Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Held back and Enslaved"

Keeping the general public held back from knowledge, is an easy enslavement tool. This is why America and the rest of the Worlds population, are in their current condition. The World should have had free energy and living like the 'Jetsons' by now. As most know by now, if some thing good is invented, the creator is either silenced or bought off. The oil cartels, are known to buy, any new invention. That my keep them from being the major power brokers of the world. Just as Tesla was keep quiet, many that have followed, have been treated the same. Just as the medical cartels do the same with medicines. This keeps the control ball, in their corner. As I drove around the town of Globe yesterday, this point was brought home. You see the children dressed in hand me downs and looking terribly malnutrition. How does this happen, the children have a look of. Hey mister, 'could you take me away from all this'. They don't fully understand how this happened to them, or if their is another reality. They just know from the TV, they are poor and different. The children never asked for their fate, it was given to them. Given to them by cruel rulers like the Bushes, Clintons, and other politicians 'controllers'. To the wealthy elite, the poor and uneducated. Are mere tools, to get what the want from life. This same fate that was used on the very poor few. Is now being deployed on the middle and upper middle class Americans. Those Americans that acted so uppity, are falling fast to the bottom. Down with the poor children of Globe, who don't have very far to fall. How fitting I get to witness this, hopefully the news folks and politicians will start falling in front of my eyes. Then I can go back up to Globe and tell the children, see it's not so bad at the bottom. You kids know how to survive this, the falling are fucked.

Looks like the 'powers at be', are using the media to once again. To put the scare of a new pandemic, in the thought of the general public. Getting folks all worked up, so they will think. They need the antidote or vaccine, for this new so called Swine Flu. Having breaking news reports from the federal government this morning, warning folks, this my be it. Saying leading statements like, 'it's not "Time" to panic yet'. Notice the emphasises on 'yet'. Even had head of Home land security, the ex-lesbian Governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano warning folks. This from the same lesbian that said, 'Afghanistan and Iraq war vets, where susceptible to being converted to terrorist. This all smells of a giant set up, to get folks to take shots. That may sicken them even further. Here again the point being made. 'What has the government done for you lately, that was in your better interest'? Many scientist say these so called new Flu's, are laboratory created, much like the Aids virus. Here's another example of keeping the knowledge from the general public. Then using it, to keep the citizenry under control. Who knows, maybe this next attempt to kill off billions, will fail like others before. (Bird flu, etc.) Aids didn't work for the 'powers at be', in killing billions. Maybe this "Time", they will add a twist. Get everybody all worked up, so they are volunteering to have a new un tried flu vaccine, used on them. When in turn the new vaccine, will start killing millions. Then the 'powers at be', will tell the survivors, they have caught the bad guys, who put poisons in the vaccines. Here again showing them self as the great saviour of the masses, whats left of them. And if you don't buy into this crap, your jailed as a domestic terrorist. All good for those at the top, not much help for the poor kids of Globe. Lets all hope they will fail again. And the general masses will finally awake to what has been happening to them for eons.

Every day it seems you awaken to, 'it's your new bummer'. Unemployment rising, food prices sky rocketing, no good signs on the horizon. The terrorist in Afghanistan, will soon be delivering nuclear bombs on America. Now folks you have a new influenza in the environment. While in the back ground you hear quietly, suicide, suicide. If that wasn't enough, Americans just went out and voluntarily agreed to get their TVs converted to a new, better for the 'powers at be' frequency. Many bought new TVs, to accommodate the ones trying desperately to kill them off. Here in central Arizona they are removing stations one by one. PBS goes off next week. Some of the smaller net works are gone now. Trinity Christian Net Work is gone. For me it's like slowly recovering from a type of addiction. (drugs, sex, food, Christianity, etc) After all these year, of some kind of viewing habits. (Less and less as the TV programing has deteriorated.) It will all come to and abrupt end. Now I'm curious to see, how others will be effected by the new signals? Will they become even more, zombie like in their thoughts. Will the only thoughts they can comprehend, be ones put into their minds? By the electronic wave length being shot at them? The World is about to see real soon.

You can already see how all the constant violence in the media has effected folks minds. Now the answer to any problem is violence. Just as the Boarder patrol agents did near Yuma recently. They simply could have disarmed the pastors vehicle and waited him out. Instead, violence was the answer, this is not human thinking. These are the actions of wild animals or packs of wild dogs. Why is that, the norm now? With this constant brain washing, violence is the only answer this country knows any more. Americans are armed and ready, for violence, it pours over into their work. The only saving grace from all the gun ownership. It keeps the 'powers at be', some what under control, or at least neutralized from a mass take over.

Having a hard "Time" finding the correct words to say today. In the back of my mind, is this picture of these poor children of Globe. A real scene from the movie, 'Grapes of wrath'. More than likely the great grand children from that era. Elders headed to California, because of the 'Great Depression', or Southern Dust bowl. In hopes of a better life, California promised. Unfortunately or fortunately, the vehicle probably broke down, or they ran out of money and Globe became their new home. Uneducated and poor, they couldn't move from Globe. And like the old prophecy, 'the sins of the father', the children are also stuck in the same old rut. An endless cycle, until one breaks out and takes the rest. Just as the story of Moses. (That might have been the base for the story of Moses) food for thought "God" bless, sweet dreams, and to those that warn others, take good care of your self's. As always, may you have soft landings. bye

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