Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Hopi Morning"

Seem oddly eerie, this Sunday Easter, 2009. Like a Hopi Sunday morning, on the Hopi reservation. Quiet, clear, you could actually hear the birds singing. On the Hopi homeland, you see no airliners in the sky, no sounds of a freeway, only quiet. As the economy keep slowing down, this may be the beginning of a new era, or history. As things slow down and folks have "Time" to think. Will folks start to reject, their federal governments, through out the World? Refuse to die, for some greedy old mens wars, any more. Stop paying taxes to those who enslave them. Wake up to the fact, they are indentures slaves. Most Americans could care less where their tax dollar went. As long as the good "Times" where rolling. Now the good "Times" are gone, folks are starting to watch, each dime. The system may think it's got everyone slicked, but more and more. I'm being surprised by how hip, most Americans are becoming. You just don't see that reflected in the mass medias propaganda. It sure on my mind and writings, because I'm only writing what I see and hear.

Easter for me was tax "Time". Filling out my federal and state taxes, made me start thinking. Where does the money, actually go? The federal government is doing a great job, with my tax dollars. Making damn sure the rest of the World hates all Americans. Committing mass murder, on my behalf. Killing millions and not reporting the numbers, because they control the media, on my behalf. Destroying the soils of both Afghanistan and Iraq with depleted uranium, their again on my behalf. Using military aircraft to move drugs and other items, through out the World, on my behalf. Torturing captives, in secret prisons, around the world, again, on my behalf. Not protecting the boarders, to keep my wages down, on my behalf. I'm just a happy camper, with my federal government. Who could ask for anything more. Knowing the federal government would never do anything out of the norm, with my tax dollars.

In the category of, those that will never get it. Catholic Pope Benedict XVI, asked for world Peace, on this Easter Sunday. Aren't the Catholics the Worlds greatest murders? Hasn't their been, more people killed in the name of Christianity, then all other religions combined? What a bunch of Easter bull shit. And to come out and continue the lies, as if nothing ever happened in the past. Soulless Catholic leaders, never cease to amaze me.

Found a item from Godlike productions, showing how controlled. The citizens and the media in America are. The Spanish are inditing, both Bush and Chaney for war crimes against the World. Theirs sure something that would never happen here in America. This gets funny, if they are convicted, will America allow them to be extradited to Spain? America is so under Marshall law, the two of them will never face justice. With over half the country thinking 911 was an inside job. Their will never be justice, for these two mass murders. This is the way, the country is run. Do your job, pay your taxes and watch the super wealthy get away with mass murder.

As "Time"nears for the TV signal to end in my home. It will be like sitting around a camp fire, listening to the radio. "Time" to think and create, just the way things where meant to be. With that in mind. Found another good site, on the computer called, 'Blog Talk Radio'. Best part it's commercial free, unlike most others shows, like Jeff Rense radio show. Jeff's shows are worst than the TV net works, when it comes to the commercials. With Blog Talk Radio, you can create you own programs, have your own interviews. With my work starting to slow down also, this will be my next venture. Listened last night to a channel called, 'Unraveling Secrets'. Just some folks telling of their personal paranormal adventures, with out commercial interruptions. Nice change from a World filled with logos and commercials on everything that either walks, talks or moves, hell everything. Their are several topic to chose from, on Blog Radio. You name it, theirs someone doing a show about it, on Blog Radio. Soon maybe people will kill the TV and create their own Blog shows. Remember the line from the old cop show, Joe Friday saying. ('Los Angles has eight million people and eight millions stories.') These types of shows, would start getting people to interaction and exposing all the corrupt people in local areas. You'd have folks inter facing, trading stories. Instead of the 'powers at be', always trying to divide the citizens with lies about each other. Remember, no TV, no brain washing.

Thailand is currently having civil unrest, because of the World economy. Is America, far behind? I for one, don't see the police or the military turning arms against their own American brothers. The 'powers at be' must believe, they can brain wash the masses, into killing each other, on their behalf. Not to sure, this can happen. Most folks that are in the military now. Are their because of financial conditions, not because they want to be their. Who in the correct mind throws away all their personal freedoms, for a pay check? When you join the military, that's exactly what you do. Your saying, for the next few years, some else has total control over you. Where you will live, how much you'll earn, your health. In American politics, if your dumb enough to join the military, your dumb enough to be exploited. Look at Pat Tillman and his short military career. I sure hope it doesn't end up to where. The military generals ask, their soldiers to kill, other Americans, because some Zionist, ordered it. Wow, I sure hope those above, are watching out for my behalf, because these whores called, the 'powers at be', ain't. "God" bless, sweet dreams with soft landings on this day of Easter, 2009. bye

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