Saturday, April 4, 2009

"I Got the Message Guys"

Been wanting to respond to some folks, the only way I can, via my blog. The two conversations with the Martian, you responded to, was cute. Hopefully letting me know, I am protected, or all my e-mails, phone conversation and plain old gossip, are monitored. All it took, was a couple of empty drink containers. Left on my steps, after a couple of, certain phone conversations. (Guess you don't like sitting with the 'Kachina of the Outdoors', on my porch, hey?) I know of the help from the 'others,' but not quite sure about your protection, or intentions. That's why the conversation with the Martian was about, what it was about. Look around at all the bull shit going on, around us, divide and conquer. By the 'powers at be'. The system is so good at it's propaganda, they have brother fighting brother. It's like some old war stories from, the war between the states. The same morons that are poisoning the civilians, are poisoning the police and military. Yet with their great propaganda machine, they have some how divided the folks against each other. This is the greatest barrier, that has to be broken. Folks of all walks of life, all have the same enemy, 'the powers at be'. The killers that want to decide, who lives and dies. Their only loyalty, is too them self's. Those that do their dirty work, are looked down upon, as just another slave doing his or her job. The police and military are simply being used against their own brothers. When this breaks down, then you will have true freedom. As long as a small portion of the Worlds population, can convince the military and police to control the masses, you will have what you have. A World where everyone is under control, from one central power. It's the war for your soul, everyone souls, not just the civilians.

The new catch phase now is, those 'Zionists'. Blame everything on those Zionist bankers that control the Worlds population, purse strings. This may very well be, but people own greed, allows then to be controlled by others. If you made your money and spent it wisely, then they wouldn't have a place to be. Everyone wants to live beyond their means and that means borrowing money, based on future income. When the future income stops coming in. Then everything you earned up till then, will now belong back to the folks you borrowed your money from. They had money to loan you, because their where good with their own money, in the first place. When I was in the Navy as a kid, we had a banker in the barracks.(not Jewish) Their was always some guy, who took care of his money. He would in turn, loan it to others at interest. You'll always have those that take care of their money. And a majority of the population that never will. So people set them self up, to be exploited by others. (With a little help from the media.) So how do folks ever get out of this rut? This historic slow down, is already making folks more conservative with their money. It's killing the Chinese economy now. Now folks won't buy the plastic crap from the dollar store. Now they need that dollar to keep their families fed. How did this happen?

The bankers or so called Zionist, have simply removed the money supply off the table. (loans) When that happened, Joe Average was stuck, having no where to turn. To make up for that future earning that are not available for him. All will be lost, because of one small word, 'greed'. The banker didn't make folks take that loan at gun point, did they. Folks struck their own deal, I can't live with out this item, deal. Put the cheese out their for folks to grab, and folks grabbed it. Like a Monkey with his hand stuck in a jar. Just don't want to give up that personal gain, simple stuff. The haves will always have and the rest are driven by 'greed'. Mankind has reached a level of decadence, and that now is being brought into control. The 'powers at be', let everyone dig their own grave, you could say.

Added a few photos from the annual gathering of Hopi carvers at the Heard Museum today and Sunday. Only one carver was back from last year, that I could recognize. The Kachinas again this year seem to have mostly darker colors. This is not a good sign from from the younger carvers. This means the Worlds terrible ways have infiltrated the Hopi culture. Before most all the Kachinas where of bright colors, for telling of hope. The dark represents a dark future, for the rest of mankind. The young carvers under thirty, use more of the darker colors. The young carvers wear Black now, because the 'powers at be', have invaded their past and changed it. Talked to the mother and father of the youngest carver. They where from the Village of Walpi, above Polacca. It's called 'First Mesa', the first "Time" I passed through Polacca, they booed me. The mother and I talked about them starting to letting whites into the Village of Walpi only a few years ago. She laughed, the way only the Hopi can. I've written this before, but the Village of Walpi, stopped letting white onto the Mesa. After Mad Magazine wrote a parody on them and their dances. One of my Kachina's, is from a carver from Walpi. Big crowd, with many ugly Americans, looking to buy a Kachina for nothing. Asked as many carvers as I could, if they where selling anything now. Most replied no. Asked a couple of carvers if the Arabs where still coming up their and buying Kachinas, the answer was no. Fell sorry for the carvers, but the down fall in the economy doesn't hurt them so much. When you are already at the bottom of it, it's not far to fall. They will always have their Hopi Blue corn to live on, and dance to the "Gods". Maybe the "Time" is now ready, for the return of the "Ant People"? Have the Hopi prophecy's, now came true? bye

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