Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Striking Your Deal"

Ran into an old friend a while back. Of course the first question was, 'where you been'. Said he had his past to deal with and other agendas. Then he leaned over an spoke into my ear. We both are sure are lives, like many other Americans, are totally under surveillance. I struck he deal he says. I replied to who, the Grays, in a joking manor. He said he wanted to leave this earth, tired of the constant bull shit. Suicide isn't an option. Don't even what to deal with the connotations of. Giving up easily to the soulless whores, who control most folks reality. Asked what they offered if you would stay. His reply, 'my own Universe'. Which brings up the question, exactly what is a Universe? If this reality is an optical illusion, how many possibilities exist? To an parasite living in your stomach, the walls of your stomach, are the end of his Universe. If you dye, do you enter a great number of other Universes? Why offer my friend a Universe, if he can't handle folks as is is. Was the offer, all just a lie? Much like the American government does to it's own citizens? He'll never know until the end, then maybe not, even then. Life in this current reality leaves all possibilities open. Once what folks thought was the norm, a few years ago. Now seems far to passive of an answer. People talk in giant terms now. Small talk, is a thing of the past. Economy, wars, cancers, pollution, China, now are the norm. How far reaching has this become?

Went to a national equipment rental company, to rent some tall ladders, for hanging fans, in a fine home in Scottsdale. While waiting for their computer, to do something that in the past. Would have only take a signature and a smile. One of the employees brought up a good question. Why in the hell are they laying off teachers and hiring more cops? How in the hell, can Obama be president? When he isn't even an, American citizen? Simple answer I told the kid. 'Your a slave and no one cares what you think'. Kid looks at me and says, so that's what they mean, when they say I'm now a socialist. He says, 'I wake up one morning, read the news paper and discover, I'm a stinking socialist'. He says, 'why in the hell, did all those good men, die in all those wars for?' Only answer for that's is, sad isn't it. This financial crisis, has awoken many people around the World finally. This back lash I've been noticing, is getting even bigger, then I thought it could. I even got a recorded phone call, basically saying. 'It's "Time" for a revolution, of American ideas and realities.' I'm hoping this all is leading up to the realization for folks, 'this is a spiritual journey, not a material journey'. Maybe dragging folks to their lowest levels, is the only way to get folks to wake up? Folks are upset and getting more upset. The World will see, just how far the citizens of America, will be pushed, before fighting back. Lots of upset folks, few in the streets.

Couple of strange stories, brought back by a friend who recently got married and honeymooned in the San Diego area. They where out at Mission Bay beach, when everyone was ordered out of the water, for a pollution alert. Turns out, large balls of tar, where washing up on the beaches. He reads in the local news paper the next day. 'No one seem to know where the tar balls where coming from. 'No leaky tanker are ever near the, California's coast, hey?' Few days latter at the same beach, he is noticing a pattern of, criss cross chem-trails. The strange part was the behaviour of the chem-trails. As typically, southern California and Arizona have the same wind pattern most of the year. Mainly from the south west, to a north east, left to right, facing north. This day the upper clouds where doing the same thing as usual, heading towards Arizona. The lower cloud pattern, was the chem-trail. Here is the odd part he said, it was going west, as if it had it's own agenda. Those are his exact words. It was as if the chem-trail had it's own personality, he said. Sounded sort of like, what fire fighters call, wild forest fires. Each fire seems to display it's own personality. I'm telling you, the kid look puzzled as he told the story. His face seem twisted, as to say, how can that be.

As more and more states declare sovereignty from the United States, now what? Are the United States Armies, going to be? Unleashed against the American citizenry? Somethings got to give here, sooner than latter. As more and more states are trying to stop the federal government from bank reputing them also. Things are coming to a head. The federal government says, it will with hold, giving the states their funds. Then why not the individual states, holding their funds from the federal government? Their is even talk of some states going to precious metal for currency, or printing their own money backed with precious metals. The break away movement is gaining speed. Folks need to realize is all the federal government wants from the citizens, is their life, soul and money. With so much more and more federal control. Soon the federal government will be telling folks. They can't have a garden, to feed their starving children. Telling people they can only feed their children, poisoned food from conglomerates farm. The generals want more soldiers, the civilians, want more guns and bullets.

Things are now, like an old Mayan story, 1X1=2, marriage, 2X2=4, family, on and on. That's why everything is moving so fast. It took mankind several of thousands of years, to develop fire alone. Look how quick mankind went from the Wright Brothers, until today's modern aviation. It's a lot like the sixties again, things moving fast. This underlying fear of the federal government and local police. And like the sixties, major changes are in the wind. This battle though, is for ones own mental and physical survival. You hear folks making plans, if thing break totally down. Go to Godlike productions, read the stories. Ask any Mormon, Native America, they'll tell you the same stories. Be prepared for things, if the 'powers at be' get their way, with your life. Their doing their damnest to kill and control the masses. Lets see if the masses wake up and defend them self's? Remember in the end, we all strike our own deals. If some has a gun to your head. It's because you let it happen. bye

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