Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Still Exploiting, Poor Old Pat Tillman"

Here in Arizona, a state Pat Tillman isn't from. (born in San Jose, California) They never seem to tire of, taking advantage of his 'Murder'. Today was the annual, 'Pat Tillman Run', in Tempe. Of course no word was ever mentioned, that poor Pat was killed by friendly fire. Or as many believe, 'Murdered' by his own comrades. They even interviewed someone, who was marketing products, because of his death. The person was so proud to say, this was the first year they finally had things to sell in is name. What a bunch of bull shit from the brain dead, brain washed vendor. Not a fucking clue of why Pat was 'Murdered'. Didn't see Pat's mom Mary, endorsing the products, just some brain washed girl. Bet you, she couldn't even find, Afghanistan on a map. You see this mass of people wearing, 'Run for Pat' tee-shirts. Good bet they paid dearly for some cheep shirts, with Pat's name screen printed on them. Let the murder of Pat Tillman, be remembered for what it was, not some fund raiser in his name. Living in America and seeing this kind of bull shit. Makes it hard to be proud of the folks, living in America. No one deserve what happened to Pat, but to make money on it. Is the lowest form of humanity. "God" bless Pat, he deserved better. Just another reason, why the rest of the World hates, a dumb down American populace.

News came out this week, that a Dutch investigators have found, 'nano thermite' samples. In some remains from the Twin Towers rubble. ('Nano Thermite' is found in nuclear explosions.) This was head line news to the rest of the World, but nary a word in the American controlled media. I found it going through some Godlike Productions stories. This should have been the biggest story in America, sense the 911 bombings. If this doesn't show how totally under control America really is, what will? Killed all those innocent folks, along with firemen, cops and civilians trying to help. Then the same government said the air was fresh to breath during the "Time" the rescuers where trying to help. If anybody shouldn't trust the system, you'd think the fire fighter and cops would be first. The 'powers at be' knew those towers were coming down with all those good folks trying to help others. This new discovery explains why the towers fell so quickly. It took only approximately 11.4 sections for a tower to fall. It should have taken 90 sections at a minimum, base on the speed of other towers being imploded. Such as you see with Las Vegas hotel demolitions. Like Jesse Ventura said, these towers fell at a free fall speed. Those towers where turned into dust, in 12 seconds. Only a small nuclear devices could accomplish that. That appears, what has happened and why a sudden removal of all the debris from the country. Nothing left to be tested later, for what cause the twin towers to fall so quickly. No body, no murder.

If you where a demolition contractor and you where to bid the removal of all the debris from the collapse of the Twin Towers. You would have to taken the mass of the building. Multiply the height, and two sides, to get your volume. Then multiply that by 30%. You would get the total volume of materials to remove. Then it would be up to you to decide how quickly and cheaply you could do it, and submit you bid. With the Twin Towers debris, you only have approximately five stories of debris, at the most. Your now missing, 25 stories or so of debris, how? Nano nuclear explosions, that how. With your self giving the air quality standards to the public. Remember the governments own EPA said the air was OK. No building that size in history, ever fell from a fire. On 911 you had two building falling a break neck speed towards the ground, with little debris to be found. By the way, throw in building 7, free falling from nothing.

From the 'Times on Line' 18 April 09. Israel military ready to make strike, at Iranian nuclear facilities, as soon as given the word. The Iranians say that they will make Israeli civilians pay if they do. Don't the Zionist have to kill off all the Jews in Israel anyway? To make the Bible prophecies come true? What better way, then to have the Jewish Air Force attack Iran, with American aircraft? The Jews in Israel, are their only as cannon fodder. Also to drum up help and money for their Zionist controllers. Even worse news for the Jewish state, America may soon be broken up. With out America, Israel is history with in a matter of days. Israel would be devoured in a heart beat, by their Islamic neighbors. Who would stop them, the Russians or Chinese, ha, never going to happen. Funny finding this story some how, later this week. Earlier this week. I was doing a little electrical repair thing at Jewish fellas home. Construction workers on the job called him, 'Phil the Jew'. Under Phil's breath, he called them the heathens. I personally love fucking with Phil's mind and he long ago sensed that. Said to Phil, 'you know some states including Arizona are passing bills of 'States Sovereignty'. Phil says that can't happen, said to Phil, yea it can. It's called the 10 Amendment and says basically. If the federal government gets out of control and is bring the states down with it. They can break away and become sovereign again. Phil says, aren't you done yet, end of conversation, don't think I'll be back. The Jews are a nervous clan of people and they have every right to be. They know who they are, and why they have been continually persecuted for generations, greed. The one commodity, they'll never shake and will always be their down fall. A parasite that kills it's host, or is killed by the host.

Some odds and ends I also found this week. A You Tube video called, ' Baptist Pastor beaten + tazed by Boarder Patrol agents - 11 stitches', this tape is on GLP site also. This guy was beat up pretty badly, because he said he wouldn't allow his trunk to be searched with out a search warrant. I've always thought of the Highway Patrolmen to hold the highest standards sense my child hood. (I passed all the test to become one, after Vietnam thing) The boarder patrol agents did all the brutal stuff while the Highway patrol officers tazed him. It doesn't matter what the guy did, a beating while being tazed seem ruthless and totally wrong. This is yet another example of how the citizens of America have been torn apart by their controllers. Are the Boarder patrol agent no more than mad dogs? I realize it takes a lower form of humanity to want to go out in the middle of the desert and look for illegal. But to brutally attack another fellow citizen like a couple of mad dogs, is in humane.

If the Mayans are correct and 'mankind's future survival, depends on him self'. Well then as most can see. Life on the Planet Earth, is coming to a screeching halt, on December 21, 2012. See what's happened to the moral fabric of the Planet, it's decayed and rotting. And still no good news to write about. bye

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