Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Keeping Folks Down"

The cancer that keeps Americans divided and at odds with each other. Is killing the same low life's, that's keeping the citizens of America down. If this cancer is eating away at the health and moral fabric of this country. It's also eating the ones, spreading the cancer. Hate or cancer, eats in every direction, not in just one direction. This cancer is the one holding folks individual growth, to a minimum. Making sure the schools are no more than a dumbing factory. Making sure the food system is poisoned, dividing family and friends. This is the real enemy people face. Keeping control over your own thoughts. This blasting at your mental space, via media, everyone must stop it. These mental tactic where tried on prisoners and are being continued to this day, no matter what Obama says. The system is using types of mental warfare on prisoner, to see what works and doesn't. Only to be used, latter on the general public. And what they found out is now being used on the general public. Songs with the word suicide tucked neatly in the back ground. Murder and death, destruction of the family, is hidden in all the music and media programs. Jew is master, gentile is slave, secretly being put in folks minds. making folks think sub consciously the when they see a Jew. They have more money and are smarter. Blacks are only to be thought of as, athletes or song and dance men. The gentile to be a respectful servant. No matter where you turn, this is the general message. So far this plan has been working to perfection, but how much longer? Were keeping them down, Rabi, got them all, killing each other.

Tax payers giving the banks billions of dollars, with the bail out. To only have the banks turn around and loan it back to the same, dead beat individuals. That's surely what America will see next. What good does it do the banks, to set on the money, that's not making money? To them it was free money anyway. (Thanks America, the banks must, surely be saying.) The banks can be as reckless with the money as they please. They own the system, top to bottom. This isn't my thought, it's somebody else. Who was comparing it to the Mayan calender and it's self cleansing cycle. It doesn't take the masses long to forget where they came from. So you need this constant cycle, to remind folks of their roots. The Mayans believed this was all part of the mental growth cycles, until one day. Everyone wakes up and realizes, their is no such thing as money. Money was only created like religion, to control the masses. Today you have a handful of individuals, printing money and putting a worth on your work. How does another individual, put a worth on your work. The individual you are bartering with, should decide that. The better your workmanship, the more value. So how does a banker, decide those merits? He can't, so when the awaking starts. Bankers and lawyers will have no skills. You won't need out siders, in a Spiritual Reality.

More bad news if your a flesh eater, from a ex-chicken rancher. Now with the use of estrogen hormones. What use to take two to three years, before you had an adult chicken. Now only takes a few weeks. How many years has this been going on? Where do all the hormones go when the chicken dies? Right to the supper market for consumption. Rite along with all the other poisoned lined up on your local grocers shelves. Made a wrong turn at a local major grocery store recently. it was where all the chips and dips where arranged. Their was a guy from Frito Lay stocking his poison. Said to the fella, 'nothing but poison in this isle'. The fella replied, isn't this sad. He knew what was in the ingredients, chemical and more chemicals. Brothers, poisoning brother, anybody else, see this continuous chain besides me?

Years ago the Native Americans where force by starvation. To surrender to the will of the conquering European invaders. Much the same thing is happening today, to the ancestors of the European conquers. The invaders, now are the ones becoming home less. The full cycle has turned in America. The Native Americans will always have a home. Is all they have to do, is return to the reservation and start anew. Middle class American, loses his home, he's in the streets. Was this what was meant by, one great Hopi prophecy. 'In the end, all the true Hopi will return to the home'. Could it be, because they have lost their homes, in the cities and villages? This is starting to make more sense now. The Hopi knew the White mans "Time" would come. The Hopi knew, the White mans sins would kill him from with in. (cancer) Then the true Hopi, would see the sinful ways of the White man. When construction was doing well here in central Arizona. Their where tons of native Americans off the reservation working. (mainly Navajo) I've worked with a couple of Hopi from up North and a bunch of Navajos and other tribes. (When I'm on a large job site, the Native Americans are drawn to me like a magnet.) Bet you a bunch of them, had to head back home to the reservation. When they could no longer pay the rent and bills. Rents only a few bucks a month, on the reservation. And theirs always some White folks willing to give food away. In the end the way things are going, I might have to take that offer from folks on Old Oribia.

Many have written about how government people in Washington, are under some kind of hypnotic mind control. Some think it's the way the streets are laid out. Some by the location, and symbolism of each building. My take is, it's the central water and air control. If you turn off the sound and watch Nancey Polosi talk. Her eyes tell a million stories, of deceit. You can plainly see she is under some foreign control. (Much the way Obama acts.) Every action pre rehearsed, by her controllers. She moves in quick short motions like Lizards do. Her eyes have a soulless glare to them. Much the way a Lizards eyes look. A dog eyes and many other animal eyes show their is some sort of a soul in their. I see none in her eyes. As a Arizona politician said recently, Washington changes you. I believe what little soul, most politicians have, gets sucked out of them, with the ventilation system.

Good old Texas, in the news for the rite reason once. Seems every two years Texas has to re new it's relationship with the federal government. Texas entered the union as an independent country. It has a law allowing it to concede from the union if it wants to. This law is under debate, but for the most part it hold water, and they can leave. If you really read the Constitution, every state has this rite. (10th Amendment) With all the states declaring sovereignty, this story was printed in the controlled press. Bet it scared some people back in Israel. Was Obama in Mexico to pick up his controllers money, from the drug Lords? You can't search Air Force One. One "Time" me and my sons where camping on the Bill Williams River, in remote western Arizona. We where all awoken by the worst smell any one had ever smelled. Did we have an encounter with a Big Foot? We all have are own "Alien" stories. Good line, 'religion ca always be recycled. Dried beans last for ten years in storage. Mormons use Bay leaves for a preservative, on dried goods. "God" bless and take care of your self and love ones, no one else is. Sweet dreams with soft landings. bye

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