Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Palm Sunday, 2009"

The entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, the Bible says. How did that get America, where she is today? You have the Jews who don't recognize the birth of Jesus. Wanting the Christians to help protect their home land, because "God" bestrode it upon them. So the Jewish Bible says. Does that make any sense at all? This is basically what is going on, via the controlled media. Net Works, Independent, (no such thing anymore) Religious, PBS, it's all the same story. Israel must be protected, for the betterment of America. Who in their rite mind, is buying into this? Scary part is, many are. Look what America has become, a standing Army, for the protection of Israel. (listen to the Army recruitment lines) American youth being poisoned and brain washed for one common cause. Protect Israel, with all your souls and finances. The true story of how the Bible was truly created, may never come about. I'll always believe the Bible was created, to control the Heathen, by the Jewish hierarchy, long ago. If this isn't true, how can? Forty million Jews, control most of the worlds wealth. Think about the math, and yet the human race, still allows themselves, to be herded around, by so few.

One day I'm hopeful, the rest will figure this out. Next day depressed, knowing by mankind's actions, they may never. Watching this country be raped for the betterment of Israel, is sickening. Watching the gentiles being manipulated by the Jewish media, is hard to take. The Jews using gentiles, to entice other gentiles into slavery. Enticing the gentiles to entice others gentiles, into terrible eating habits. You can see how the networks, with their programs are teaching the gentiles to be good servants, to their Jewish master. You could go on and on. Unfortunately this is all the norm now. Even the Christians Net Works are carrying this line, save Israel, send money for their defence. Now the final blow, bailing out the Jewish bankers. The bankers don't even have to tell the American tax payer, where the money is going. See where the 'Ugly Greedy American' ended up, broke with no country to call home. To the Jewish bankers, easy pickings. Do you want to be the miner digging for gold? Or do you want to be the guy, selling him the shovel? No mater if you find gold or not, you first must buy the shovel. The gentiles are the miners and the Jews are selling him the shovel. Now they want the gentiles to cook the perfect meal and serve it to the with a smile and respect. A people with no actual home land, controlling the most powerful county on the Planet. Easy pickings, easy pickings.

Gold once again has dropped below nine hundred dollars and silver is in the twelves. The day the Federal Reserve reported they where printing more money, gold and silver shot up. So to protect their own worthless currency, the World markets where flooded with gold and silver. Now the same people are saying, the debt and the economy of America, isn't as bad as first thought. All lies, one thing that can be counted on. Every word about World affairs coming form the controlled media, has a twist. Now that a lot of Americans and folks around the World are figuring this out. The idea is to now, figure out the true meaning, of the 'company line'. Some people have been experimenting with reverse recordings, to find the hidden message. (Playing the same speech in reverse) You Tube has many video using the technique, to watch. Like astronomy, close but I'm not so sure. No one has to be a brain surgeon, to realize it might be a good "Time". To stock up on dried food stuff and some precious metals. In less than three years, gold went from the mid two hundred and fifty, up to damn near a thousand. How much longer the current 'powers at be' can keep forcing down metals, can't be long. Many are saying the 'powers at be', are on a final financial destruction.(see what happens to gold and silver then) Wanting to force another war, WW3 to save their position of power. Always remember, precious don't need faith to give them worth. Diamonds are not a good investment, because one day the World will realize just how many diamonds are out their. De biers is the only thing propping up diamonds. (Sound like the dollar?)

Gas prices are starting to go back down and their no election coming. Asked the lady working at the Circle K why. She replied, 'supply and demand, supply and demand. Were lowering gas prices, to get the customer to come in and buy something else along the way. American spending habits are forever changed now. This whole thing of slowing down the economy, may have back fired on a, lot of power at the top. Americans are now saving at a record rate. Much like the families after the Great Depression. Free spending America, has come to a halt. Go for a ride on a Sunday, no one is out their. Good for the environment, bad for the 'powers at be'. With handly anyone you you talk to now, no one trust the people in power. Sense Bush and now Obama, American opinion, has turned against the system. Problem is, the system could care less about Joe Averages opinion. Joe Average is starting to get a little leathery now, thank "God". It's like, OK tell me some more lies. Good news, Joe Average America, is one of the last citizenry on the Planet still armed. Guns are banned in all of Europe and England. England even bans knives, after their popularity rose after the gun ban. Even the Australians who always talk so cocky and tough, let them selves be disarmed. England is about to ban, sun glasses, large brim hats and hoodies. (All those cameras looking at the citizens of England must be able to watch their slave properly.)

Thought I'd You Tube the G20 riots, and see some real protesting. Watching the G20 riots, made me think. Is this just another Dog and Pony show for the citizens of the World. What good to go and smash a few insured window, on only one bank. Where where the guns and real violence? The American hippies from the sixties, put on a better show. Cities where burned, folks killed. In England you hear a bunch of chanting and some shoving, but where are the fire bombs. Look how the middle Europeans rioted years ago against the Russians. The Brits, wear black and spike their hair, yell obscenities, big deal. All to well organized and way to few. The World has gone soft, and been totally brain washed. Talk shit the Europeans, then lay down in the road and let then selves be run over. World may hate Joe Average America, but he's still armed. When things finally go bad in America, and the 'powers at be' try and take total control. Gun shots will be heard, around the World. American citizenry is armed to the teeth, and believes in personal freedom. The Europeans let their freedoms be take away with out whimper. Let their farmers be kicked off the families farms, going back generations. As has been said many "Times' in Texas. You won't be able to pull that bull shit off in Texas. Lets all hope that's the truth. "God" bless, sweet dreams with soft landing, during these trying "Times". bye

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