Friday, April 24, 2009

"Who to Trust, Part?"

This is the biggest question that anyone person will encounter, 'who to trust'. You base your entire life, around influences that you confront daily. That's why your constantly being bombarded with propaganda. The lower forms of humanity that want to control the masses, know this. So they are attempting to create your reality for you, constantly. Never realized how true this concept can go. Until you start reading counter points to what you think you can trust. Thought I could trust PBS, throw that out the door. Thought I could trust NASA, again, throw that out the door. It is getting to the point, if your not under control, the masses will never hear you period. Just recently realized that most radio personalities, regular media or net, are under control. Listening to Benjamin Fulford live on Jeff Rense last night, brought the whole thing together. Fulfords was so loaded on cocaine, he was constantly sniffing, 'the thousand snot'. (Been there, done that, wore that T-shirt out, can recognize it on others) People who are being put in front of the camera. Are because, someone 's got something on them. No different than most, if not all politicians. Fulford can be knowledgeable, but after a while, he turns into 'Mud Man'. Water makes him look disfigured, water being the truth, or purifier. (may have just stumble on to something their) Then you take it a step further and now what about Jeff Rense? Then the whole damn thing starts snow balling, along. Rite to the very 'Top' of power, on this planet. Step out of line, your never heard. Play the game of deceit, live well. Trade any considerations for the after life, for the moment. Better know as Devil worshiping, like the Illuminate. Who they them self's, are under control.

Added a few picture from the Globe Arizona area, or as I like to call it, 'glob'. An old Arizona mining town, with mine tillage as part of the scenery. The tillage is white from all the processing to remove the copper. When the wind gets blowing, like it did today. The entire sky fills with this white cloud. The ' Sleeping Beauty Mine', is in the city limits. It's an open pit, type operation, similar to open pit copper mining. Not a very pretty way to mine. The scares left from open pit mining are inhuman. This is sort of a microcosm of what has happened to America. A country or nation, what ever fits, was strip mined. All the good natural resources for the most part, removed for profit and no consideration for future inhabitants. The folks living in these old type mining town, have no idea, whats in the air. You see this through out the country. Big business comes in, strips the local resources and moves on. Leaving the folks behind with no real income or ability to sue the companies, who raped the environment. And now here America sets, just like Globe Arizona and a thousand other towns just like. The assets have been removed and now all you have are the, enslave millions. And the government sits and waits, to see if the masses rebel.

Unfortunately lately I've come to the realization, if you see any story on the controlled media. The fix is about to be presented to you. Tired of reading about bad news from Afghanistan and Iraq? The new enemy presented for you, are some staving Somalians pirates. Perfect fit too, the Bush's where pirates also. On Godlike production, search for, 'what really happened at the pirate/hostage situation last week - from a Seal USN??' A cleverly planted story about how Obama and his folks tried to turn it into a publicity stunt. The writer of this thread is. Using a so call friend of a Seal who had first hand knowledge. Can't picture a Seal breaking ranks and divulging information, those cats are a bunch of loners, who depend on each other. I was in the Navy for 4 years, never meet or seen one. A few good points from a contributor on the subject. If the Seals where such good marksman's, why didn't they shot the pirates, when Captain Phillips jumped over board? Another great comment was, 'you cannot hit another target with a sniper rifle, if both the Seals and the small boat the pirate where holding Phillips in, are bobbing, up and down'. What a slick way to steal millions of dollars. Who do you think, could be possibly behind such piracy? By the way, I'm still looking Rumfeld, any body heard from him lately? Why is he hiding, isn't he a genius?

Listening to folks talk about the new flu in Mexico. Is this the pandemic, the media has been trying to put in peoples mind? The media been saying, 'this was going to happen, for years'. I'm not sure yet, their has been other scares. Learned something I've been trying to warn the first responders like the fireman, police and military, they are also in danger.It turns out, in another way. In a Pandemic, they will be the first to die. They will be the first exposed, to these man make virus. This way the virus kills off those that are suppose to help the others first. With sickened first responder and hospital worker infected. Then those left behind, will no one to call for help. Cruel minds come up with these depopulation programs. Here some folks not thinking about taking their kids to a little league game. Their looking for kill rates in the 25% range. Isn't great to see how the Americans tax dollars are being spent.

Got this from a friends wife, 'intelligence works to live with truth'. To bad I can't use names, in the era. She what happens in Czechoslovakia if you say, their was no holocaust. You can go to prison for three years. Think their a little, Zionist controlled? And that's what's coming to America, if things aren't turned around. Want to say I did notice the DPS motorcycle officer, making his presence known Monday morning after my words. No disrespect, just want to clear the air, when things appear to go over the line. Were all still brothers, regardless of how other attempt to manipulate the masses. Found this looking for a natural cure for arthritis. Use organic apple cider vinegar and mix with raw honey. Use two table spoons three 'Times" a day, mixed with honey and some safe bottled water from glass. Found this on, 'Earth Clinic Folk remedies. "God" bless, take care of your self and loved one, nobody else is, in this current system. bye

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