing to screw over it's citizenry. This is good, because over 80% of the country, doesn't trust anyone in power. Before that number would have been reversed. With a little luck, and a few open minds to new ideas, based on old ideas. The 'powers at be', plan will back fire hopefully? Back fire, because the citizens where thrown into a survival mode. Force for the first "Time", to think about whats happening around them. Folks by human nature, will take the easy path, just like electricity. Now the easy road has become tough and folks had to wake up, to survive. Turn off the TV, go on line and listen to the talk shows. You can hear unrest coming from the entire Planet. The best part of all this is. The guys and gals who have the good stuff to offer, try and make it affordable now. Materialism maybe is starting to erode a bit, hopefully. Maybe this is what it took, to get the general citizenry to wake up. Isn't it always the darkest before the dawn?

Full cycle will be completed with the soon demise of TV reception in my home. What little I try and watch, mainly with the sound off, leaves. (old hippie thing) Back to wear I came in, radio only. Discovering now, their many different radio type programs all over the net. One I've stumbled into, is called, 'Joe Blow' @ . He make good commentary about the other new era conspiracies theorist. I agree with him that Hoagland and many others are, being used as whores. Also I am now totally convinced that Hal Lindsey, is under Zionist control. Makes you wounder what they have on him? He sure has change from, 'lets open our Bibles to John 3:21.' All the soulless whores on Daystar Christian network, are under Zionist control. Look no further than their eyes. Turn off the sound and watch, you'll see. Be a good idea to start every "Time" you grocery shopping, buy some dried organic foods, no can goods. Avoid storing water in plastic. Remember, your hot water heater, hold 15 to 30 gallons of water. Order some organic water purifiers. If you live the the Phoenix area, next week, Saturday 4 May. The Hopi carvers returning to the Heard Museum. I'll take more photos this "Time" and figure how to get them on my blog. More bad news on the new converter's ability, to enable your TV to look back at you, via a motion detector. A friend told me, that a couple of guys from his cable company demanded to see his converters. He said, next they started pulling them apart and changing parts. Folks better sign off when I do. A friend asked me about, what are they up to now. Mind control the replied, mind control. He asked how, you keep watching that bull shit, with the new converter, and will soon hate me. That kind of mind control, the ability to tear family and friends apart. Think about how many years the 'powers at be' have had, toying with radio waves. Your entire body works on basic radio waves. It all boils down to one thing, Electricity. I can control electrical energy fiscally, they have been toying the same electricity, through the air. (Sense the invention of radar.) Do you think, that the same people who killed Kennedy, now suddenly care for you? "God" bless, sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

nds apart, power.

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